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Very good, not perfect

Rosewill RKKS-12001 Digital Kitchen Scale
Rosewill RKKS-12001 Digital Kitchen Scale

Pros: Good price, nice looks, low profile

Cons: The tare button sometimes does not reset to zero. There can be a small difference in readings depending upon where on the scale the weight is located. Aggressive autozero function makes readings close to zero impossible. Automatic turn off after one minute may be too short in some circumstances.

Overall Review: Of the several low-cost scales I have used, this is the best. The cons I have listed are minor, and don't usually affect operation. But let's say I am trying to compare the weights of two objects: I place the first object on the scale, tare the scale, and then place the second object on the scale. If the weight is within one gram, the scale will indicate zero. What if I want to now add four grams of material when the scale is indicating zero? If I add the material slowly, the scale will continuously indicate zero, even as I add five or ten grams to it. Curiously, there is no -1 gram on the scale; the weight will go between -2 and 0 grams. I don't notice a similar skip using ounces. A 1240g weight can vary 2g from reading to reading, and about 5g from the back to the front of the scale. The entire top of the scale, including the two touch buttons, is weight sensitive. Thus, touching the buttons affects the weight. This makes setting a tare quirky; the scale has to wait for the reading to settle before indicating zero, and it's long enough that one sometimes thinks that the button didn't operate, and one presses the button again. Sometimes the tare doesn't reset to zero; it may be off by two or three grams. I'll repeat that these are all minor difficulties, and you should not be hesitant to buy the scale unless you sense a major pet peeve among the characteristics I've noted.

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Good value, maybe

The seller fulfilled my order rapidly and correctly. I take off one egg because the batteries are of Chinese origin, not Panasonic. Only time will tell whether these batteries will be a good value, but the price was certainly good.

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