What the?3/10/2011 6:43:08 PM

Pros: Is a tiny bit speedier in real life applications than my velociraptors.

Cons: Doesn't perform to advertised speeds. I get 250 reads but only 80 writes with latest firmware. I am reading they made a change? Shame. Sending it back.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we want every customer to be fully satisfied with their purchase. Please call our support manager at (408) 733-8400, ext 206, and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you
Great card4/12/2010 9:22:00 PM

Pros: Great card. I am coming from 3 GTX-285s and two of these in cross fire beats them in my game, crysis. I am running warhead on enthusiast settings with 4xaa and averaging 55FPS. Finally, enjoyable game play from crysis. The 5870 is clearly the best bang for the buck right now.

Cons: None thus far.

Overall Review: Zeek the geek is an idiot fanboy who is lying about his tech level. If his card performed the way he describes, its user error, not the card.

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Another update12/14/2008 7:25:45 PM

Pros: I have to post another update, because I have found that a bios update that I did just before installing this card messed a lot of things up. I have been having a lot of problems the last few days involving this card and other things. Naturally, I assumed it was all drivers. Well I just decided to roll back to a previous BIOS and everything is perfect again. I also noticed that the temperatures that were reported by the other BIOS were 10 degrees, on average, higher than the BIOS I am on now. So right now, this card is idling 12 degrees cooler than the sapphire I had with the same fan setting in CCC. I ran some quick tests and I saw the same results, about 10 degrees lower in all cases.

Cons: None.

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Update to previous review12/14/2008 7:01:03 AM

Pros: Hello. I just wanted to update my review for this card after a few days of testing. Basically, I ran different benchmarks and games with the fan set at different speeds. What I have found in the end, as compared to my sapphire x2, is that this one cools almost exactly the same as the sapphire. Meaning that the 3 fans aren't always better, but sometimes they are, and they are never worse or course. The big plus in this set up is that it does it much quieter than the single fan on the sapphire. I think the fact that the other x2s have that enclosed ducting, while this does not, is why they pretty much cool the same on average (this card usually peaks out at lower temp). But to me, the quietness of the card is worth it. Some, however, may not see the value in the extra price over other x2's since its cooling ability isn't leaps and bounds above the other options. You wouldn't be wrong in waiting until they cut the price a little

Cons: None.

Overall Review: At stock fan settings, before adjusting with overdrive, it does still idle cooler than the sapphire did. Also, the automatic fan adjustment is much better than my sapphire. On that card, I would hit 80 c and the fan wouldn't rev up. Could have been defective I suppose, but rest assured, this one will start revving up well before that.

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Finally, a perfect cooling solution for the 4870x212/12/2008 1:05:38 PM

Pros: Unlike previous posters, I actually have this card. I ordered it next day air the day I saw it on newegg. I am going from a sapphire 4870x2 to this because of the cooling solution. I have been dying for a good cooling system for the x2s since they came out. I saw this and had to try it. I am glad I did. Compared to my sapphire, this thing idles at half the temperature. Without doing any manual adjustments, the sapphire idled at 80c, this at 40c. Looking in the CCC, this is with the fan set at 35%. So then I started adjusting the fan and at 50% (what I needed to turn the sapphire up to to cool it to 40), it is dead... DEAD quiet. You can start to hear it >50% and at full speed it is as you would expect, a wind tunnel. But it is still less loud than the sapphire. Asus hit a home run with this cooling solution. As for performance, it is a 4870x2 so that speaks for itself. Card fired up out of the box no issues.

Cons: I don't really want to call it a con, because I knew it was huge, but if you are using PCI slots, you need to ensure the layout before you buy this. Or, be willing to give them up like I was. I have the Asus P6T motherboard and the sapphire x2 covered one PCI slot, this covers both. I expected that though, due to the size of the cooling solution and I was willing to give up my PCI slots for it. I have to move to on board sound or a PCIx1 sound card, but I am ok with that. Just giving you fair warning. Besides being huge lengthwise, this thing is thicker, obviously, than the standard x2. Look at the pics of the P6T motherboard and envision it covering both PCI slots to get an idea of just how big it is. The only real con I have thus far, is not the cards fault. But I always have to say ATI drivers as of late. 8.11 was a dud and if you are not lucky, 8.12 is also a dud. So just be careful with your drivers, especially if you are using vista x64.

