Noctua NH-L9i Stands Tall12/19/2020 4:51:34 AM

Pros: Compact Design Efficient Most of all Quiet Great Customer Support Easy install Thermal paste included

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought this Noctua NH-L9i CPU cooler awhile ago. It was on a HTPC that quit working. In the process of moving the Noctua cooler to its new home, I lost one of the screws for the back of the board that holds the cooler in place. What to do? I emailed Noctua Customer support to see if I could buy a screw. With a little bit of information from me they sent me a replacement at no charge. Unfortunately, the wrong size was shipped. Mistakes happen. Now remember this is coming from Austria. What to do? After all they already mailed out one package. I was thinking, It wasn't their fault the screw was lost. They could say I didn't send the right information or some such and just write me off. Well I emailed them back. I informed them that somehow the wrong screw was mistakenly shipped. I sent a picture of the wrong screw and the correct screw side by side. Customer Support quickly responded with an apology. They immediately sent out a package of the correct screws. They did this all without charge to me even after I offered to pay. I don't believe there are many companies that would have done that, at least in my experience. I recently built a portable desktop computer in a Lian Li case. The case comes without fans. I bet you can guess what fans I purchased for it.

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HTPC Made Easy11/19/2019 9:40:34 AM

Pros: Inteset IR receiver is just what the doctor ordered for this lazy couch potato. I decided to build a new HTPC (Home Theater PC). I always wondered if someone made something that could be used to turn ON a HTPC from the comfort of my couch. This Inteset filled that void. Everything that is needed (except a remote) is shipped. All the information to install is here on Newegg and can be found on Inteset's web page. Also,there is a small instruction pamphlet that comes with the kit. If you have ever opened up a computer to work inside you should be able to install this kit. Now I can turn on everything I need with one remote.

Cons: Not really a con but you do need an IR (infrared) remote that can be programmed. Fortunately I had an old Windows Media Center remote that came with a Hauppauge TV turner card which allowed me to program my Yamaha remote controller. Inteset says this kit can turn on and off a motherboard. I won't be using it to turn OFF the HTPC. I don't think that would be a good idea to abruptly turn it off. I use a wireless keyboard to communicate with the HTPC and that is how I shutdown.

Overall Review: If I ever needed another Inteset IR kit I would not hesitate to buy again.

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1450 LMT Fried5/9/2014 3:15:44 PM

Pros: 5" screen, lifetime maps,Poi's,Traffic. The ability to change their route to fit your needs.

Cons: Somewhat slow to acquire satellites.

Overall Review: The main reason for writing this review is to tell what a great experience I had with customer service. I had just downloaded a map update and wanted to recharge the battery in my 1450. I plugged in a third party battery charger in the back and immediately new something was wrong and unplugged it. I could smell that nauseating smell of electric burn. I check there FAQ's and in plain English they say they are not responsible for damage done by third party chargers. Dang! I needed it for a trip in two weeks. So I call tech support to find out what it would cost to fix so I could decide if I should fix or replace my Garmin. After following some instructions from the tech support person, who was very friendly, it was determined that the unit would have to be sent to them. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Garmin would replace my unit one time for no charge. Now I have had this 1450 for over three years. This was never expected. I was the one that messed up. This is what I call Customer Service. Thank you Garmin.

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1/10/2014 9:15:07 AM

Pros: The right size for me, front usb2&3, plenty of fans, moderately quiet, plenty of room for a non-gaming home use computer build, the price was right.

Cons: delivered from Newegg in the original box with one of the two front USB2 ports not working

Overall Review: I used this case for just my second build so take that into account. When one of the front usb ports did not work I tried moving the connectors to another header on the motherboard. Didn't work. Sent an email to Fractal Design. Got an immediate response. Did exactly what the Tech said to no avail. Email back the Tech and he said they would have a replacement part in the mail asap. Got the part in a few days and installed. Everything works fine. That is what I call customer service.

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1/10/2014 8:52:02 AM

Pros: Adjustable fan speed, 120mm fan, has a wire stand, USB powered.

Cons: wire stand is kinda flimsy but functional

Overall Review: I have a htpc that was running on the warm side. I wanted it to be located in a somewhat confined oak TV home entertainment cabinet. The ambient temp inside the cubbyhole of the cabinet was pushing 85 degrees while outside the cabinet was 65 degrees. The cpu fan was working overtime to cool and was quite noisy so I added a pci slot fan but the cpu was still to noisy and was still to warm for my liking. So in looking for a solution to get cool air inside the cabinet I stumbled upon this Thermaltake fan. I am very pleased with how quiet it is and now inside the cabinet is only slightly warmer than the outside ambient temperature.

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