Quality motherboard for a reasonable price10/24/2017 4:09:19 PM

Pros: I bought this motherboard because Asrock has a good reputation and support community. The features I particularly liked: - Displayport video out - Three M.2 storage slots - Dr. Debug error LED - High quality VRMs and cooling - RGB LED header is a nice touch

Cons: There is a small red led towards the bottom of the motherboard which I'm not aware of any way to disable. It would be nice if Asrock could bring back the "good night led" option in the BIOS to turn the light out.

Overall Review: Overall it's a solid motherboard with high end features with a reasonable price tag. This review for ASRock review rebate program.

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Great value if the price is right12/13/2013 11:28:30 AM

Pros: Screen size looks and feels just right. Text and graphics are quite sharp on the display as well. 8.3" screen w/ 16:10 aspect ratio (1920x1200) = 273 pixels per inch -Build quality is excellent -Snapdragon 600 processor is faster than Nexus 7 -MicroSD card slot let me add up to 60gb of video/music -Dual band wifi (5ghz frequency)

Cons: - Whites are not super white - 5mp camera isn't great. Images aren't that sharp and there is too much noise when shooting in low light conditions.

Overall Review: I purchased this tablet from Newegg for $250 and I think it offers great value at that price. I chose this over the Nexus 7, because in my opinion the faster processor, larger screen, and microSD card are worth paying a little extra for. Most other tablets in this price range will only come with 16gb of FIXED space. Meaning you can never upgrade or add extra space later. When you consider that the operating system for the tablet itself is already using up a few gigabytes of space, then you're left with a brand new device that can only offer 12-13gb of space for apps, movies, games, music. That is simply absurd to me.

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The fine display with a reasonable price1/3/2013 9:24:15 PM

Pros: My background: I've previously owned apple imac 27", ibm t221, and 30" LG displays. The antiglare coating on this display is a good compromise between the glossy imac and the traditionally harsh coatings that come with LG's IPS panels. Reflections are reduced greatly but not at the detriment of display's overall clarity. The wide viewing angles (PLS) and plenty of connectivity never hurt either. Cheaper displays with a similar high-res panel can be purchased from Asia via a popular auction site, but if you truly need this kind of connectivity then your costs creep up quite a bit from those suppliers. At that point, then the risk of international shipping and no warranty start to offset the potential for saving $100-150. I feel better knowing Asus stands behind this product for 3 years.

Cons: Input lag may be a concern for hardcore gamers, but is within expected range for a display with this much connectivity and a built-in scaler. It should also be noted that the USB 2.0 hub is slow by today's standards.

Overall Review: Overall, I am pleased with my purchase. Tasks centered around text clarity, amateur photography, and movies can be expected to perform quite well on this display.

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