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No wonder it has to sell at deep discount9/26/2014 11:16:58 PM

Pros: Looks like well made headphone

Cons: awkward headband both band and ear cover tend to move, extremely uncomfortable upon putting it on head let along for long time, impossible to make it feel better, very weak bass, best sound of it is treble but may sound harsh, I listened pop songs and classic music, never did I feel any rendered remotely near full sound

Overall Review: I can't believe the designer could have made this product go into market I can't believe any people at Martin Logan can allow this out as reference headphone. ML guys, please grab some decent headphone in the market in the $50-100 range and listen all of them and recall this one from the market. Redesign from scratch and test if you really want to make one headphone. I never owned any Martin Logan. Though the brand is not high end but it seems to be decent one for ordinary joes.I am only casual semi audiophile. I have a Sennheiser HD 650, RS 220, and a few more earbud and headphone in the range of $25 -- 200 and a few Creative and Logitech headphone, SONY and others at around $60 range. To be honest, this head phone overall is only worth $50 even with it's good look. I am considering return it because wearing it is like being clamped by a crab on the head. It made me not to want to listen anything.

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Awesome9/25/2014 6:30:15 PM

Pros: Inexpensive box, inexpensive VoIP choice, Great support from Obihai, Obitalk forum great for community discussion

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: This might be out of the reaching limit of Obihai box itself, for some service hooked up with the Obi box emergency number 911 can't be set. But there are low cost VoIP. During configuration I had a little hard time because of google accounts. Obihai support made multiple quick replies. It's much better than I would expected. Awesome box and Awesome support.

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Great product6/1/2014 10:18:35 AM

Pros: I have long been looking for some hard drive kit that I can use to quickly check the state and contents of naked drives of various sizes and types without having to open PC case to disconnect and connect cables in awkward ways. This is it. Some people said on other sites that the model or earlier models do not work on window 8 and that's a concern to me. But no more, the one I received was recognized immediately by Windows 8.1. I did something using it on windows 8.1 and it worked great.

Cons: For 3.5 inch drive it wobbles a little bit on the dock if you touch it slightly. It's minor. But I think it's common for all drive docks. Normally when you use a drive dock you put it on stable surface and do not bother it or yourself by touching while it's being used. I did it for testing purpose. So it shouldn't be a problem.

Overall Review: I haven't used it on other OS or drives but I do not think any issue would show up given the fact that it worked on Windows 8.1 and the cable and connectors are fine.

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Great product1/20/2012 9:39:47 AM

Pros: Strong stable signal

Cons: the antenna prientation. Most MOBO put USB port vertical and this makes the antennas in a way that only one can be verticalls up and the other to be horizontally. I am not sure which way is the best but it looks to be the two should both be vertically standing up.

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Can't mount on some 3.5" hard drive bracket10/16/2011 11:06:13 PM

Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: The little hole on the bottom of the cage is not standard for common hard drive screws. Too small for certain mounting.

Overall Review: I intended to use it on an Antec lanboy case whose hard drive bracket cage is I______I shape and does not take HD from side of the bracket but from the bottom of the plate. BYTECC bracket has four tiny holes for screws that would be way too small. I am not really sure of those holes are for screws. These screws used on the Antec lanboy case are standard size for common hard drives. These two parts do not match. I have to case the blame on the ByTECC brackt because it should have standard screw holes at the bottom.

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mounting screw sucks9/29/2011 8:59:09 PM

Pros: large, red light

Cons: The two eggs are deducted from the mounting screws. 1. they are white. Not that white color is the culprit. But from my experience most cases are black. And this fan is most likely to be mounted in a way that the screws are to be seen outside. Many cases would use this fan on top and side so those 4 white screws will give a funny and ugly look on the finish. 2. I have the Storm Encounter case. On that the 200mm fan was installed with long screws that were insserted through the whole width of the fan and secured on the metal case. It's very secure and the front cover also cover the fan and screws which is in black color. For the same brand fan that is likely to be mounted on the same brand case but has only short white screws, that's very annoying. Cooler Master people, bring this fan and the storm Encounter case and mount the fan on it with the short white screws. See if you like the finish. Note: the screws included in the Encounter case are for installing 120mm fans only.

