Great power unit1/10/2019 3:24:44 PM

Pros: Seasonic branding. Put this unit into my server powering 8 Hard drives.

Cons: None. I also own a 650w Prime Titanium unit in my work machine so I knew to trust the Seasonic branding.

Overall Review: In the box I received a paper that says I can claim a $25 eGift card for Steam by "sharing my personal Seasonic experience online at your place of purchase". I do't know how it works other than that because those were the only instructions. I've also registered the product as instructed. So if a Seasonic rep sees this, give me a heads up as to what I'm supposed to do to claim this card.

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All around great fan3/15/2014 10:44:48 PM

Pros: The 103 CFM rating is not an exaggeration. These fans REALLY move some serious air. I run a custom liquid loop utilizing 2 60mm thick radiators. (360mm and 240mm). I bought 14 of these fans to replace my older 700 rpm silence fans. (4 for case intake, 10 for dedicated radiator fans in push/pull configuration). Temperatures across the entire system dropped a total of 6C, and that is with running these at less than max RPM using a fan controller. Ordered 14 fans, all arrived next day (thanks newegg!), and all 14 fans worked flawlessly out of the box with no broken parts, and as far as I can tell so far, no noises.

Cons: Many people list their loudness as a con, but come on, really? what did you expect? 103 cfm @ 2000 rpm is going to be loud, plain and simple. In my opinion, no cons. I got what I paid for and then some.

Overall Review: I am using a high wattage 4 channel fan controller. 60 watts to a channel. These fans @ 2000 rpm use just under 4 watts when running at full RPM. I highly recommend a fan controller of some sort to keep these from blowing your eardrums out. Keep in mind the wattage limit per channel of your controller. Fans like these WILL overpower and/or burn out you controller if they're lower quality or just lower voltage. Lastly, these are bar none, the BEST fans for heatsinks/radiators that you're gonna get your hands on for sub $15. Of course a good Delta fan will bury these, but they start at $30. You want an amazing fan for case cooling, but also provides amazing air pressure for even the thickest/ most dense radiators? These are it.

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great card9/16/2013 1:43:36 PM

Pros: very good card. i have the 2gb reference model. did not buy from newegg, but i thought i would spread the word about this card. Zotac is an amazing company that is always cheaper than the big names such as EVGA and ASUS, bit performs right along side the big boys. would buy this 4gb model right now if i didn't already have 2 2gb models in SLI.

Cons: the fan gets loud at 100%.

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Decent Case1/24/2013 8:22:30 AM

Pros: I bought this case to replace my CM HAF 912. The air flow in this case is AMAZING to say the least since all the wire clutter is under the motherboard. I managed to squeeze a full custom liquid cooling loop into this using a single 5.25" bay resevior/pump combo, a gtx 670 block, cpu block, and a 240mm front radiator. Looking now, I see I can even squeeze a 160 radiator where the 80mm fans are located if I were to add another video card to the loop! Yes, this case is a somewhat tight squeeze, but the look on my friend's faces is priceless when I remove the top of the case and they see the amount of stuff I fit in there, and fit in there clean too. Best points are -x-dock for 2 3.5 drives. -Excellent fan placement and cooling -can accommodate full sized ATX motherboards. -Even has room for 3 full sized graphics cards.

Cons: I gave this 4/5 eggs because of the lack of information given. Prior to my liquid endeavors, I had a hyper 212+ for my cpu. When I installed all the fans, the hyper 212 wouldn't fit with the 200mm top fan in place. This is not mentioned in the description. Second would be the power button. I recently had to remove the plastic covering over the power button because it was sticking and constantly booting and turning off my computer. Last is the lack of warning for acceptable power units for this case. for those without a FULLY modular power source, the room for the psu will be limited. I already had a fuly modular OCZ 650 watt, so I lucked out, but people with extended or non modular corsair 1200 watt etc, good luck. Lastly is the stock case fans. They're horrendous. VERY loud, and air flow is minimal. I have been a fan of CM since my first build, and I sincerely hope CM will start producing quieter, lower RPM fans.

Overall Review: This case only has room for 2 3.5" hdds and although this is touched upon in the description, it isn't done so enough. Many people probably bought this as a mobile server, but were surprised to only see 2 reg hdd drives. This case is a GREAT LAN box/test bench. Or for those gamers looking for something different. (like me!)

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