I use Windows7 and have this item for 7 months now!12/27/2011 10:43:56 AM

Pros: I have bought two of these. One purchased 7 months ago and one bought for my Mom as a gift with her Christmas bundle from Newegg.com & DELL Direct Computers.

Cons: I only had an issue when trying to use this in an ASMedia usb 3.0 port; it worked initialy and then stopped working all together. Installed in native usb 2.0 port and there is no problems.

Overall Review: I have had the sound fail on me with computers in the past, before I became tech savvy. Since then I would never do without the old favorite PCI Creative Sound Blaster. But, these days you can't find them and the reliability in the reviews I have read of the newer pcie x1 Creative and ASUS products are frightful for such a very expensive add-on in todays marketplace. I have used C-Media in the beginning of 2005 with an old AMD 3400+ Campaq computer and it worked well and the driver was good, unlike anything from DYNEX which was garbage. Startech has brought me to a renewed respect for C-Media and this is a plug & play unit that does not require the disc for the C-Media6204 driver to be installed. Windows7 will set up the C-Media driver through Optional Updates automatically.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
High gloss RF upgrade keyboard!12/27/2011 10:22:53 AM

Pros: I like low profile keys when giving something as this for a gift. Looks are as important as the quality of the item. Blue on function keys really enhances the classy overall appeal. Wireless. Padded wrist rest sealed the deal.

Cons: Cheap batteries. "What can you expect at this price point?" it would be nice if the owner's manual suggested Advanced Lithium batteries for extended life. Like I said this was a gift to my Mom and she is completely dependent on owner's manuals.

Overall Review: I would suggest to anyone else having trouble with gaps on the edges of your keyboard try Office Max or Staples for those 20mm felt pads with adhesive on the back. they come on a sheet of four. I used one of these on a keyboard corner and it worked wonders.

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Matching this with a new DELL Ispiron620 i3 2120 HD 2000 graphics12/25/2011 6:50:26 AM

Pros: Just look at it.

Cons: ( I sent a 3' usb extention cable home for the monitor's down link into the back of I/O panel. May not be needed, but I really doubt it.)

Overall Review: Love at first sight! I will probably buy another one for myself. My Mom is ready to experience technology in a new light and DELL is all she knows. Replacing everything of hers with new stuff; blue wireless Microsoft technology 2000 keyboard & mouse, Creative T20 Gigawatts 24w speakers, Startech usb 7.1 sound card (plug&play) and 1TB DELL i3 2120 Ispiron w/ this DELL 19" monitor P1911.

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Holiday purchase to go with other desktop goodies for Mom12/24/2011 8:49:11 AM

Pros: High gloss black. Manufactured by Creative and offers specifications and detail to blend a 108db stereo sound system for best audio clarity. These will look great with the DELL P1911 monitor and high gloss wireless keyboard & mouse that I also got for my Mom from Santa Claus.

Cons: The price is expensive if you don't appreciate what high-end computer components will give back to the hours spent behind a keyboard. ( Performance output @ 24w may vary for different motherboard's audio codecs that would otherwise require the addition of a pci/pcie sound card.)

Overall Review: This is the second pair of these speaker I have purchased this year. I have noticed Newegg.com has in Q3' 2011 allowed for their business model to carry a broader range of products that I would have had to split my order with others to get everything I wanted. I am avoiding others because of the sales tax plus shipping, so I am very happy this holiday season that Newegg.com has come through with prices and products that allowed me to save at least $200 during December.

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Inspirational platform / but is it honest?12/16/2011 6:20:22 AM

Pros: Pcie-3.0 (x8,x8) CrossfireX or SLi. Great quality pcb and it is brown so it compliments my newly purchased Diamond HD 6870 that will go with an ASUS DC HD 6870 in CrossfireX. Very good looking in case with Thermaltake heatsink, black G-Skill DDR3 1333 CL7 memory and yellow, red and black sata cables for drive management.

Cons: Two things to mention; first during install refer to the user guide for "power" / "reset" pin +/- inversion or you will experience the same thing I did and your computer will not post. I had to flip the "power" connector upside-down from what my Raidmax Storm case had markings, for this motherboard to power up. ( this may very well be the culprit with ASUS motherboards, too.) Secondly, my WEI scores for video graphics is only 6.0/6.0; while my Intel i7 2600k and G-Skill are at 7.6/7.6 , HDD is 7.2 using a Zalman S 128GB (jmf-616 controller).

