Cheap. Works.11/22/2012 11:55:09 PM

Pros: Inexpensive Smallish footprint No external antenna

Cons: Shipped with 3 year old firmware Wireless speeds aren't the fastest Cannot run DD-WRT Runs a bit warm

Overall Review: Even after reading all the bad reviews here, I purchased this router to replace an 8 year old Netgear at my father's house because the WRT120N is cheap and cute. It had problems assigning network settings via DHCP until I upgraded the firmware from 1.0.04 to 1.0.07. Since then it has performed well in a decidedly undemanding environment--3 wireless clients sharing a 4 Mb/s internet connection. Coverage is decent in a 3,200 sq. foot house, and I'm not aware of any dropped connections or reboots. I suspect heat issues might shorten the hardware lifespan, but for the moment it's working reliably. I cannot comment on the bundled software; I didn't install it.

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