to wadefan4life37/23/2009 10:25:46 AM

Pros: this card is great. great price to performance, great cooling, and it's ultra quiet. i have this running at 70% fanspeed and i can barely hear it.

Cons: you most likely didnt uninstall your NVIDIA drivers. get driver sweeper so it can remove anything left over from your previous video card. also, hopefully your system isnt bottlenecking.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
great fans7/13/2009 10:05:23 PM

Pros: great fans. they push a lot of air. the bat-wing technology is amazing.

Cons: i have 2 fans on my heatsink, and they are louder than my 2 n0ctua p12 fans. the magmas are actually supposed 1 be 1dBa softer than the n0ctuas (rated 19dBa), so i do not know what's up with that. when i disable 1 fan, it sounds pretty quiet. i guess you shouldnt use 2 unless you can bare with the noise.

Overall Review: still a great fan.

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awesome kit5/22/2009 9:39:32 PM

Pros: great clipper kit. it has everything i need. easy to maintain and use. there's enough power for it to cut hair. i love it. worth the investment for a nice clean cut.

Cons: price is a bit above than other clippers, but you get what you paid for. wahl is a great and reputable brand.

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so far so good2/27/2009 4:10:23 PM

Pros: got these today. so far so good. i like the big heatspreaders because it reassures me that the sticks wont burn out. mushkin is always a great brand to stick to.

Cons: i didnt like the packaging. it came in the plastic case that you just pop out (like how most...if not...all of corsair's memory is packaged). dhl just dropped it off in an envelope. i didnt even get 3Dvantage. newegg's free shipping is looking unattractive unless it goes back to UPS.

Overall Review: so far so good. gonna test a bit more.

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excellent keyboard12/25/2008 6:24:51 PM

Pros: slim with all standard keys and it lights up. not to bright but not too dark.

Cons: no macro keys for those who need such a thing. otherwise, it's awesome. price is a factor as well.

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Great card for the price12/1/2008 7:02:30 PM

Pros: best price per performance ratio colors match well with antec 1200 overclockable so dont spend more on TurboX model very cool and quiet

Cons: shipping took a bit long?

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6/27/2008 7:16:33 AM

Pros: great modem and easy to install.

Cons: called Cox but was on hold for like 20 minutes. tried online chat and it worked like a charm. i noticed somewhat faster speed, but i'm going for stability as my old modem would just get slow/cut off every now and then. awesome results in the end.

Overall Review: cookie and cream colors???

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6/27/2008 7:15:18 AM

Pros: so far so good. very stable and the RAM fan was just able to fit with my huge zer0therm NV120 cpu cooler just 2 inches away from my sticks. so far very stable.

Cons: i forgot to reset CMOS (noob i know) so do that or else you'd be like what the...??? uh...con...i dont have vista 64 bit, but 3.25 gigs is fine anyway.

Overall Review: dominator

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dont need creative6/26/2008 8:56:57 PM

Pros: awesome sound clarity. might not be the claro or claro+, but this is the best value on the market. very clear. i love it.

Cons: not x-fi, but then again only the trained keen ears can hear the difference so who cares.

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5/28/2008 7:53:48 PM

Pros: OUTSTANDING performance from a MIDRANGE card. the BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK in a while.

Cons: card looks frail as a piece of peanut brittle and the fan is very small. new heatsink is definitely in consideration of purchase.

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3/28/2008 9:51:53 AM

Pros: great RAM. my friend says k1ngston is the "mercedez-benz" of memory, but i beg to differ. i always hear good things about mushk1n so i decided to give it a shot since i always desired to have a set of REDLINES in my system. stable and fast and somewhat stylish.

Cons: didn't buy from newegg cause they sold out right when i had the money, so i bought from mushk1n site and had to pay FedEx shipping. i also do not have a 64-bit system but i'll work that out later. red isnt really my favorite color but i'll let it slide.

Overall Review: is k1ngston is a mercedez-benz, then mushk1n is like a rolls-royce/bentley/veyron bugatti.

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3/15/2008 2:53:14 PM

Pros: wow stable and SLI-ready for those who want to do so. this psu rocks and it's powering 4 140mm fans and 3 120mm fans. the price is insane too!

Cons: i bought this around $180...not it's 159.99?????? newegg always does this too me -_-

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1/26/2008 7:55:07 AM

Pros: great comfort, handles any sound that blasts through it, open air, VELVET

Cons: kinda big for my head

Overall Review: i couldnt install my x-fi fatal1ty in my comp (cant get it to work with vista for some reason) but it's all good.

