1/4 failed so far, others running great11/12/2016 12:41:37 PM

Pros: I have 4 of these running in a RAID5 managed by a Synology NAS. They're fast, 180MB/s write across the lot using dd to benchmark! 3 year warranty too, which is great because 1 failed in < two months due to many bad sectors being discovered in rapid succession... RMA is free though besides shipping to HGST. Keep the original packaging.

Cons: Slow spin up time, the NAS puts these to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity and it takes about a full minute for them all to spin up on-demand. 1 drive failed fast, these seem to have all come from the same batch (sequential serial numbers, shipped in original HGST bundle it looks like) which doesn't inspire much confidence. The others seem to be chugging away with no issues however!

Overall Review: With these drives you're buying into a long term deal. Some will fail, just keep RMA-ing them until you get a good set. The good ones will last you an extremely long time. My last HGST array (4x 2TB drives) had 2 RMAs, but is still running after 5 years strong the last replacement.

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Amazing RAID Unit5/1/2012 2:40:38 PM

Pros: I've had this enclosure running a RAID-5 with 4x Hitachi 2TB Deskstar 5K3000 drives for almost 9 months straight now, and I have zero complaints. This thing rips with eSATA! I get 75mb/s using < 5400rpm drives transferring through my network to an Intel Atom powered server... Not even close to ideal conditions and I'm still impressed.

Cons: Poor bundled documentation, clunky (but optional) management software, and the plastic case does feel a bit cheap.

Overall Review: I've read complaints about the fan being noisy, this doesn't seem to be the case with my unit although it does run a bit hot when closed in my desk cabinet. Aluminum would be a better thermal conductor, for the case modders out there.

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Great Drives - Not for RAID!6/21/2011 1:46:54 PM

Pros: Low Power Very Quiet, Almost Silent Cheap, 1TB for ~$50

Cons: Although it's not advertised, WD's series of Green Drives are not suitable for RAID. This is for 2 reasons, 1: the RPM of every Green Drive is different, they are individually tuned for acoustics and reliability and 2: a feature called TLER that cannot be enabled on the EARS series of drives.

Overall Review: These Green Drives are excellent for file storage as individual disks, they're quiet and really low power. If you plan on placing them in a RAID array however, these are not for you.

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