Decent on speeds, but very reliable.9/30/2013 12:15:11 PM

Pros: I've purchased both the Samsung Evo and this Toshiba Q series from another vendor during my build a week ago. I was just curious to see which is more reliable between the two hard drives. With HDTune (I know, not exactly the best software to test), I was getting the following: Samsung - 378MB/sec average Toshiba - 303MB/sec average While not as fast as the samsung, I'm more willing to sacrifice some speed for price than other brands where they sacrifice reliability.

Cons: the case looks extremely generic, like it wasn't really for general consumers. Something you would find in an oem laptop. Can't really complained because those mechnical hard drives didn't look great either except for WD Raptors.

Overall Review: Originally I wanted to purchase two Toshiba's. My Qosmio laptop had an 80gb older Toshiba SSD and that one lasted 2 years without any hiccups or much changes in speed since then. I was thinking of Kingston and Sandisk, but SSD failures after 1 year scared me away from the brands.

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Still running, but worried about QC on fan.3/10/2011 8:51:37 AM

Pros: -Nice looking light show for those have a white or blue setup. -Stable rails -Ran as it should for 800w PSU -Cheaper than other similar high-end units, but better quality than mid-level units.

Cons: -After 2 weeks, the fan is making this weird high pitch bearing sound, kinda like a cross between a whistle and wheels of those old shopping cars squeaking. It's not loud, but seemed somewhat out of the ordinary.

Overall Review: I do not have a backup PSU to send this one for RMA. I think this is the last Kingwin PSU I'll buy, going back to Corsair.

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Pretty noise comparison.3/9/2011 3:44:33 PM

Pros: It works like it should.

Cons: Bought a Samsung DVDR at the same time, Samsung ran extremely quiet compared to this Asus.

Overall Review: Disappointed that a Samsung I bought as a backup ran more quiet than this DVD drive.

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Good motherboard for price.3/9/2011 3:41:29 PM

Pros: -BIOS LCD -2 CMOS reset buttons and a motherboard power button -Good quality design, was able to fit 2 5850.

Cons: -5 SATA inputs. Is it difficult to add another >_> -You really have to plan ahead of what would fit and connect to this motherboard. Wish it had built in WIFI.

Overall Review: You can't really complain about the layout or features for a $100 motherboard. I remembered motherboards with less features for $150.

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Good cable.3/9/2011 3:37:40 PM

Pros: @Magoo: Works well with my motherboards. Maybe your motherboard does not like this design.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Pretty difficult to review a cable in which you wouldn't be handling more than several times in the course of its lifetime.

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Needs latch on other side.3/9/2011 3:36:38 PM

Pros: Good quality cable.

Cons: Needs to have same latch on the other side of the cable.

Overall Review: Pretty difficult to review a cable in which you wouldn't be handling more than several times in the course of its lifetime.

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Good cable3/9/2011 3:35:23 PM

Pros: Good cable, works as it should.

Cons: Not a bad cable.

Overall Review: Pretty difficult to review a cable in which you wouldn't be handling more than several times in the course of its lifetime.

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One of the best hard price point.3/9/2011 3:25:43 PM

Pros: - Fast when running as raid - Very quiet

Cons: - Seek time could be better

Overall Review: So far, a good purchasing experience. Normally I'm dedicated Western Digital and Seagate, but price/performance cannot be compared to other brands.

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Great item, but be weary of product quality.3/9/2011 3:20:48 PM

Pros: Works as advertised. Was able to power my AMD X4 955 w/ CF 5850 and 2 LCD monitors for about 16 minutes. Software is easy to use as well.

Cons: Bottom is not broken because I have it shipped with other stuff in a large box.

Overall Review: Honestly, the item of this size and the flimsy plastic clips at the bottom makes it better off buying this from local store or if you have a big order which they ship in a large box.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your feedback. In reference to product quality, the CP1500PFCLCD's quality has been excellent and was recently picked by Tom's Hardware as Recommended Buy. There has been some issue related to the quality of packing materials. Based on customer feedback along with our own quality control checks, we are making changes to the packaging to reduce the opportunity for damage during shipping. These changes are being implemented for new products being sent to our distributors and reselling partners. If you need additional assistance, please contact CyberPower Technical Support at 877-297-6937 or email
Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Good quality cabling.3/9/2011 3:06:00 PM

Pros: Cabling job on this cable is very well done compared to other cheap quality cables. Wire to plugs felt tight and secure. No surprises.

Cons: Simple item, nothing to complain about.

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Good monitor, just not at MSRP3/9/2011 3:03:38 PM

Pros: - There is a visual difference in smoothness with 60hz vs 120hz. - Low to no input lag once thru-put option is selected. - Smooth experience when playing video games. Not very noticeable difference when watching movies unless you have a lot of things going on.

Cons: - Level of blacks are not as deep as XL2410T - Over drive makes text very hard to read. Set Sharpness to 3 or less to read comfortably at 1080 resolution. - Still expensive for the benefits over a standard 2ms gtg lcd monitor.

