Superb mobo!4/4/2017 10:25:25 AM

Pros: Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X AMD Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 480 OC in CrossFireX GA-AX370-Gaming 5 (rev. 1.0) 32GB G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) running at 2133mhz Samsung 960 EVO Series - 250GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6E250BW) OCZ Trion 100 2.5" 960GB SATA III TLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) 2TB Western Digital drive Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 850W Smart Zero Fan SLI/CrossFire Ready Continuous Power -Everything about it is nice: features, RGB, quality, functionality, performance

Cons: -BIOS outside the box would not POST with 32GB of RAM, so had to flash to F5d (current as of this writing), and then all 32GB would be recognized. It's running at 2133mhz, but that's not a big deal to me.

Overall Review: This is the third Gigabyte board that I purchase, and I have had 0 problems with Gigabyte thus far. Not sure if I am lucky, or bad luck on the other reviewers. 10/10 would purchase again.

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Does not work.12/26/2012 3:43:53 PM

Pros: None - see below.

Cons: I bought this receive to use my wireless Xbox 360 controller for my PC, but it's completely useless. I received the packaging, and the CD was bundled up next to the adapter, not even in its own sleeve, or protected. The adapter itself had stains of some sort, and the back of the CD had major scratches. The front of the CD said "25 minutes" with a blue panda logo which indicates nothing related to the product. I installed the useless driver that came with it, and device manager recognizes it as unknown device. I even went to search for the driver online off the hardware ID from device manager to no avail. This is a low quality, poorly made product that does not even work at all. I tried different Xbox controllers and nothing. RMA here i come.

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Color Quality12/14/2009 12:22:37 AM

Pros: Huge monitor and 1920X1200 res. Has plenty of outputs in the back plus integrated speakers.

Cons: The color quality is terrible. The colors out of the box came very bad so I tried adjusting and could not get them to be right for me. It was too bright even after adjusting brightness, I spent hours trying to fix the colors but couldn't get them close at all. It has several option like scenery mode, game mode, night mode etc. They work OK so lets say you put game made it might look OK in gaming but in regular desktop viewing or internet browsing it might look terrible so you have to switch it. You can actually see the pixels curve in some text. Not really a big deal but might bug some people.

Overall Review: I really wanted to like this monitor but I wasn't going to torture myself by looking at the screen with unwanted uncomfortable colors and brightness. Originally purchased from somewhere else already sending it back for a better color/image quality monitor.

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Great4/15/2009 10:55:16 PM

Pros: Great CPU cooler. I am using an AMD Phenom II X4 and with the stock cooler i would idle around 43-46C and now with this bad boy I idle around 36-37C thats around 7-9C? not too shabby. I would of hopped for it to idle around the low 30s but im satisfied. Ran prime 95 for a few minutes and reached the 53C at the most. My CPU is at stock no overclocking.

Cons: The thing that holds the heatsink on top of the CPU is not sturdy (for AMD users at least). Even after you place it and lock it it can still slide on the CPU a little bit. This thing is not big its GINORMOUS!!!! I have a Thermaltake armor+ but someone considering to buy this with a small case can forget it. I don't think i can overclock my CPU too much with this cooler or it will get too hot.

Overall Review: Mine came with the LGA 1366 pins I don't know why some people didn't get theirs with theirs. I would have expected more form this cooler but hey does the job. Definitely an upgrade from a stock cooler.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Excellent2/10/2009 5:51:15 PM

Pros: I am coming from the last generation, the original ZEN, to this so I am quite familiarized with the controls and its definitely worth the upgrade. Sound quality is amazing can definitely notice the difference from other players including the I-Pod, speaker is a big plus I use it when i drive to work since I do not have an FM transmitter yet. Battery is excellent (will shorten your battery life if you don't lock your player when your playing music).

Cons: Creative Centrale definitely not the best software to manage your media on the ZEN X-Fi, but windows explorer works just fine. It really doesn't need 9 buttons the ones in the corners are just about useless I think it was intended for the 16gb/32gb models which have the Wi-Fi. Doesn't come with a charger, you can only charge it when its connected to your PC (I use my old cell phone charger to charge it and it works). Player came with some advertisements in the music section from Audible and didn't know how to erase them you just use windows explorer and erase the Audible folder.

Overall Review: I think to get the whole "sound quality" effect you have to use the headphones that came with it which are of extremely good quality because I tried using my Sony headphones and didn't sound quite the same (sounds great still). I bought the silicone skin protector from the Creative website and works just fine but it makes the buttons much harder to press and it blocks the lock/turn off/on switch a bit. The cons aren't of a big deal for me to deduct and egg or 2. You will definitely not regret buying the Zen X-Fi from Creative.

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Bad1/22/2009 8:11:58 PM

Pros: Good when working.

Cons: This thing died/fried/blew up when my computer was on after 7-8 months of use. I'm only powering 1 hard drive, 1 optical drive, AMD Phenom 9500, and dual Radeon 3870's. This thing should have been more than enough to power my whole system. When I chose to buy this power supply I was recommended Antec because of their quality but now I see they were wrong. And now I'm using my old power supply and took one of my Radeon's out because it it not strong enough to power both of them out and now everything powers on except my video card. So now I either have defective parts or something and it's been nothing but headaches trying to get my PC fixed.

Overall Review: I'm never buying from Antec again. Now I'm left with no PC which means no COD4 or any of the fun games I play =[. Way to go Antec

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Great11/16/2008 11:42:41 PM

Pros: Great laptop since i have gotten it has a nice look and feel to it. Haven't had any major problems with it yet. Can play warhammer online age of reckoning on high settings with no problems and decent frames. Great speakers.

Cons: Well i am having problems with the sound. everytime i hold the sound on top of my keyboard to either lower it or tune it up it like gets stuck and doesnt work i have to manually go to the desktop and adjust the sound level. it works but it works when it wants to. its not a biggie. i have no experienced any of the problems as the other reviewers

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great9/2/2008 12:42:41 AM

Pros: I am running a 3870 and a phenom 9500 2.2ghzwith 4gigs of ram and the game runs flawlessy at very high settings. Very nice graphx and great gameplay. A bit different from the other RTS. This game is more of a strategy-work together rather than spam units and make your army bigger.

Cons: none

Overall Review: make sure your computer can handle it. on my laptop i can only run it on low. 4 gigs of ram HD 3200 amd turion ultra x2 2.1ghz

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Very Good Card5/28/2008 12:08:59 AM

Pros: I bought 2 of these to crossfire and wow I get incredibly great performance. I haven't tried 3dmark06 to see what I benchmark but i usually play MMO's usually Guild Wars and I get about in the 100s-200s FPS when im in a town or so. I get 600 FPS whenever i stare at a wall =]. I will try it on Conan soon to see how well it does. Also it is a single slot card so less space is required in your case

Cons: Prices lowered after i bought them =[. This card runs pretty hot with the cooler it comes with so if you don't have a well ventilated case i recommend of finding a way to cool it =]. I have a Thermaltake Armor+ with 3 fans blowing on them so no problem for me.

Overall Review: MSI K9A2 CF V2, 2x 3870, Phenom 9500 , 2GB DDR2 800, Windows Vista Premium-32Bit, 850W Antec PSU. Does what i want it to. =]

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