Great in theory6/18/2015 8:40:32 AM

Pros: -Small enough to be unobtrusive as a TV remote -Integrated trackball. Vastly superior to a touchpad.

Cons: -Strange key layout, still haven't gotten used to the apostrophe, equals, tilde and the tiny tab key. -No on/off switch, it just goes into standby after a minute or so of inactivity -No indicator to tell standby from on. -weak wireless connection. Often disconnects because my legs are between it and the receiver.

Overall Review: I'm torn between this and the old Logitech K400. On the one hand, this makes more sense in the living room (due to its size), and it has a trackball... on the other hand, the K400 will maintain its connection from the front yard, or through two doors and a ceiling, much less mere body parts. Also, it only turns off when you tell it to. On the upside, I have both now.

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Almost as advertised6/14/2015 2:53:41 PM

Pros: -Great look for a home theater setup, like a larger, more professional-looking playstation -Well-designed layout for an easy build -Drive bays are simple to remove and reinstall -Decent ventilation for its size

Cons: -Edges aren't quite all rolled, but it wouldn't be a good PC build without a minor blood sacrifice. -Mine arrived without a case fan

Overall Review: Not sure if it was supposed to come with a case fan, honestly. It's there in the open-case photos, but not in the specs. Mine came with a strange little half-pipe shaped mounting bracket in its 120mm fan slot (just forward of the PSU).

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Andrew, Thank you for purchasing our product. In-Win BL672 comes with either cooling fan or PPCT ( Partition Plate Cooling Tech ). Please visit our website for more information ( ). Please contact us at if you have any questions. Thank you very much. Best Regards, In-Win Development
2/17/2014 9:16:29 AM

Pros: Exactly what it claims to be... mounted right into one of my extra optical drive slots with standard hardware, then hooked up to my new motherboard with a standard cable.

Cons: Lots of blank space on the panel, I guess? I think they should make another model with 4 ports and 2 cables, there's plenty of room, and lots of motherboards support multiple 3.0 front-panel ports.

Overall Review: This was a nice cheap way to modernize my old first-run Antec 900. Front-panel USB 3.0 makes for very convenient thumbstick usage.

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2/17/2014 9:01:45 AM

Pros: Enough power for any APU system, unless you want to add a crossfired video card. Reliable in my experience. I've used four of them so far, one of which has been running around two years with no problems so far. Fan noise is less than AMD's stock APU cooling fan, so it's not noticeable in any of my builds. Low price, helps keep my HTPC builds under $400... in some cases, under $300.

Cons: None that I've experienced.

Overall Review: Some might list this as a con, others as a pro... but it doesn't come with a power cord. Great for me, as I've been building PCs since the mid 90s... I have a footlocker full of the things. Just be aware if you're a first-time system builder.

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great for budget builds, always leaves expansion as an option2/17/2014 8:47:20 AM

Pros: Good latency for an 1866 stick 4GB is exactly the right amount of RAM for a little HTPC right now Using a single stick makes upgrading later a breeze.

Cons: Using a single stick means you're unable to fully utilize a motherboard with dual-channel RAM slots.

Overall Review: I've put one of these into three sub-$400 A4 APU systems now. All of them more than meet the requirements of the people who use them. This chip admirably performs the double-duty of RAM and VRAM required for low-end APU desktops.

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Fast as I expected, runs hot while gaming.2/5/2014 2:32:35 PM

Pros: Comparable performance to my friend's i5 system for far less money... though to be fair, we built his in 2012. Video performance is more than adequate for a strategy gamer like myself. Unless you demand the best fidelity available in gaming today, this APU delivers just fine.

Cons: Requires beta Catalyst drivers to run the video, which isn't made entirely clear on AMD's website. A warning not to use v13.12 on a Kaveri APU would have been nice. Temperature approaches 80C (while the rest of my components stay between 10 and 25) when under heavy load in a CPU-intensive game. Had to turn off automatic Turbo to keep it in a safe temperature range... AMD's stock cooling fan is somewhat insufficient. I think I'll be dabbling in liquid cooling soon.

Overall Review: 2133mhz, 2-channel RAM is helping immensely with video performance... my system is outperforming every review I've read for this chip. This is the first time I've ever felt I should recommend RAM overclocking for gaming purposes. Get the fastest stuff your motherboard can support.

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Works as advertised, clearly labeled.2/5/2014 2:03:17 PM

Pros: Lets my old VGA monitor work with a brand new build. Knows the difference between DVI-D and DVI-I... any connector listed simply as "DVI" makes me want to hit something. The cable setup it uses is much easier to fit into a PC setup than the long inflexible VGA to DVI-I adapters I'm used to.

Cons: Nothing I can think of.

Overall Review: Seemed a tad expensive for a little converter box, but I haven't found anything that accomplishes the same goal for less. It's certainly much cheaper than a new monitor.

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Solid enough board, when you get a working one.2/5/2014 1:52:44 PM

Pros: Every feature I wanted at $20 less than the going price for a high-quality FM2+ board. More SATA ports than my case can fit devices for. Logical layout, and everything is labeled clearly enough to make the instruction manual unnecessary... yet it also came with a detailed manual. All bases covered. BIOS settings allow GUI control over everything that I used to do with jumpers back in the 90s... plus some. Lots of display ports, I've got a multi-monitor setup using monitors of various ages... even my old 17" VGA is being used again. Plenty of room if I ever decide to crossfire an R7 video card or two with my 7850k.

Cons: First one came DOA... wouldn't POST, the most I could get out of it was power to fans... and I could force a RAM error beep. The board isn't wide enough to rest on a standard ATX standoff position to support the corner that carries the RAM... so I had to jury-rig the case with a plastic standoff and zip-ties.

Overall Review: To anyone wondering about the case I kept mentioning, it's a first-generation Antec 900 that I've had since 2007. It modernized nicely with a 5.25" bay USB3.0 expansion. The RMA process cost me an extra $11 shipping, but it was very timely. The replacement board works just fine.

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