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Works great10/29/2020 9:11:15 AM

Pros: -Easy to set up and synology app is easy to use. -Build seems sturdy

Cons: - so far from what I can tell u can't connect it to a pc directly VS using eathernet. Which means ur capped at 1gb VS 5 or 6.1gb that usb3.1 is. But u can connect external drives and dump data to it, but not a pc directly.

Overall Review: I would recommend it. If ur looking for speed I would suggest looking into 10gb VS 1gb

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Amazing picture and performance, terrible fan!7/26/2018 8:10:54 AM

Pros: General Pros This being my first 4k monitor I am going to have to say I am pretty impressed with the display and color. - The 800-1000 nits is pretty unreal and can make you want to blink or look away if you watching a movie in a dark room. - HDR and the adobe color for UHD movies and games is amazing! - G-sync (which i have had on my old monitor is for sure a must have with games) - Inputs options are good. An extra DP would be nice though. Screen Size - I was a bit worried 27" was going to be too small, but it works out just fine. Ideally i think a slightly larger panel at 4k would be optimal, but having before this 2 x 2k monitors at 27". If you scale up to 1.5 or 150% you basically have the same amount of real-estate as a 2k it seems on this display. So I typically run it at like 1.25 / 125% so that it's not to small, but you get more space when I am doing professional work on my Linux machine.

Cons: Black screen - The screen in some games flickers black for a second. ex) overwatch command menu causes screen to go black. This is over DP. I have tried 3 different kinds of cables and also tried 2 different HDMI cables. I wonder if it is the connector on the monitor or if there is a software issue related to the NVIDA or Win10 drivers. I have found a few reports of HDR issues as well as other things. Keep in mind this flicker ONLY happens in game and with HDR turned on in certain situations. Fan Design (*Hot topic*) no pun intended ;) - The fan's cool air intake area is obstructed by the default desk stand and *extremely* obstructed by the wall mount bracket. I am surprised no one else has mentioned that the default stand also causes issues. It's a big design flaw if you ask me. The fan's cool air intake is positioned right in the middle where all the mounts come together. - My recommendation is to mod the mount if you are putting it on a non-stock monitor mounting system to increase the cool air intake. - I also would highly recommend ditching all 3 plastic covers on the back. 2 of them obstruct the fan cool air intake and the 3rd seemed to help when gone. If your desk is against a wall no one will look back there and the noise reduction; IMO is worth opening it up for increased air flow. - Basically from what i can tell the air comes in through the mounting area and hot air is then forced out through vents on the top and bottom of the monitor. - Not being crazy technical when it comes to sound. I used an app on my phone to measure audio sound produced by the monitor. -- I was getting about 38 dB (quiet library, bird calls) after removing all the snap in plastic covers and playing a movie in HDR without the movie sound off obviously. (the best i have gotten so far) -- With the plastic cover parts on I was getting 46-51 dB (quiet office, moderate rainfall) -- For comparison I was getting about 30/34 dB from my beQuiet 900 case with a evga 1080ti, nzxt water cooler. -- My huge addict fan also for reference was making like 65 dB and i would consider that loud as F***. Lawn mower 90 dB and vacuum cleaner is 70 db

Overall Review: Apparently i can't reference compeditors like the Company that delivers packages in 2 days for free and you get subscriptions to for Prime. *subbing the company name out for A-Prime* If you plan to use it for UHD online streaming content. Get ready for some headaches just as a FYI. I have spent time with both Netflix and A-Prime support. A-Prime being the WORST and not resolving my issue at all and wasting 35 minutes of my time. It was really bad like when I was 12 and bored writing a program on C++ to respond to questions i ask it. The representative was reading a script and taking 2-7 minutes to respond between answers and didn't know their own policy and sent me links that 500. To the point..... There are a lot of requirements to get UHD to work with online streaming on a PC. The biggest thing i learned is when the sniff your hardware to determine if you meet their silly DRM requirements. You must be using Microsoft Edge and buy an app that handles the codecs for 4k DRM requirements. You must also be using the HDMI port and you can't have dual monitors turned on. (maybe if both monitors are 4k it might work) It seems to be so far much simpler to just by a A-Prime Fire stick (newer version that supports 4k) or the Chrome Ultra and plug it in through a supported HDMI KVM or straight into the monitor. Keep in mind audio then becomes fun to sort out if you plug it straight into the monitor. The built in speakers kind of suck, but what monitor has good speakers and who in their right mind would get a display like this and depend on them? Keep in mind there is a head phone jack. So I am going to try working out a HDMI switch soon So i can connect things up efficiently. Keep also in mind you can sync the firestick to things via Bluetooth. Not sure how well that would work with a sound bar or head set yet. Experimenting now with the A-Prime Fire stick soon as well. I really enjoy the performance I get out of it and I am sorry for listing more of the Cons than Pros. I figure it's more helpful to hear the errks than the ooowws. Regardless of the two main issues I see with it is the 1) over inflated price tag (Minus 1 egg) 2) the fan design (loud, but without the plastic covers on the back its better.) ( Minus 1-2 eggs) If the only thing wrong was the price I would rate it 4 eggs, but it's not and I think i am being generous for the price and obvious design issues giving it 3. The reason i don't put it at 2 eggs is because there are tons of pros baked into this and if you have money and are okay with doing things to reduce the fan from ramping up then it's a sick monitor. Some things I am going to test soon. I typically keep my house at 76 F, which tends to be hot for people i know. I have a been keeping a themonitor between the base stand and the front of the display. Under the monitor and it typically reads around 80F. It basically gets hit by one of the exhaust vents on the bottom. I have noticed when the afternoon sun hits my office and i forget to turn up the AC to compensate it can get as hot as 88F under the monitor. Which is when I start to really notice the fan ramping up. So I am going to run a cooler environmental temperature in the office and with out the components see what kind of dB i get.

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