No optical drives allowed...8/2/2015 11:21:20 AM

Pros: great if you want to build a server and nothing else.

Cons: Will not allow you to mount optical drives. I have 4 drives and none of them will fit inside the front bezel. The rack won't even allow me to leave the drives partially exposed or slip them behind the front bezel because the mounting holes fall into the wrong place.

Overall Review: I guess the product pictures that show only drive docks and not optical drives should have let me know they didn't bother with making this case optical drive compatible.

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Worked Once12/31/2013 11:36:37 AM

Pros: Nice design

Cons: Worked the first time I used it. Now my PC does not recognize the drive when it is plugged in. I've checked the connections and they are set properly and the device is getting power. I have even tried different HDs but Windows does not see the drive anymore.

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Great but not perfect7/21/2012 9:56:35 AM

Pros: When you get it set up it is fantastic

Cons: The software has to contact Logitech to even make small changes. Their server are atrocious and simple tasks can take an hour due to constant network time-outs. Also can be difficult to resolve issues when multiple devices are used and the power on/off command doesn't control all the devices, especially since the power commends are often buried several pages into the list of commands. Why not put this on the first page by default?

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No for 5.25/3.5 adapter trays7/20/2012 4:35:06 PM

Pros: drives fit nicely

Cons: TThe spring clip are not placed correctly to fit into with any form of 5.25 to 3.5 tray insert that I can find. I have 4 different models and none of hem will be able to mount this. This must only work with dedicated 3.5 bays that feature long & low slots that reach near the front. Otherwise the front piece has to sit recessed almost 1" from the opening just to get the front clips to lock in place.

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Decline in Quality6/4/2012 7:50:54 PM

Pros: Aluminum, roomy

Cons: Poorly made for a high end case

Overall Review: This is my 6th and maybe my last Lian-Li case. The front bezel is warped and wont fit snugly - get one corner in place and the opposite one pops out; the side panel is hard to get properly closed as well.

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Another failure11/21/2011 8:19:25 PM

Pros: Since it didn't work I'd have to say "none"

Cons: Once more I purchased a device like this and once again it doesn't work. I tried this with 2 different PCs with the same result: none of the drives were accessible.

Overall Review: I am giving up on these types of devices. I have tried 3 different models from 3 manufactured and have never gotten one to work consistently. Either they are DOA or they soon stop working piecemeal. Much better to build a PC and set it up as a server.

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Died a quiet death when I needed it most10/6/2011 11:04:56 PM

Pros: Storage space was good - for a while

Cons: Went to "Write protect" in the middle of deleting files, now its a very expensive ROM device that's useless.

Overall Review: All that protective aluminum doesn't help if the electronics die.

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Not Worth it9/4/2011 10:00:31 PM

Pros: Makes a nice paperweight

Cons: The first one I got only 1 to 3 of the drives would work, it varied which ones - rebooting would get a new combination but never all 5. Sent it back & got replacement - that one worked for about 6 months then I never got more than 1 a single drive to work.

Overall Review: Don't waste your money. Not worth it.

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