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Works2/11/2013 3:14:43 PM

Pros: Works well, but throw out the software it comes with. I used Debut Video Capture Software, and it works flawlessly. Sound syncs perfectly and can capture my old VHS tapes easily. I used the updated drivers from the manufacturer. I'm running the DVD Maker on Windows 8.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I bought this to transfer old VHS, which it will do effortlessly. After that I will probably hook it up to my old Sega Dreamcast so I can play it within a window on my PC.

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Thin8/28/2007 7:02:05 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, light, decently designed

Cons: About as thin as a soft drink can.

Overall Review: It came with too fairly good dents in the case, but I just straightened them out instead of sending it back (too much effort). If cosmetics are a big thing for you, buy another case (of course if they are important to you, you're probably going to spend more than twenty bucks on a case.

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Horrible Battery Life8/27/2007 8:15:10 AM

Pros: Wonderful dpi settings, fits comfortably, and is well weighted. Looks nice, and the wireless setup is nice.

Cons: Battery life. Battery life. Battery life. Horrible. Kills the product. I bought this mouse for my girlfriend to replace an old Logitech mouse. She has to change the battery every one to two days, which is just unacceptable. Its extremely pricey (I mean really, generic mice go for 6 or 7 dollars). I definitely fill ripped off. I'll probably end up chucking the mouse and wasting my money and getting her something else. I'd actually entertain sending the thing back to Logitech, but I doubt that'd do any good.

Overall Review: At this point, I'm seriously thinking of trying products other than Logitech.

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Memory Upgrade7/2/2007 12:30:16 PM

Pros: Memory replacement for my HP/Compaq V6000Z, which had 512MB of memory. Installed in about 2 minutes, and turned on the computer -- worked like a charm, and cost half as much as ordering 2Gig upgrade from HP

Cons: None

Overall Review: Perfect.

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Amazing5/22/2007 10:20:44 AM

Pros: Works very well in XP and Vista. The main reason for owning this computer is for the 18 keys (plus 3 different configurations for up to 54) that this keyboard offers. Makes games that have a lot of assignable actions a breeze. I mainly use this for WOW and it works very well.

Cons: I use Windows 2000, and while the stated support is for XP and Vista, it does work in 2000, however, trying to scan for games causes the keyboard application to crash. Basically you have to assign the keys manually -- which takes about 10 minutes, but from there you're good to go.

Overall Review: I wish this had better Win 2k support, but what can you do? The additional keys, which you can bind to such things as "Ctrl-1", "Ctrl-2" etc, far out-weigh the cons. Well built, and the lighted keys look nice, however there isn't much difference in dim and bright.

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Beautiful2/5/2007 7:08:38 AM

Pros: Bought this camera for my girlfriend for Christmas. It was an excellent choice, easy to use features, the lcd view screen is tremendous, and pictures auto rotate which is a nice feature I wish my Canon IS 3 had. Also this camera is nice and compact and very useful for the person on the go. It easily fits in her purse.

Cons: Battery life could be better, but not shabby. Gets lots of fingerprints...

Overall Review: Well worth the money.

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A little cramped10/31/2006 9:28:39 AM

Pros: I bought this because it matched an older 5 1/4 inch drive I had -- except that the older enclosure was painted aluminum, and this is brushed aluminum, which is nicer, although it's a bit shinier than my Lian Li case.

Cons: Its almost too small for my Seagate 80 gig IDE HD. I had to basically put the cover on and use my body weight to hold it closed while screwing it together.

Overall Review: One thing I'm not crazy about is the hex nuts that old it together which forces me to find a hex driver to open or close it. Although the prior drive is the same, so I knew that before purchasing.

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Works great10/31/2006 9:23:54 AM

Pros: Fairly inexpensive, worked with my EVGA mainboard with an Athlon 64 processor flawlessly.

Cons: No heat spreaders. Not a big deal, though.

Overall Review: It's ram. Its a lot of ram, and it works.

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Nice budget card6/21/2006 11:16:20 AM

Pros: Easily installed, although make sure you plug it into a molex plug. I forgot, but it warned me that the card did not have enough power to run efficiently.

Cons: The heatsink/fan look a little small. Hopefully, it will do its job.

Overall Review: This is a very nice card. I upgraded from a GeForce 4800 and mainly play Battlefield 1942, Age of Empires 3, and Battlefield Vietnam. It runs the games wonderfully at full resolutions on a 2.8Gig Celeron. I plan on throwing Battlefield 2 and a few other newer games at it and seeing what it can do.

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Loud2/23/2006 9:05:47 AM

Pros: Loud, easy to set up, nice 5.1 sound, wall mounts

Cons: Subwoofer must be on in order for speakers to work.

Overall Review: This easily fills my room (and the whole floor) with decent quality music and sound. It isn't audiophile quality, but I looked at more expensive stereo speakers, and these do very well for their size and cost. I'm very happy with them.

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