Overall Review: Now, I have a host of upgrades at Christmas time leading into whether or not I will buy an Intel i7 3770 and AMD Radeon HD 7870 in 2012? Raidmax 850w 80+ Gold PSU ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3 ASUS HD 6870 (replacing HIS Radeon HD 6850) Diamond 6870PE51GB (replacing MSI Radeon HD 6850) Oh, ho,ho- yes the performance increase is in total coolness for the holidays! ( But, like I stated in my earlier post the (x8,x8) benefits are only noticed in smoother dramatic shift operations during game play compared to (x16,x4); and I might add that my WEI score with (x16,x4) were 7.8/7.8!@#? {Former post as funny_guy.}

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Newly Released 7/2011 w/ U.S. Patents Pending12/4/2011 1:57:48 PM

Pros: New product! comes in 850w & 1000w; all the cables you would possibly need. Modular cable management system. Quiet operation.

Cons: From the review I was able to find three pages into a Google search; Andyson Nemisis 850w 80+ Bronze came up from a recognized online review source. There they highlighted the 3/2011 released version of the above product from the o.e.m. manufacture trying to break into the mainstream retail market. They stated in the review that this product was in reality only a 750w PSU, although an excellent product. Also, they said that even though all the protection and quality was in this product that the lack of an additional surge protection capasitor rendered this product's claim as a four rail unit invalid; in fact it was only a single rail PSU.

Overall Review: Whether these claims made by Raidmax are also overstated it is uncertain because there is no reviews available for the RX 850AE 850w 80+Gold as of my post. Maybe, support from Raidmax can clear this matter up and acknowledge to what extent that halographic sticker on this unit is a sign of a full upgraded and certified 80+ Gold tested PSU?

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Refreshing updates for serious 128GB SSD buyers12/1/2011 4:38:15 PM

Pros: Hi this is funny_guy again. I have been behind the wheel of this solid state drive for 12 hours working out the bugs and there were quite a few. You must realize the jmf-616 controller is ARM based just like Samsung and ADATA Turbo S596; so in other thought I will address some important annoying consistencies. But first realize that setup of your drive is very important to gain the full experience of what it is to have a fully self contained unit. Microsoft Security Essentials will not load updates after downloading the software until you have gone through Windows7 activation prompt; this will be your only defense from malware and viruses without reloading Windows. Second, since you have read the front of the box and it tell you this is a AHCI SATA interface setup in bios you will need to type "services" in the start button search when up and running where you scroll down to "Superfetch" right click and left click on disable; close window you're done here.

Cons: Next, find your way to "Defragment" Scheduler and open the advanced settings and remove check from the box so defragmenting becomes completely manual. Defragmenting should be done once after all of your updates and programs have been installed including Google Chrome browser (not Firefox-issues with ARM controller; as does IE9 64bit, also issues); Chrome works flaulessly no crashes and freezes. Be sure to set power management to never turn off hard drive and monitor for that matter and let your system run through a couple of day worth of operations saving all installed saved programs in a "Completed" file and remove the trash can from your desktop before emptying any trash delete this folder and defragment one time after following advanced instruction recommendations found in "Other thoughts". (Defragmenting should be done every 4-6 months.

Overall Review: Finally for the stuff that will help this drive endure time go into Task Scheduler's Windows library where you will get a full definition of tasks that are performed automatically in the Windows7 operating system. Start at the bottom of the library and click on each one till you find two specific operation: "Creates Backup" and " Creates a Restore Point"; disabling these two operations is manditory for the life of your SSD.

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Immediately recognized as XMP memory11/30/2011 6:11:25 AM

Pros: Using CPU-Z I was able to confirm that these G-Skill memory need only be installed into a Intel 1156/1155 motherboard and the specifications do not need to be tweaked in bios. Very fast! A great gaming memory.

Cons: Installed a Zalman 128Gb SSD with 4X2GB; (2GB item sold out! So, posting here.), fresh install locked up just before entering log in. Having 8Gb of memory seemed a lot to task a new! SSD with its first boot; all I had to do is use the reset button and Windows came right up.

Overall Review: No gaps with this memory and it is very smooth compared with my equally competitive AMD computer using Patriot PVV34G1600LLK-A high end memory modules (CL8). My i7 2600k is at its full potential now. CyberpowerPC i7 2600k CP-850watt PSU 2X Radeon HD 6870 4X2 G-Skill ddr3 1333 CL7 Samsung 24X DVD-BD Zalman 128GB S-series SSD Windows7 64bit

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The new AMD 28nm cards are coming!11/30/2011 2:03:18 AM

Pros: I had to have this card for the brown pcb to compliment my other outdated components; of Jan. 2011. Good enough to sell with my old computer.

Cons: Nvidia has already released the next generation of the GTX 560 Ti with 448 cores and 320bit interface; from the specifications and last years benchmarks this card will be dominating its class with a $50 higher MSRP.

