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Good!12/4/2018 10:34:30 AM

Pros: - Very durable. - I've taken it down to around 40-50 feet more than once. No issues at all.

Cons: - I find that it comes out a bit grainy, but that's kind of to be expected. - The sound isn't great - but I was shocked it could record sound much at all, so don't fully count this as a con.

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Good! No issues!12/4/2018 10:32:36 AM

Pros: - Works just as advertised.

Cons: - None to speak of, really. Good hard drive, good price.

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Defective Product: Barely Works, Burning Plastic Smell12/4/2018 10:31:50 AM

Pros: - It was clean. - I could plug it in. - That's it. - Action Packaging was very quick to apologize and ship me a different fan of equal size. This hasn't arrived yet, but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt because they've been very professional and courteous.

Cons: - Fan barely turned. - Constant smell of burning plastic, that did not dissipate quickly. Made my throat hurt, actually. - Purely visual effect, as opposed to functional, which is definitely what I prefer in my fans.

Overall Review: - As I said, Action Packaging has responded professionally and is sending another fan along, but this specific fan was a dud. I would buy another one because Action Packaging dealt with it quickly.

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Good Quality, Has Served Me Well12/4/2018 10:29:06 AM

Pros: - Good mat, I haven't had any ESD issues

Cons: - I'd like the cord to be a bit longer, but since I already have a wrist band that I hook to it, it's not a problem or anything.

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Poor Quality5/4/2017 7:28:20 AM

Pros: - Nice color.

Cons: - The wrist strap has a terrible design and just falls off of your wrist unless you've tied it very tight. - The internal metal part is very uncomfortable. - Extra strap length basically has to be kept on because it's very poorly engineered.

Overall Review: - $15 for this? I feel cheated. Should have returned it.

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Amazing Sound For Price (Crisp! Deep bass!)4/7/2017 10:46:01 AM

Pros: - I'm really impressed at the range, considering the price of these speakers. - Outperforms more expensive speakers. Crisp sound, very deep bass.

Cons: - I always wish they'd include a full equalizer rather than just bass, but I'm using a PC with a decent sound card so I have a lot of manual control.

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Great CPU4/7/2017 10:44:35 AM

Pros: - Easy to install into ASUS Prime Z-270A. No problems encountered.

Cons: - It would be nice to add a basic CPU fan along with this, but I already had some good ones.

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Great Board, Great Price4/7/2017 10:43:24 AM

Pros: - No problems encountered, installed 32gb DDR4 Ripjaws and i5-7600K. - Plenty of extra screws and cables were included, which was a nice touch.

Cons: - None to speak of.

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Great Set Of Tools4/7/2017 10:41:58 AM

Pros: - Extensive, useful tools for working with hardware. - I particularly like the small fan/vacuum and the tiny grabbing claw for screws etc.

Cons: - The flashlight included was non-functional.

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Zero Problems, Good RAM For Price4/7/2017 10:40:55 AM

Pros: - Zero Problems, Good RAM For Price

Cons: - None, really. Ostentatious?

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Christopher Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear you had zero problems. This is a plug and play memory kit that is compatible with most DDR4 personal computers that can support 16GB modules. No BIOS tweaking or such is necessary, simply insert them firmly into the slots and the system should boot up flawlessly. With 32GB installed, the operating system will be capable of anything without any lag or delays. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. To check or report a technical problem, please visit the Official G.Skill Technical Forum: Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email:
No Problems, Useful BIOS3/2/2017 6:45:24 AM

Pros: - Great price, great functionality. - BIOS has some very useful overclocking features, and you can easily navigate through a lot of tools. - Nice specs for the pricetag, at least at time of purchase. - You could still use this, an overclocked I5-3570K, and a 980ti to play most modern games with very high detail and resolution. Could be a good entry-level gaming platform, if you wanted to save money.

Cons: - LGA 1155 didn't really catch on, so I'm moving onto another motherboard. Also I'd like to bump up to DDR4. - No real cons when it comes to the motherboard itself. It's just time to upgrade.

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Not as Silent as I'd Hoped, But Still Good3/2/2017 6:40:59 AM

Pros: - Moves lots of air. - Best price for a 200mm of this quality I've come across. - Not too loud. - Hasn't spun off-center or anything, still works just fine. - I'm, in fact, ordering another one right now for another PC.

Cons: - It's a bit noisier than they might have you believe, but not "noisy" per se. - Other colours are more expensive for some reason? I find that weird. Blue is $2 more. Black is $12 more. Why??

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Good, But Failed After ~11 Months3/2/2017 6:37:07 AM

Pros: - Easy to install. - Small space, but was cheap.

Cons: - Died after around 11 months. All it did was hold Windows 10, no programs or anything, just the operating system... and it didn't make it for a year. Can't recommend a product that was doing so little and died so quickly.

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No Problems, Overclocks Beautifully3/2/2017 6:35:29 AM

Pros: - Had no issues installing into a Z77 Extreme3. - In the last year or so I've overclocked it to 4.2ghz with no issues. My case has great airflow so there have been no heat or instability issues. - Good power, great pricetag at the time. I've been very happy. Now that I'm upgrading this is going into a server setup and will continue to be used for years.

Cons: - None, really. There are better CPUs on the market these days, but for price and function this was terrific.

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Pad Not Terribly Firm, But Fine for Price3/2/2017 6:32:42 AM

Pros: - As per title - the wrist pad wore down pretty quickly. Lost it's cushion. - That being said; I use this mousepad all day every day. - For it's pricetag... the above is all but irrelevant.

Cons: - Pad not great - but pricetag makes it worthwhile.

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Great Price for 4k3/2/2017 6:31:06 AM

Pros: - Easy set up. - Zero problems thus far. - Convenient menu for altering aspects of the display. - Great pricetag, excellent way to dip your toes into 4k.

Cons: - Sometimes Windows likes to switch your default audio to the monitor, but that's a Windows 10 problem. It rarely happens and is fixed in moments. - I've noticed, after getting this, that I'd actually prefer to have a larger monitor if I'm going to use 4k. However, that's just a personal choice and has little to do with this monitor.

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Great Price3/2/2017 6:28:51 AM

Pros: - Great pricetag when I purchased it. - If you don't care about write speed, and just want to put a few programs somewhere, this'll work fine.

Cons: - None to speak of. Write speed is a bit low, but that's why it was cheaper.

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Great Price, No Problems Whatsoever3/2/2017 6:27:41 AM

Pros: - As per title, I have had zero issues with this RAM. - Install it, enjoy it.

Cons: - None.

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Excellent Case. Adaptable and Cool3/2/2017 6:26:44 AM

Pros: - Almost all sides open for easy-access. - Very spacious - making your setup easy and clean. - More than enough room for fans. - Excellent airflow possibilities. - Best case I've ever had. Love it.

Cons: - Little awkward to set up the USB/hardware slots in the front, but that's a miniature problem.

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