Overall Review: If you do use vista x64, do yourself a favor an install the .net 3.5 and the 3.5 SP1 before installing this card and new ATI drivers. With this, I have had good luck with the 8.12 so far. You can read all about this at the ATI forums. Some have reported needing to update directx but I fine in that respect. Finally, I just have to say, if you want a cool (temp wise) 4870x2, this looks like your only option.

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Worth it12/9/2008 1:12:22 PM

Pros: It goes without saying, blazing fast. So easy to OC. I am at 3.8ish on air by simply changing the multiplier. It ran stable for 24 hrs with 8instances of prime95 with no other adjustments. Of course, I did go back and manually adjust everything else but just wanted to see how easy it was. I was pleased. As far as coolers, another air option is the new Coolermaster V8. Its not carried on newegg yet :( but they do have it on here because it looks like they have them on order. I posted a review there, but simply put, it rivals the thermalright option and looks real cool. In a head to head test (google it), it equaled and sometimes exceeded the thermalright option. Either way though, you would be fine and better than stock.

Cons: None. I wish people would stop saying price. It is cheaper than the high end last gen and it spanks the last gen in all respects.

Overall Review: This CPU + Asus P6T + 4870x2 +Corsair HX1000 = HEAVEN. :)

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Sweet card12/9/2008 4:52:19 AM

Pros: Very powerful card. 2 GPUs = FPS heaven. I did attempt to crossfire two of these with a new i7 build, but neither the games nor the drivers are mature enough to make it worth the trouble. So I sent one back and plan on trying again later when the software is ready for the hardware. Besides, even the i7 965 that I am using is a bottle neck for two of these without a healthy overclock. With one of these, perfect. So I recommend holding off on crossfiring two of these and spend the money elsewhere (good power supply or CPU for example). That said, one of these + i7 = amazing. In crysis maxed, average 60-80 fps. If playing wars online, I use performance settings and hit 300fps (better for online play). I am happy that the fan, albeit loud, does keep the card cool when needed, as long as you control it in CCC. If left to its own devices, it will idle at 80C.

Cons: As always, ATI driver maturity (not really the cards fault). Right now, I am using the hotfix 8.11 and everything seems ok, except for the odd (but rare) occurences of my fan profile swapping by itself. 8.12 comes out tomorrow so I am looking forward to trying that. As for the card itself, the only down side is the seemingly underpowered fan. Yes, it keeps it cool when set at 50-60%, but at even that speed, it is loud. Then again, this card is huge so putting anything bigger would probably be impossible. I would like to see some attempts at after market fans.

Overall Review: Again, this is paired with an i7 965. It is a terrific comination (any i7 would be) in that the CPU is no longer bottle necking a super powerful card. I did run this card in my q6600 machine just to do some comparisons. On average, you can cut the numbers I posted above by 3/4th! That is saying something. Therefore, IMO, if you are going to drop the coin on this card, you should upgrade to i7 to get the full benefits of its high end processing.

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Awesome cooler12/6/2008 9:32:53 PM

Pros: I have to say, I absolutely love the V8. When I set out to find a cooler for the 1366 socket, I knew the pickings would be slim. I was hoping to find something with a lot of heat pipes and added some "coolness" to my case. At first, I thought the only choice was going to be the thermalright ultra, which I didn't really like. I tried to find reviews and finally came across one that compared head to head the V8 and thermalrights ultra. In all cases, the v8 at least equaled and in some case surpassed the ultra's ability. So I bought it. And sure enough, my CPU was running at 45c on the stock cool, with the v8 it idles at 30c. Under full load it doesn't pass 55c (8 instances of prime95 for 24 hours)! I am looking forward to seeing how it does overclocking as I suspect it will do just fine. The mounting hardware is heavy duty and spreads the weight well. No worries about snapping the MB here. It is also very quiet and I keep it on about 75% at all times.

