working as needed11/2/2020 10:13:40 AM

Pros: really helped my wrist issue when im working in photoshop and sketchup

Cons: button location for the thumb would of been nice if it was on the higher side not the lower side

Overall Review: helped my wrist and works well. cant complain

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Very happy with the ram11/2/2020 10:11:47 AM

Pros: it was very cost effective and honestly one of the cheapest options but worked flawlessly

Cons: a metal housing seemed a little flimsy but works

Overall Review: i'd buy this again or buy the new ddr5 when it comes out. no issues works fine

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unbelievable for the price3/16/2019 12:35:23 PM

Pros: this thing is so great for the price, i paid 12usd shipped to my door , i was expecting just a cheap junk mouse but this blew me away , not only did come in a nice fancy box , they have weight set!!! the cable is nice and long enough and feels great its that weird plastic mesh almost . it feels good in my hand , the buttons are smooth and click very easy but not to easy they hit back or forward by mistake , the + and - speed buttons work like a charm and get very high DPI feeling the color pulses when you touch or let go of it in a nice blue color . scroll wheel is smooth as butter and its clicker is nice and firm . the weight set is the first one i used and i really enjoy it edit: after less then 4 months all it does is mouse travel and the scroll button kinda works . it was a really good mouse for a whole but turned to garbage pretty fast

Cons: only thing i found so far i don't like is the mouses cable is stiff but i feel that will get better ones it stretches out edit: after 4 months of light use the scroll button works some times then tries to scroll back up. the mouse can be sitting still and all of a sudden it will start to twitch out and scroll away with out touching it , if i put it on a clickable link it will do the same

Overall Review: if you where like me and needed a cheap mouse , this is by far the best cheap mouse i ever bought , i feel they hit the price point perfectly with this edit: was cheap for a reason , didn't last long , worked good when it work but read above for the issues i been having

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really nice great psu2/24/2016 8:12:40 AM

Pros: works with no issues right out the box, its cables are so nice , all cables come sleeved and are great quality

Cons: none , will update if i do

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Great case for what i was doing2/24/2016 8:06:06 AM

Pros: perfect size for my back pack. i needed a pc not a laptop for the projects and random gaming i want to do and this fit the bill nicely can fit a 120mm liquid cooler with the removal of front fan ,and some of the hard drive hangers that i didn't need look up in google "cooler master 130 liquid cooling" then click video's . you're looking for User: "cooler master" and there video "Cooler Master Elite 130 - Installation" . this video explains what i did as its from cooler master it was the reason i bought this and thought it was a well thought out video/presentation

Cons: sorta bent my front face after it wouldn't let go. my fault really but she was really tight (only the mesh screen as i pulled it off it flipped and hit a desk corner)

Overall Review: really great tower and put together well , i cant wait to get it running and seeing how it holds up to moving around alot

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