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Simply great RAM9/29/2011 8:39:12 PM

Pros: Huge size, fast, inexpensive

Cons: the plastic box is too cheap and fragile for this fine RAM, the large soft padded shipping envelope poses danger for the RAM chip

Overall Review: Newegg shipped it in large soft padded envelope. The plastic wrap on the RAM chips was broken into many small pieces. THe RAM chips were scattered inside the envelope. Luckily no physical damage was seen on any chip. Installed them and BIOS and windows recognized the full size right away. Memory test did not detect any error Haven't overclocked them and can't comment on that.

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Very nice case with minor flaws9/29/2011 8:31:59 PM

Pros: Sturdy, plenty of HD bays, USB 3.0 ready on front, nice look inside out, hiding wires behind mobo

Cons: top 200mm fan not preinstalled, front door demand space on left side

Overall Review: I bet most people who buy this case will add either two 120mm fans or one 200mm fans on top. The CM 200mm fans was sold at $14 plus with free shipping at some online stores. You would wonder it only cost CM about maybe $5-8 to add the 200mm fan. I bought the CM red 200mm fan. Unfortunately the screws are white and have to be seen on the black top. And the included screws with case are for installing 120mm fans only. No screws were provided for installing 200mm fan. I haven't installed the 200mm fan so far. I don't like this a bit but I hate to deduct one egg from the overall rating. Hope Cooler Master can read this and send people long black screws to install the 200mm fan if they request that. It's plain and simple, people bought your case and your fan and the final finish looks bizzare and ugly. I don't know how the front door could not have to use space when opened. It's up to the design people to figure this out or post prize for customers to render design on a compitition.

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It works in a painful way1/9/2010 12:18:05 AM

Pros: Solid build, inexpensive for 4 port DVI, with both DVI and D-Sub (maybe also the cons). Great customer response. This thing works for DVI switch if you are patient every time you use it. I did not try the D-sub but I bet it would work good just as other D-sub KVM given its simple tech. However, for DVI, a lot of times it does not tranfer the signal to the LCD. The reason is you must switch to the port first and start PC and wait all the way till the booting finish. A KVM should not have to work this way. Once the PC is booted it often jump to another port unexpected. According to their manual you need to switch it back the port you want. However, after you switch back the port may not get signal. You must have your finger on button to immediately switch it back after it jumps. Even so it does not garruantee you to have the port work. It's very painful. I have to return it. Bought the Starview 4 port 431DVIUA and it works after some tweak.

Cons: Must switch to the port first and start the PC; must wait for the PC finish booting, must switch back immediately after it automatically jump to another port. It's oversize expecially the width. It would use a big chunk of your desk space.

Overall Review: I think the company need to rethink about this product. The D-sub switch probably won't be used by many people who buy this. Otherwise they would buy D-sub KVM at less money. They could save the material and money and spend them to make the DVI better. The enclosed USB cable are not a good idea. For any person with 3-4 PCs probaly have spare USB cable alreay. A power adaptor should be provided instead of the USB cables. You would find how hard it is to find the exact power adaptor if you want to find one.

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Low voltages on 12V rails12/28/2006 8:35:36 PM

Pros: Cheap and has nominal high Max Power. Bought this after black friday in 2005 and only want to use it now and ordered the power supply tester to check it out.

Cons: Not low noise as they claimed. Low voltages on 12V rail. On power supply tester the 12V rails failed on every connection. With the P4 CPU connector the 12V1 and 12V2 are only 10.7V; With either the two 4 pin floppy connectors and the SATA connector the 12V1 is 10.7 and the 12V2 voltage is lower than minimum.

Overall Review: If you build your own PC never want to save that 20~50 bucks to buy an mediocre power supply after you have spent hundreds or over 1 thousand $$$$ on mobo/CPU/RAM/Graphics.

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