Great little router/AP/extender for the money5/5/2020 6:19:07 AM

Pros: - will act as your main router - will route a network behind your main router - will act as a wireless AP behind your other router - will connect as a WiFi client to another system and then provide WiFi and wired ports to its clients (network extender, or "WISP mode") - The web interface has an easy way to choose among the above options and simple configuration for the option I'm using (as the network extender using WiFi to talk to upstream) - good speed for the money - actually getting reasonably close to the full speed rating for the distance it's sitting away from the upstream router/AP - feels pretty solidly built - reasonable features for the price point and the flexibility is the main feature I was wanting

Cons: - the web interface is a little slow loading and updating but that's a minor con for the price - it really wants to sit on a horizontal surface. It has rubber feet but no keyhole mounts. It's light enough that Command Strips or some double-sided tape or even Velcro tape would hold it up, though. - BE SURE to change the administrator password. It's yet another device on the market that comes as admin/admin

Overall Review: - I would recommend this product for specific technical needs or for someone with a specific budget restriction. - I wish this was ready to mount vertically. - I wish most products that came with a password of "admin" didn't, but this is far from alone in that regard.

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Nice price on a nice product6/16/2015 9:01:32 AM

Pros: Includes the dimmer Includes the power adapter Nice, softer white light -- not the harsh white of many LEDs.

Cons: I only bought one. I should have bought two or three at the price.

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Good board, could be better9/28/2010 12:12:25 AM

Pros: lots of SATA, two PCI-E x16 slots, plenty of USB, easily reached CMOS reset, HDMI on board for the integrated graphics, 4 DIMM slots for up to 32 GB, mostly works

Cons: I had seemingly random shutdowns under Windows XP, Windows 7, Fedora 11, and Mandriva 2010. I tried several ways to fix it. Finally, I figured out that although I have plenty of cooling and the motherboard's sensors never read near the configured thermal shutdown limits that if I disabled the thermal shutdown things work great and stable. I deducted an egg for that. There might be a BIOS fix for that by now, but I haven't bothered checking recently.

Overall Review: I can monitor my temperature through my OS. The automatic hardware shutdown would have been a nice feature if it worked as designed, but I've found it unnecessary. It's better to just avoid the false alarms, since the reported temps are accurate and it was only the shutdown that was triggering on too low of temps.

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Great board for the money after BIOS update12/29/2006 1:33:01 PM

Pros: Low price for 64-bit processing power. Flexibility of on-board, AGP 8x, or PCI Express x16 graphics. Decent onboard sound and LAN. Lots of USB 2.0 ports for an inxpensive microATX. SerialATA on the board, too. Newegg pricing and quick turnaround is of course always a pro, too.

Cons: Needed a BIOS flash to work with my PCI Express video card, but that's not a big con. I wish it'd come with a note saying that'd fix the issue, as I had to kind of guess and research my way into that solution. The on-board sound picks up a slight buzz when I move my PS/2 mouse quickly. Probably has to do with shielding since the speaker jack is so close the the PCI Express slot. A better set of speakers with higher resistance may be all that's needed, though (I'm currently using some cheapies). An add-in sound card of course would probably not show the same issue.

Overall Review: Taking advantage of the release of AM2, I built a little system based around this board, a 64-bit Sempron 2800+, and a Radeon X1600Pro 512MB. I am currently using a case from an old eMachines that took a surge, an old 7200 RPM UATA/133 hard drive, and half the memory (PC2700) from my other system. It does have a brand-new Antec SmartPower 2.0 500W P/S, though. Runs great. I'll replace the hard drive and memory (with 3200) as budget comfortably allows.

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