Overall Review: The new! Radeon HD 7870 (Thames) will be hitting the market any time now with very impressive updates, but at a hefty price tag! The latest model will accually be moving up in class to compete head on with the current GTX 570. Expect to pay $350 (US) to own one.

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One month to the day.9/7/2011 8:02:16 AM

Pros: Really does perform @ 3.3Ghz at a great value. Silky smooth operation after initial spinup time in applications, but, slow starter in game play. Once in synch with hard drive the Rana 455 has plenty of muscle.

Cons: WEI a dissapointing 6.9 out of 7.9 and it shows up when initializing web browser the least and gaming the most compared with my i7 2600 desktop (WEI - 7.6). Atleast 10 seconds slower load times and boot time then i7 2600. Was unable to unlock fourth core using Foxconn utility; required clear_cmos.

Overall Review: Using an SSD hard drive would greatly enhance and improve the abilities of this processor even if it won't upgrade its WEI score. Issues within the design of the product seem to be completely hard drive related. I have a Samsung spin point 320Gb recognized at 7,200rpm; the Rana X3 455 does nothing to boost load times or boot cycle. Issues within limits of this processor's price point no doudt. Makes me wonder if page filing and prefetch are better supported with a processor that has hyper threading in the $100 plus price range?

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Basic gaming card for game room AM3 build.8/31/2011 10:12:14 AM

Pros: Really a great midrange card with awesome features list. As good as the graphics card it is replacing; Visiontech Ati Radeon x850xt. CrossfireX capability.

Cons: As a single card it doesn't work better than my dual HD 6850's in CrossfireX. Favors odd resolution 1280X768 on my CRT. Also, does not support AMD Hotfix 11-5b; which encodes enhanced red into directx 9 for accurate object texturing.

Overall Review: Can't quite get a grip on which type of DDR3 memory I should use; installed 1333Mhz but the latency in CPU-Z is very tight. I might just swap it with 1600Mhz to reach potential from both ends from JDEC#1 to JDEC#4.

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Good Looks! Dull start screen.8/26/2011 9:44:00 AM

Pros: Standard bios are fine and with no experience with Foxconn I certainly can live with it. Pcie x16 works great; am using DDR3 1333. (Upgrading video card to compensate for lack of CrossfireX on this build.)

Cons: Does not support Speedfan 4.44; I have success with version 4.43 on my intel computer using high performance heatsink 3,200rpm fan to silence the fan. The AMD stock fans are too loud even at 1,760rpm my Vista K8 2005 gamer with three pin replaceable fan mount makes good using a Antech purple variable speed 80mm fan works great. No need for Speedfan here. Bios does not help either in controling fan speed even though this motherboard comes equipt with three (PWM) four pin onboard connections; oversight or overkill? Also, there are no 64bit video drivers included.

Overall Review: I was working under the confines of spare (new) parts I had from a few years back, like: micro-atx case, Corsair 500w psu and IDE DVD drive; all ofwhich had brought me to this board because of its great looks. Since my gpu on my HIS 6850 became corrupted my CrossfireX rig is experiencing incompatibility issues playing games, hence I probably made some haste choices here rather than replacing my damaged video card with my upgrade 6870 and a new version of Windows7 Professional installed on my CrossfireX rig??? There is nothing like CrossfireX if you are using AMD radeon graphics even with x16/x4 inexpensive motherboards, they work as intended. Or a single AMD radeon 6970 or 6990 if it will fit in your case. I just seem to think AMD makes the 6900 series cars for home entertainment and 2D multiple displays. So many trade offs. Mine is playing Directx 9 games and the only driver for Motocross Madness2 to run properly with Windows7 is AMD 11-5b Hotfix for suite 11-5 (

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Notice from previous post (by Brian) addressing cmos fail notification on restart.8/24/2011 7:42:26 AM

Pros: Great performer; WEI of sytem is cpu/memory-7.6, areo display/ graphics- 7.7 and standard HDD rating- 5.9. Does CrossfireX as expected. Bios easy to install initial udate.

Cons: After 60days screen shot logo no longer goes directly into Windows7 boot sequence. Instead, redirects into primary cmos notification page with " cmos fail " at the lower left of screen; then boots normally within 3 seconds. I leave my desktop computer and hard drive running continuously, so I suspect that the mentioned notification is for my motherboard battery. Also, as a con, since first start up this motherboard has never been able to shut down in sleep mode although the HDD would stop running. Furthermore, it also, would not recover from sleep mode; reset or a forced shut down was necessary.

