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not good12/26/2011 3:07:19 PM

Pros: if you don't own a fps thewn this wil be decent game.

Cons: This game was totally over hyped. It is not "above and beyond the call" the only reason so many people bought this was because there was a mad rush to get it out before CoD. If you're thinking, "well I really enjoyed BC2!" Then you should stick with BC2 because ther are no improvements between the two. EA just over hyped another junk unfinished FPS. The online play isabsolute garbage. You can't access the menus, you can't select hardcore mode easily, the spawning is horrendous and the guns are totally unbalanced. If you're asniper forget it, the only decent ones are bolt action and it takes two shots so unless you're shooting aturtle forget it. Shotguns are equally useless which is a shame considering there are so many of them. Shoot someone in the face point blank and they will turn around and one shot you with a pistol. Knifing is horrid, apparently you need to sneak up behind someone and knife them to perfrom akill the only problem is it only works 1/2 the time.

Overall Review: They releaseda 20 dollar expasion pack 1 month after it was released which begs us to wonder, "Why not include it in the game...?" Because this game is total garbage. They went with the success of BC2,made worse game by taking out the physicsaspect to the game (can't alter the environment anymore) and decided to screw the customers and release this game. The new guns in the expansion pack don't even work but of coarse in typical EA fashion they release broken stuff and don't fix it. Anyone who has played MoH knows that EA releases garbage and since they already gottheir money from you they are content on not fixing anything after it's released. Please, don't waste your money, there is areason COD won all the best game of the year awards. I had high hopes too but EA totally let us down with this one and lost a lot of gamers for life.

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Don't waste your money8/13/2011 10:14:46 AM

Pros: Looks good

Cons: Storyline glitches like crazy, I had to restart 3x Online play is garbage, instead of creating two sets of weapons, they decided to make the same weapons for each side and call them something else, there are like 5 maps and you have to play each one 2x, and sometimes up to 6x each. The guns are totally not balanced, the one bolt action sniper rifle takes two shots to kill so anyone with a brain will run after getting the first hit, a shotgun will take up to 4 shots to kill, 2 shots point point blank range and since they are pump guns forget about killing anyone. A short range weapon will head you dead on across the map and long range will miss. The game lags, its not the connection because I've played from many places, you can run behind a wall and all of a sudden someone just scores a head shot even though there is no way, it was just lagging. Knifing is hit or miss, sometimes you will knife someone right in front of you and nothing will happen.

Overall Review: This game felt like it could have been great but then they just stopped working on it and released it. Online play sucks and is very frustrating. I do well but I have never been so frustrated playing online because you never know if your weapon will work correctly or if it will take 8 shots to kill someone. I will never buy a MoH game ever simply because if they could take the time to release a finished product, it tells me they were more interested in just getting your money rather than give them something good. I will stick with Battlefield in the future, MoH is a toal disappointment.

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Overhyped1/30/2010 11:37:28 PM

Pros: Lots of people can play at once.

Cons: Not sure if I'm missing something here or what but you would think that since this is an online game that they would have... made a lot of online content? There are what like 8 maps total? And it's the same map everytime for the 5 different battle options. I am really dissapointed, I thought maybe I was just in the noob areas at first but after 4 days I see this is where everyone is and there isn't anything more to it. Seriously, wh

Overall Review: Just overal disapointment. The graphics are meh and there just isn't much to do unless you enjoy playing the same map over and over and over with a different group of people each time. It's a great concept and for once I thought someone had finally gotten the whole MMO FPS thing right but this one is far from it. I sure hope they add some major content later because this is just lame. Going back to play MW2.

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Meh.. Same old same old3/29/2009 4:10:26 PM

Pros: Fun single player

Cons: There really isn't any change from 4 other than the guns and areas. The online play is still frustrating. I can't tell you how many times I have spawned right in soemone's crosshairs or 1 sec from a bomb being dropped on me.

Overall Review: I was really looking foward to this game but after playing it I should have just stuck with CoD4. The guns are better and the areas are better for online play imo. Not worth the 60 bucks I spent for it. Hopefully CoD6 will actually be fresh and new not just a copy of 5... which would actually make it another copy of 4. If you don't have 4 then pick it up, if you have 4 not worth the money.

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