Cons: My only complaint so far is that the instructions for the V8 are wrong in that the picture could lead someone to install it upside down. Also, I was led to believe by reading the specs and other reviews that I needed to buy a bracket for the 1366 and this was not true. The 1366 hardware is, in fact, included. Now I have an extra bracket. The manual overall though, was well done in that it kept it simple for "low tech" users.

Overall Review: It does include thermal paste, but I use my own anyway. So, I cannot comment on the quality of the paste. I just have to say that I feel coolermaster hit a home run with this cooler, especially if you are a motor head like me. In my opinion, this is one of the two best air coolers out there (thermalright ultra being the other). If you don't water cooling, but want great air cooling, this is it. If you haven't gathered, I am running an i7 on the 1366 socket.

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Nice, but paint wears off11/21/2008 7:30:56 AM

Pros: I bought this keyboard back in April. It has preformed flawlessly, and the backlight is very useful for night gaming. The keys are soft to the touch and make no noise.

Cons: My WASD keys are worn away, and other frequently used keys are showing signs of the same wear. As a gaming keyboard, the paint on the keys needs to be more robust. Sure, I know what the keys are, point is, for 50 bucks, they shouldn't be worn away after 6 months of use. It should be noted that I am not a hard core gamer, either. 1-2 hours per day 4 days a week max.

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Top of the line11/18/2008 5:20:02 PM

Pros: Wow. I am running two of these in crossfire and I am just floored at the quality of graphics I am pumping out. Playing crysis wars online full settings is phenomenal. Runs very cool and quiet with both fans set at 50% via CCC 8.10. They are very pleasing to the eye, as well. Seeing both of these in my case with their sleek black cases and silver heat pipes brings a smile to my face every time. You won't go wrong with this card.

Cons: 8.11 is broke, for crossfire at least. Take caution using those drivers at all, though. Just google it and you will see the trouble 8.11 is causing out there. Other than that, zero issues with the card.

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Awesome10/17/2008 4:16:37 AM

Pros: So far, its a terrific card. If you pay attention to driver update, unlike the last reviewer, you can now change the fan setting in CCC with the 8.10 version. Great feature, great card for the money.

Cons: None yet, will post back after a few months.

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Great Board!4/10/2008 11:17:21 AM

Pros: Fired right up with Corsair Dominator 1066 RAM and Q6600 out of the box! No issues thus far! I like it when it all comes together perfectly.

Cons: Doesn't like that CIA2 thing too much. System won't boot using that. So, back to over clocking the old fashion way. AC7 rests against RAM heatsink, not really boards fault but the CON is the fact that my computer wouldn't boot (but would POST) using DIMMs 2 and 4. Not sure what is at fault, still looking into that.

Overall Review: Wish someone with this board and Corsair Dominator RAM in first DIMM would post what heat sink they are using that clears both the NB heatsink and the Dominator heatsink.

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Bad onboard audio3/4/2007 9:16:42 AM

Pros: Very nice board overall. Very stable OC with P4. Couldn't beat it for the price.

Cons: The onboard audio is horrible. I can't get sound to come out of all of my speakers. Hopefully someone will have a solution soon.

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Perfect1/29/2007 6:50:16 AM

Pros: Everything you could need to get up and running. Easy to use CMOS. Supports raid well and overclocking (to a point).

Cons: Onboard audio did not work correctly right away. See fix below. The power connector is hard to engage because of its proximity to the IDE and FDD connections.

Overall Review: The board does not come with the updated drivers for the onboard audio, nor does the foxconn website have them. I went to the realtek website and found the most up to date drivers for this audio codec that I could and now it works pefectly fine. Anyone experiencing audio problems should give this a try.

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Nice little drive1/17/2007 10:09:15 AM

Pros: Small size. Easy... REAL easy to use. Plug in and away you go.

Cons: Does not come with the bounceback software like I thought it did. Turns out you have to get the 120GB or larger drive for this feature, so I don't know what the guy below is talking about.

Overall Review: With is had the bounceback software. Otherwise perfect for what I need.

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