Cord failures at connect to input jack6/1/2021 7:28:40 PM

Cons: Update on my purchase. Of the several sets I bought now I see the poor quality. The ,aim issue is the cord failing at the input jack connector. Also the metal had come apart on three of these which I used some superglue or JB Weld to fix them. I recommend against buying these.

Overall Review: Sound is good till the cord fails. They were inexpensive on sale but not worth the price since they do not last.

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Manufacturer Response:
Good day, We are sorry to hear about the problem you have had with your earphone. As a valued customer, we are able to provide you warranty service if your order is placed within 1 year and the product is free of physical damages. Please contact us to request a warranty service by going to your order history and using the “Email Seller” function under your order so we are able to map the request to your specific order. Best, Fuji Labs Support
Great sound4/15/2020 6:13:27 PM

Pros: This is the second order I made for these because they sound great. Also they were a great bargain compared to others. Nice deep bass.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Great quality and exceptional sound. On time delivery and well worth the money.

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Easy to Install and Cools Well6/22/2018 7:54:42 PM

Pros: Had many great reviews and Newegg had it on sale as a plus! Replaced my Intel TS15A air cooler and lowers temps by about 10 degrees when gaming. No leaks and install was simple. Even at high speed the fans are not loud.

Cons: No cons but get it on sale if possible.

Overall Review: Yes I recommend it highly.

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BenQ has far exceeded all my expectations with this superb 35" professional AMVA panel display!!! Excellent graphics and text !!8/31/2017 1:30:19 PM

Pros: Newegg had a great deal on this monitor, it was on sale and with a promo code discount- thanks Newegg for great prices as always! Gorgeous looking monitor, well built and 35" ! The chrome stand looks great on my desk. I researched several months, watching youtube reviews of ASUS, ACER, AOC, DELL and BenQ. I planned on a G-sync display since I have an eVGA GTX 1080 SC2 iCX card but was not sure if I needed G-sync as a casual gamer and only play The Division. I looked at a Dell U3415W at a different warehouse store but not sure if I wanted 3440 so I waited a bit longer. Looked at a 2560x1080 at a warehouse store to see how text would look on a widescreen, then I watch and read the reviews over and over on this BenQ XR3501 multiple times and I was sold! I had missed out on Newegg's first sale months ago then beginning of August Newegg offered it at an even lower better price and with a 10% Promo code discount-WOW. The graphics are great at 2560 x 1080. I could not believe how great the Division plays and looks with the 2000R curvature on this massive 35" AMVA panel. No worries about backlight bleed or IPS problems with this and although some reviews had mentioned bad pixels this panel was manufactured in April 2017 and there was not one issue with pixels or the panel. It was delivered on 7 Aug and I game on it every days for hours. The display is awesome. I am getting 144 fps with NVidia Geforce Custom settings which are higher than Ultra and it looks amazing to me. The text is also great. Text is very easy to read, no distortion or scaling needed which was my concern with higher resolution displays. I had read the 3440 looks great but text is too smalland hard to read. Plus with the XR3501 resolution I am getting 144 refresh rate and 144 FPS and the temps on my 1080 have never gone above 59 C. Higher res would also mean higher temps which I did not want. Another plus was with 144 FPS did not need the G-sync which adds to price and I can't tell any difference at lower FPS anyway. The reviews on youtube were very helpful but the TomsHardware review was the clincher for me. All reviews online were very positive of BenQ's display quality and reliability. TomsHardware review even walks you thru setting up a customer profile and it makes the graphics and colors looks AMAZING. Lastly BenQ offers a 3 year warranty which I hope I will never need to worry about or use.

Cons: Only con for some may be adjustments, only has a tilt adjustment, but for me it fits perfect, with a desk is 30 inches high the bottom of monitor is roughly 4.5 inches above the desk. Also lots of us have chairs that adjust up and down which compensate for lack of monitor height adjustments. No swivel adjust is needed, the XR3501 and its 2000R curve is great just as it is.

Overall Review: Two wishes for BenQ I have would be as follows: 1. Offer an extended warranty such as I purchased for my eVGA graphics card. 5 years for $30 or the 10 years option for $60 which I gladly took advantage of. 2. Offer a Flat Rate RMA return shipping option as needed for any RMA or warranty issues. I almost opted for an ASUS monitor with G-sync because ASUS will cover the shipping costs for both directions and they are the only one. If BenQ could match ASUS or offer a flat rate RMA cost it might entice a lot more folks to buy the BenQ XR3501. 3. Reconsider discontinuing the XR3501. It is a beautiful monitor and fills a need many folks and causal gamers like myself want. A great quality product well built with amazing picture and graphics and a reasonable price without paying for G-sync or Free sync.

