Good Pump/Radiator, Garbage Fans8/28/2016 9:17:15 PM

Pros: Great cooling and noise -- if you swap off the stock fans with something more robustly designed (Noctua NF-F14 3000s, in my case) I have an OC 6900K at 4.2 Ghz. It's idling at about 40 degrees C. Peak temps are hard pressed to pass 60 degrees c.

Cons: Garbage fans. I'd prefer that no fans were included and they drop the price ten bucks or so.

Overall Review: I would recommend this, the fan issue really isn't a biggie.

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Great Fan and Great Seller8/19/2016 3:13:57 PM

Pros: Great fans, one died within a couple hours of setup (Can't win them all)

Cons: One died (out of 6)

Overall Review: You can't always get what you want. The seller sent one out, no muss-no fuss to replace it. Noctua can't be perfect 100% of the time.

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Great Proc - Works for Gaming (That's not what it's good for, though)8/19/2016 3:11:17 PM

Pros: Worked great out of box. OCed easily with fairly low voltage (1.235v @ 4.2 Ghz). Lots of threads for VMs and DB indexing!

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: Don't get this for gaming. It's a high end workstation chip. If you have cash to light on fire, go ahead. It works fine for gaming. Just don't whine about the price. A 6700K will do you just fine.

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Good Board, Minus a Couple Things8/18/2016 10:29:06 AM

Pros: The board is a haystack of options and supports my multiple VMs well. It emptied my bank account, as expected. The function of the board, when running, is 100% what I expected and wanted.

Cons: I could have done without the SupremeFX Deck, the drivers for it are flaky, to say the least. For now, it's a super expensive paperweight. Even if it worked, I just wanted the board. Even if I wanted it... It's not even the right size! There's a considerable gap around every edge in the drive bay. The front of my case looks wonky with it in there. Since a lot of the product appeal here is purportedly aesthetics, that's a massive screw up. One egg off for the marketing stupidity of ASUS: Including this overly-expensive/useless eyesore. As several other reviewers already mentioned: Cold post times are ATROCIOUS. Cold posts take more than 1 minute(this morning was nearly 5 minutes). After a cold post, it's lightning quick, but I am testing lots of hardware and software configurations. This requires frequent full power downs. One more egg off for bad BIOS QA. The included fan controller managed to fry a Noctua NF-F12 3000... So there's that. You can submerge those and punch the creator of those Noctuas in the face while praising Donald Trump's intelligence and they won't skip a beat. leave it up to a $5 chip to finally offend a Noctua. It's a cheap component and I will replace it ASAP with a higher quality no-name fan controller. One more egg off for the cheap cheap cheap included accessories.

Overall Review: ASUS - Ways to improve and get some eggs back: 1. Drop the SupremeFX marketing gimmick and drop the price by $120. +1 egg - If you refuse to do this: Make it the right size (or even a bezel of some sort), fix your drivers, and include an owner's manual 2. Include higher quality accessories (how about a self contained + magnetically mounted SATA powered fan controller!). +1 egg 3. QA/Benchmark BIOS Better +1 egg - Come on, "slowest post at the highest price" doesn't sound like a good plan to retain customers. No, I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS -- Only if they drop the garbage bundle items/accessories and proportionally drop the price. Even then, only to a very narrow niche group. So I won't be recommending this to my mom or dead grandpa.

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Manufacturer Response:
Greetings Daniel, Thank you for sharing your input on your ASUS product. Make sure to use the latest Realtek Audio Driver Version for optimal audio performance. Please note the Rampage V Edition 10 is an Extended ATX Form Factor motherboard. Make sure to do your research and choose a EATX chassis that will accommodate the size of your board. Wouldn't you think using an ATX case with an EATX board would prevent installation issues? Base POST time from cold power up is longer on the X99 platform than the Z series platforms due to the training processes for quad channel memory and more PCIe lanes taking longer. Check the POST codes that are cycling, if they are memory related then its the memory training that is taking time. You can stop the system from training each time by enabling attempt cold fast BOOT in the DRAM timing menu. The side effect of doing that is the chance of increased memory instability. We appreciate your feedback input on this matter and I will be letting the related department know about the issues you are experiencing for continuous improvements to the product line. If you need a help with any technical questions or general inquiries you can reach me at Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best Regards, -Nestor ASUS Customer Loyalty – US Support