Overall Review: I have purchased this monitor and compared it with a friend's BenQ XL2410T. Overall, if you could get this monitor at a much lower price difference with the BenQ, then grab it. These 120hz monitors are still very expensive and the visual quality is about low-mid range compared to other TN models. Three warnings I should advised before purchasing the monitor: 1) It looks very disappointing out of the box until you calibrate it. 2) Average user/gamer not notice much input lag or refresh rate on monitors until AFTER you own it. Once you buy it, you could never go back to 60hz for your games and movies. 3) If you're use to high quality LCD monitor or IPS monitors, the level of sharpness would really make this LG 120hz monitor difficult to use comfortably for text/internet use.

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Worth skipping Vista.12/24/2010 8:50:18 AM

Pros: Probably one of the best OS made so far next to Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Worth skipping Vista. Incredible with RAM management, even if you're running on 2gb of ram.

Cons: 64-bit application, make sure you talk to yourself that you will no longer be using any more legacy software pre year 2000. Otherwise, get 32-bit version.

Overall Review: When I was an IT Tech assistant, I tested out Vista and it was garbage. I was right, after it was released, it was still G.A.R.B.A.G.E. Tested Windows 7 and it was smooth with flying colors, even 32-bit version on a Pentium 3. I thought I was running on a nicer version of Windows XP.

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Moves lots of air, not THAT quiet12/24/2010 8:24:49 AM

Pros: Moves a lot of air compared to many 120mm fans.

Cons: Less than 20db is a light, measured 28db after full blast and 23db at 40% power.

Overall Review: Compared to my stock Coolermaster, Scythe, and Aerocool, this is probably the 2nd more quietest to my Scythe, but moves 2nd most to my Scythe. Definitely worth it for half the price compared to Scythe.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great screen for a cheap little item.12/23/2010 4:24:39 AM

Pros: Great little item. It powers my 4 120MM led case fans and CPU fan with little to no hiccups. Viewing angle isn't the greatest, but it's a whole lot better than items twice the cost for this type of add-on. Touch screen is great if you have a case with a door, like Antec P190 & Cosmos S.

Cons: I wish the thermal sensors isn't packed together like a ribbon, feels like a huge cable management nightmare.

Overall Review: Installation booklet is a joke. Fortunately, the item itself is very easy to figure out on your own if you know what you're doing. It looks really nice on a case and a more simpler design compare to the LXE, which means less stuff to go wrong and more of making sure the things you want running will ran well.

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Great product, Not so great features.8/20/2010 5:29:49 PM

Pros: Overall, it is a great product to own for the low price. -Wide angle view without much discoloration or distortion. -Great picture quality overall -Nice finish a little too similar to Samsung televisions.

Cons: We always need something to complain. -No height adjustment -Button controls are difficult to maneuver. -RGB seems more difficult to adjust than other monitors.

Overall Review: Seeing how this monitor is showed as 5ms, there isn't much of a different in movement in video games compared to Asus 2ms monitors.

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A good question12/12/2005 7:19:24 PM

Pros: Soon to be purchased, but need more info

Cons: no at the moment

Overall Review: This is not a review, it a question that could be quite useful to a lot of people. I was wondering if this model have that chip to prevent generic ink cartridges to be used, because the MP500 has it, forcing you to buy the official expensive ink.

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Poor Fan Quality11/1/2005 9:39:14 AM

Comments: I take back what I said...after a month of observing and reading the GPU temperatures, the fan and heatsink is very weak and does little for cooling.

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Worth every penny10/28/2005 3:42:34 PM

Comments: My first choice would've been Zalman, but that thing is huge itself, and would have conflicts with RAM slots placed on the mother board (depending of the motherboard of course). This thing was designed for Ahtlon's Dual Core and/or FX series, but I decided to put it on my OC'd 64 3000+ 2.2GHz. Here's the results. Note that fan was set to 4800RPM. Stock Heatsink IDLE LOAD: 32.4 C FULL LOAD: 40.1 C ASUS X-MARS IDLE LOAD: 29.7 C FULL LOAD 37.6 C Very impressive performance results. The best part is something I don't understand. I assume because of its fan design, it would've been whiney, but @ 4800 RPM, it's nearly dead silent. Also, the description says max speed is 5400RPM, but I measured this thing at full load and it reads 5780RPM max. This thing is worth very penny from the first day it came out =P

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Love them10/15/2005 6:33:17 PM

Comments: These RAM is the best bang for your buck. The heatspeader can makes a difference in 1 or 2 celcius degrees. Stock-wise, these run very well. However, don't overclocked too much, there's a reason why these things are under $xxx

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Cheap goods.10/15/2005 6:29:09 PM

Comments: I bought these when they were $xx I say that's a great bargain for these speakers. I'd say if you paid $xx or less on these speakers, it's worth it. Otherwise, you're better off getting better speakers for a high price.

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Great board for a great price10/15/2005 6:25:30 PM

Comments: Not as good as the LANPARTY boards, but I bought this for $xx when it was on sale. Saving $60 and only lose the SLI ability? That's what sums up for this board. Great board for those who don't really care about the SLI selection.

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10/15/2005 6:21:42 PM

Comments: Better than the GT and Pro, but I bought it too soon, could've just dish out an extra $xx for the GTO2 and eat that 16 pipes.

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10/15/2005 6:00:00 PM

Comments: The PSU is pretty good considering it's stock. The case is scary to handle, however. During the delivery, the face plates cracked. NEWEGG was awesome to able to help me replace it, even though the 2nd item they sent had a dent on the top of the case. Talk about ridiculous...

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