Great Case, Two Issues, Would Recommend12/14/2020 9:44:45 PM

Pros: Great airflow. Easy cable management. Easy to disassemble and build in. My long term plans are to build a new PC with a custom hard line water cooling loop. This case should provide ample space for that. Didn't use the built in fan controller. Added a different one because I swapped to 5 thermaltake pure 140mm pwm fans in white, and plan to add more when I water cool. Though the controller looks like it would be sufficient for most builds.

Cons: Screws are over torqued. Make sure to get a Philips head that matches them exactly to break them free. Using one that's too small will result in stripped screws. I had difficulty getting the pcie slot screw holes on the back to align for my graphics card. I had to bend it in about 1/8 of an inch, slowly, by hand, to get it in. My prior case had no issue.

Overall Review: Solid case overall but not perfect. See the cons before buying, but I would recommend it.

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Good quality, but uncomfortable10/15/2020 1:25:45 PM

Pros: High quality speakers and microphone

Cons: Uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time Switching from wired to wireless can be funky. My PC recognizes it as two different devices and requires settings to be fiddled with.

Overall Review: This headset has very good audio quality, both with the speakers and microphone. However, the ear cups are a bit small and press against my ear. The hinge design also causes the headset to place more pressure on the bottom of the cups than the top. These two factors make this headset uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Do not switch between the wired and wireless mode if you do anything with your audio settings. I use Voice Meter, and it refuses to function when I switch modes.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Theodore, Please don't wear any headset for longer than 1 hour at a time to avoid fatigue. As for the connectivity, that's right, that's how it would appear when you would connect the same headset through different alternatives; that'd be for anyone and any system. As for the earcups' issue, sorry to hear this is affecting you. I would suggest trying to not using the headset for more than 1 hour at a time before you take a 10 minute break. If you have anything else we can help with, please reach out: -Art
Stopped working after a day2/12/2017 7:30:58 AM

Pros: Looks good Works well when it works

Cons: Stopped working after the first day.

Overall Review: I built a new PC using this motherboard. It was installed and ran well, for the first day at least. At the end of the first day I shut down the PC and when I went to use it the next day the PC would no longer boot. After inspecting the computer I found that the motherboard no longer worked. When attempting to start the EZ debug lights would all flash once before the board would shut down and refuse any attempt to boot until it was discharged.

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Quality audio, fragile headset6/6/2015 4:35:25 PM

Pros: Sound quality Wired (some consider a con, I like not having to count on batteries) Comfortable Good microphone

Cons: Link between the rotating ear pieces and the head band is all plastic and prone to breaking. Mine broke within a year, was replaced, then broke again in under 6 months.

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