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Solid and well built, very high CFM and RPM for a good price.8/31/2017 9:28:38 AM

Pros: Very high RPM and CFM numbers. Really moves a lot of air even at 55%. Low price for a high CFM/RPM HAMP fan.

Cons: First high CFM / RPM fan I have tried and opted to try a Bgears fan. In a CM case with four other 120mm fans both Rosewill and CM at 2000 rpm, my temps were okay but I hoped a high CFM would make a bigger difference than the minus 1 or 2 C lower temp I am seeing but still a good value for what you get. Moves alot of air as a rear exhaust - 60-65% rpm and noise is tolerable still a bit loud, At front of case to push air anything above 50-55% was too loud. Since it is rated a 1.52 amps I connected it to the HAMP fan on my ASUS Prime Z270-A motherboard. Tried setting it for less than 50% and fan runs but hwinfo64 does not display it unless its above 50% - maybe that's expected, not sure so I keep it at 55%.

Overall Review: A good fan at a reasonable price, moves a lot of air but listed at Noise(dbA): 45, it was louder than I expected at high RPM, but definitely pulling any hot air from the case. I will definitely buy another one.

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Great video card ! Easy to install, configure and start gaming !6/1/2017 3:04:38 PM

Pros: I have been looking, researching and reviewing video cards to purchase for many months and I always wanted to own an EVGA iCX card since reading many great reviews from others and watching the positive online reviews about EVGA's new iCX thermal design changes and cooler upgrades EVGA made to their new cards. Another reason I chose this card over the EVGA1080 Ti Black, SC editions or GTX 1080 FTW iCX was because this card only requires one 8 pin power connector and EVGA supplies the 2 x 6 pin to 8 pin adapter in the box, BUT as soon as I saw this card go on sale at Newegg with a $20 rebate I jumped on their Newegg mobile app and also got a 5% discount as well - what a Sweet Deal again from Newegg. My card was delivered a day sooner than expected-only 3 days - thanks again Newegg for your SuperSaver free shipping option! Once I installed the card then drivers and Precision XOC software I registered it and immediately took advantage of purchasing EVGAs 10 year extended warranty for $60. The excellent reviews about this card, the great sale price offered on Newegg AND being able to purchase an EVGA manufacturer extended warranty sold me on this card. I believe EVGA stands behind their product and certainly gives me peace of mind with their extended warranty option. I do not overclock only run stock settings which is more than I need even though I have this running with an i7-7700K that's not OC'd either and I am absolutely thrilled with my EVGA GTX 1080 SuperClocked 2 Gaming iCX card. This will last me a long long time with EVGA's 10 year warranty and peace of mind - THANK YOU EVGA for the extended warranty and the superb video card I now own . What an awesome video card - only had it running a few hours playing Tom Clancy's The Division and getting 60+ FPS on Ultra settings on HDMI with an older 32 inch HDTV - that will be my next upgrade. Since I am just learning about this card, I set the fans to run manually at 80% which was very quiet and after playing I check HWInfo in Precision XOC and HWInfo64 that shows max GPU temp was about 34-36 C. Just at idel web browsing etc with fans off the temp only hit 31-32 C. It seems that EVGA's ICX technology is indeed superior and worth spending a bit more for their cards. I could not be happier !!!

Cons: The card feels very well constructed and solid, and the only issue I noticed was after removing the plastic protector covers from the back plate and front of the card there were air bubbles in the trim decals on the front edge corners of the card - not an issue really.

Overall Review: Check to make sure the card fits in your case. I have an older case COOLER MASTER Mystique RC-632S-KKN1-GP that I bought at Newegg and I knew that any new video cards would not fit unless I modified it by removing the SATA racks which I don't use thanks to having an Intel 600p NVMe SSD purchased from Newegg as well. Also had two extra fans 120mm and 92mm mounted on the side panel which I checked for clearance as well. Just a thought since many of us like our old cases.

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Spike and temp issues are a problem.5/2/2017 4:55:35 PM

Pros: It's fast and it's a K series that can be pushed to 5 Ghz or higher with a super cooling solution. If you leave it at stock it is still fast and the graphics are acceptable for low end gaming.

Cons: Read about the heat and spike issues on the Intel community forum.

Overall Review: I would not have purchased this if I had known about the spike and temp problems caused by the poor quality TIM. I would have went for Ryzen.

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