Do yourself a favor and get the 1080p screen version1/3/2017 3:18:07 PM

Pros: - Does not look like a gaming laptop - Great specs on paper (see Cons) - ability to upgrade to 4 SSD drives - Awesome selection of I/O ports (HDMI 2.0 AND VGA???!!!! impossibru)

Cons: - Took 2 windows 10 Pro installs to get the laptop to stop running like "balderdash" on battery after replacing the SATA m.2 SSd with 2 Samsung 950 EVO NVMe SSDs. - BIOS is truly some next level garbage requiring multiple boots into BIOS to wipe out new settings for default - 1070 seems to not be powerful enough or Optimus steps in too much to allow stable productivity usage - Immediately re-imaged with Windows 10 Pro was a tremendous PITA to get it done on my upgraded SSDs - Far too many screws to remove to service components - Drivers conflicts cause almost near constant stutters in instances as simple as watching "really large jungle/River with lots of scary insects" Prime videos in Chrome and Firefox - even at the lowest settings in Fallout 4 and The Division completely unable to return 60fps - Extremely loud, astonishingly loud. My desktop with 8 fans in the case on various radiator positions at full speed is still quieter

Overall Review: - As the title states, do yourself a favor and buy the 1080p version, the equipment is great. I was actually pleased with the bezel once i had the laptop in hand. I was not sure that I would like it, given how huge the bezel looks in the product photos. I expected this laptop to be more capable given the price and the fact that I upgraded the SSD to 2 NVMe SSDs and higher speed and capacity memory. I wish I could swap it out for a 1080p version as I have no doubt that it would be far more usable and stable for my workflow and recreational gaming habits, but alas I upgraded SSDs and sold the one that came with it. Would be great if Gigabyte would work something out for me.......

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