Great and runs Ubuntu11/16/2013 1:30:30 PM

Pros: This is a fast machine. Has an i7, 24G SSD is nice, and touchscreen works well. Supports up to 8G RAM. Battery life is great. These speakers are much better than my previous ASUS laptop

Cons: The keyboard has a few keys that are difficult to push ("S" and "C" give me the most troubles). Not major problem, and I will have ASUS fix it if it gets worse.

Overall Review: - To remove the bottom, you'll need to remove 9 screws and carefully apply some force pull it off (easy to snap back on). - 24GB SSD and 4GB RAM seem to be integrated on the mobo - Has a single empty RAM slot (I believe a max 8GB for this mobo, up to 4GB in this slot) - Ubuntu 13.10 works great. The 24GB ssd holds my root partition, then I have /home on the 500GB. - Due to EFI boot issues, I could not get Linux Mint 15 to work well on this machine. I created EFI boot partiton and it would only boot with Ubuntu boot-repair, which then broke most drivers. However, I expect Linux Mint 16 to work (since it's based on Ubuntu 13.10). - HDD is a slim drive! If you replace it with an SSD, be sure to get a drive that is 7mm tall or it will not fit. - I'm going to replace the HDD with an SSD, and replace the wifi adapter with something nicer (with 5GHz support).

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Fantastic Cooling Unit8/9/2011 4:39:41 AM

Pros: I live in KS with high humidity and the last month has been >100F; this machine is a beast and will not let you down. Easily cooled down a single bedroom within ten minutes. Even with 110F temperatures the past week, sometimes on 'High' the room would become too cold! Moves a lot of air. The delayed activation is very useful when I leave for work. Helps me save some energy.

Cons: A little too loud for my tastes, but acceptable since it works very well. Awkward silence in the room when the unit shuts off from 'Energy Saver' mode. (I always set it to low or off with a delay-start.)

Overall Review: Why does an AC have a remote? It takes more effort finding the remote than pushing a button. And seriously, this Soleus AC helped me survive another brutal Kansas summer. I definitely suggest this.

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