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It worked.8/1/2015 8:48:35 AM

Pros: It worked. No drivers needed. Fits well.

Cons: Not bus powered. I don't like the molex connector just hanging there. I connected the cards using a ribbon cable so the bracket for the riser card just has a hole in it.

Overall Review: I used this with my old M-Audio Delta 1010LT audio card. I switched to an ITX mobo with only one PCI-e x16 slot. I used the only two brackets I had in the case. I used one to mount the audio card and the other to mount the adapter. After connecting the cards with a ribbon cable Windows 7 recognized the audio card and the drivers installed without a problem. All my DAWs seem to play nice with it so far.

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Great customer service8/2/2014 6:58:05 PM

Pros: Fantastic customer service! I was missing the mounting brackets when the heatsink arrived and emailed ARCTIC. They replied a few days later and sent out the missing parts. It took a couple months actually but it shipped from Honk Kong! I thought they had forgotten and it was a nice surprise to see it arrive. Great for the price and way better than stock which is a joke with my AMD A8-6600K Richland (100Watt). After the thermal paste set my ITX setup idles at 39/38c and peaks at 60c with prime95. This is with a 120MM exhaust sitting next to the heatsink which helps. Memory clearance is nice. No overhang even with the fan sitting on the same side as the memory. With extended heatsinks on the memory it would occlude the fan a bit but this would only help cool the memory in my situation.

Cons: The components sit a little loose. Once the thermal paste sets it moves less but I still wouldn't want to move this around during something like an address change or LAN without checking it out again. The footprint on the CPU seems small to me - but it works!

Overall Review: I prefer this thermal paste over my arctic silver 5. I feel like it fills the gaps in the heat pipes and sets better. The installation was a pain but not a huge problem. I am using it with an ITX board without a rear clamp so I think that is understandable.

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Good, serves it's purpose.4/21/2006 9:02:21 PM

Pros: Cheap price, works well, decent specs.

Cons: No Firewire. No AGP slots. The video card that comes with this takes up the only PCIx16 slot.

Overall Review: I really like this MOBO. The video card is really only there to start you off. However, I manage to get decent framerate and resolution on such games as Halo1. If ever I build another budget machine, I will likely use this same motherboard.

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Lame Mouse4/21/2006 8:44:43 PM

Pros: Light Weight and Cheap Price. Simple design.

Cons: After about 2 months, the mouse messed up. For no reason, it would jitter and jump across the screen when it hadn't even been touched. I thought maybe it could have been the driver, but I didn't bother with trying to search websites and dl new drivers.

Overall Review: I have recently bought a Logitech Trackman to replace the mouse. I now prefer it over the kind of mouse that comes with this combo. If you need a cheap keyboard and mouse for a budget machine, which was my case, then go ahead. I wasn't suprised to have the mouse mess up on me.

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