Overall Review: Utilities once installed into progam files cannot be removed from Control Panel. Not an issue until future date when a change in motherboards may arise.

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Card died (RGB failed) after 60days.8/23/2011 7:19:22 AM

Pros: This card was only used successfully in CrossfireX mode. Set at 800Mhz/1050Mhz. Worked great! Windows7 operating system.

Cons: Not a stand alone accellerator video graphics card. Could not compete with my Ati x850xt in directx 9. Vista operating system. Only in CrossfireX was this card able to compare with Visiontech x850xt pcie card.

Overall Review: Very disappointed when replacing my hard drive, after installing operating system and motherboard drivers, I used the included driver disc that came from HIS for this product and it crash dumped my installation. Leaving my GPU corrupted, unable to hue red in (RGB rendering) for my monitor; left with only shades of green, yellow and blue on the desktop after recovery. Thank goodness I was using only one video card and my MSI card was left unscaved. I validated my findings using my MSI HD 6850 solo in my desktop recovering a normal video (RGB) and video rendering on the monitor. As for the HIS card I check it too in a new AMD build (AM3) computer and the damage to the video graphics (RGB) was unchanged! HIS no longer provides an upgrade program online, which I was hoping for, as they also only provide consumers with an Hong Kong telephone number; no email communication available, and my card is past the return date from Newegg.com. Now I plan on dumping ever using HIS again.

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This is great timing for peak performance in gaming.7/24/2011 2:52:06 PM

Pros: I am using PVV34G1600LLK Patriot memory enhanced to these specs with my Z68 Intel chipset and a i7 2600 processor with perfect gaming. Ultra smooth operation and full processor power. Would purchase this memory if I could do it again with the experience I have been through. You can't beat this price.

Cons: May not have enough capacity for large game profiles using online exchange servers.

Overall Review: This is the only option to DDR3 1333 CL9 1.5v.

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As Good as it Gets~!5/29/2011 12:06:53 PM

Pros: This is the most video card I could justify using with the MSI H61M-P23 motherboard and rightly so, it does have great performance compared to the HD 6870 vs GTX 460. This is an upgrade from an Ati x850xt and it does shine with the impressive advances in technology and high definition built into this card. While still using a 19" CRT I find that Catalyst driver 8.850.0.0 is best; also, available as a Crossfire updated driver variation using suite 11.5. When using suite 11.4 driver 8.883.1.0 the auto adjust for screen resolution was sqeezed horizontally and probably best with you flat screen users. Slightly faster and smoother than my x850xt (Visiontech) using all of the latest in high definition resolutions. My CRT (LG 19") has a 160Mhz refresh rate and now with my resent driver update does auto adjust perfectly. Using Windows7 64bit w/Intel i72600k.

Cons: New! computer build so an updated video card was a must have. Seriously, I think that my Ati x850xt would have done the job just fine; all of its fps ratings are the same, as are its core and memory clock.

Overall Review: While Windows7 does have problems installing the proper Catalyst Control Center for my older video card like Vista did, I know that there would be a driver available through the update center; as Vista was able to provide for my Ati x850xt that is installed in that computer.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Use the provided bios disc and AMD graphics cards only, for best and fastest Intel i7 2600K; Windows7 64bit experience. Needs nothing for home PC and internet.5/29/2011 10:49:50 AM

Pros: No frills, highly practicle to get full use out of your AMD HD 5770, HD 5830, HD 5850, HD 6850. Anything more powerful, (or Nvidia), you would want a motherboard that offers a full sixteen lanes on the x16 Pcie slot. This board only offers twelve lanes. But, it has the advantage of using a four post auxiallary CPU power connector on this mobo which will enhance reliability to the PCH (Cougar point) chipset. Very fast! Rating on the Windows7 user experience scale of 1.0-7.9 being the highest: CPU-i7 2600k (3.4Ghz) 7.6; memory (DDR3 1333Mhz) 7.6; video 3d Aero graphics = 7.7; video graphics acceleration 3d = 7.7; and hard drive sata3 = 5.9, Overall = (lowest score) 5.9.

Cons: No Sata3 Raid 0, capability. No onboard HDMI connection like the MSI H61M-E33. ( With no reason to overclock the i7 2600k there is performance response to be gained in Raid 0; but, only with Sata3. Sata6 will not improve this option.)

Overall Review: I feel that there is atleast a full point (HDD 6.9) = to be added to my Windows7 users experience with the expense of an additional $100.00 for another motherboard for the 1155 socket w/ sata6 and USB 3.0; only the Z68 motherboards also include smart synch so you may want to check out the video and see just how much you are willing to spend for stuff you really will never use.

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