Great Monitor but Huge Defect which seems to be common2/17/2019 2:29:39 AM

Pros: Size Color G-Sync with HDR (Freesync 2 compatible after update)

Cons: Light Bleed Light Bleed LIGHT BLEED

Overall Review: Here is the issue. Everyone was praising this monitor, but after reading the forums and my own experience this monitor is defective. The right side of the screen is great, but the left side has some terrible light bleed. I get the IPS glow is real but even in a lighter scene, the back light is too bright. the right side, regardless of brightness does not affect the picture quality. I had to bump down the bright to 25 just so the light bleed wasn't bothering as much. I really would like to keep the monitor, but I would like one that actually works. Edit:Second Monitor i got is 2ay better and i can see why people like it. However left side is still brighter than right for some reason. If they test them at the factory as the insert alleges, wouldn't they notice the obvious bleed on the left?

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Not Compatible with all 2080Tis12/18/2018 2:56:07 PM

Pros: Cool Design

Cons: Does not Work with MSI 2080Ti

Overall Review: It is too wide for MSI Products due to the SLi cover that the Gaming Trip comes with. The Nvidia one is raised a bit and not as wide. Just hate the green. Hopefully MSI will make a 4 Slot SLi Bridge to work with all 2080Ti

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