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1/4/2008 11:45:40 AM

Pros: this low of a price for this much wattage ($189.99 for 880W)??? that's unreal. i looked up some reviews for this and all sites gave it thumbs up. 85% efficient. SLi ready if you're into that.

Cons: what the heck is this 10.00$ instant rebate? i could have gotten it for 10 bucks less :[

Overall Review: want more power for less yet still gives you great performance? here you go. this psu is for you.

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12/26/2007 11:57:58 AM

Pros: finally got a flashdrive and i'm glad it's this one. 20$ for 2GB when other brands/retailers charge more money for less space. this thing is fast and works perfectly. i just wish the design wasnt dorky but it gets the job done. cool blue LED

Cons: weird colors :P

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12/26/2007 11:57:03 AM

Pros: blows a lot of air. got 4 of these on my CM690 and they lite up my room with the lights off.

Cons: the fan blades seem fragile so be care when installing.

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great fan12/26/2007 11:56:06 AM

Pros: great fan. easy to install. it was so shiny when i took it out of the box. the bottom base was basically a mirror and i saw myself perfectly in the reflection. no need to overlap.

Cons: forget t*n*q t*w*r, th*rm*lr*ght ultr*120, and z*lman 9700. get this. just make sure you got room in your case and on your motherboard.

Overall Review: blows quite a lot of air :o

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11/21/2007 10:15:19 AM

Pros: great fit, black is the sexiest color, cords are long (kinda too long but still good), very comfortable

Cons: although it looks nice, keep in mind that the frame is made out of plastic...WHICH IS BREAKABLE. i always hear stories about these breaking and snapping in half so be careful.

Overall Review: i hope the new neckband headset comes in black

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great card10/16/2007 12:03:58 PM

Pros: awesome card. destroys onboard sound completely. love the consoles to mix and match sound quality. cool red fatal1ty logo LED when the power is on.

Cons: the common/well-known x-fi mic problem. my mic doesnt work but i'm using my onboard mic jack so whatever. this is a common problem with these new x-fi cards and you'll have to do all these set-up steps and stuff but doesnt really affect me that much.

Overall Review: my first fatal1ty product...very good product indeed

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10/9/2007 9:23:44 AM

Pros: great card with equalizer and other features

Cons: doesnt work with my ip35 pro for some reason, but it worked with my msi p6n-sli i'm a bit confused.

Overall Review: great when it's working. make sure you install with minimum features or your RAM is gonna get devoured.

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great mobo10/8/2007 8:50:41 AM

Pros: great overclocker/stable motherboard. temps arent so high and the bios/uguru is great. got my E6600 to 3.6 but i'm still a noob at overclocking so it wasnt that stable so i downed it to 3.33 and works like a charm with 2GB ballistix 800mhz.

Cons: the sideways connectors are weird(and dumb in my opinion) but that's about it.

Overall Review: glad i didnt buy the p5k-deluxe or the gigabyte d6q-p35 and wasted additional 20-30$. if you want a stable mobo that's great for overclocking and under 200$, this p35 is for you.

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nice fans9/22/2007 8:45:48 PM

Pros: moves a lot of air, transparent color, easily to install

Cons: people complain about how the holes arent "beaded" for the screws but it doesnt matter as long as you put some force into it. it's all in the wrist and forearm.

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nice case for price9/22/2007 8:44:50 PM

Pros: big, nice black color, lots of room inside, can add more fans

Cons: really heavy when fully loaded, i have my wires in a jumble inside

Overall Review: not bad for the price :D

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awesome card8/27/2007 8:46:06 PM

Pros: just got the card in the mail and it's a great upgrade (wayyyyy better than onboard). only the minimum requirements are needed and running in game mode is awesome (as i made it balanced so i can play music and such while gaming).

Cons: didnt really fit into my mobo but i think that's my case's fault but i got it to fit with a little PUSH. so basically no con (unless you do full install and get like 508130598213 programs running in the background.)

Overall Review: why spend so much on fatal1ty's xtremegamer when this is also a great product?

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i have this one but with a window8/13/2007 3:31:23 PM

Pros: cheap case and very sturdy. easy to clean with a just a quick wipe. i installed an 80mm top fan to blow the air out (since other sites call the top vent a blow hole) and i'm planning on adding a side fan to cool the vid card (since my window has a vent)

Cons: finger prints show but just wipe them off better cases have more fans/airflow but a little higher price

Overall Review: not bad for my first build. this will last me quite awhile.

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