Very well built desk.3/20/2021 9:34:47 AM

Pros: Plenty of room for multi-monitors that are desk-standing.Very sturdy and well bit.The game rack very much comes in handy for dual controllers placement and 3 console disc boxes.A drink holder because why not.And the headphone holder is nice too.

Cons: The only small con I can really say is there is a very *light* split between the 2 desk pieces, even when the screws are in tightly and secured.

Overall Review: Ordered this desk on the 17th of March and arrived almost a week early (Which caused a bit of chaos since my almost 10 year old and VERY used desk was still up.)This desk is about 3" Width longer than my previous desk and it just holds up so much better.I have room for my main 24.5" 144Hz monitor, a 2nd 24.5" 60Hz monitor, my epic gamer tower, microphone along with an Corsair MM350, with at least another almost 12" to put something on the front left side.

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