Great if you can find it4/26/2021 6:02:26 AM

Pros: -Performance on par with 3070 [No DLSS] -Runs cool

Cons: - Little to no overclocking headroom - A little loud. - Lackluster Raytracing Performance [I really didn't care]

Overall Review: Won as a Newegg Shuffle and paired with a 5600x its a beast for sure. Comparing to a friend's 3070 it ran almost equal in all games. A little loud, plus the sound is quite annoying. Overall really happy though. Waiting for the software DLSS equivalent AMD promised.

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Works really well on Ryzen 5000 series.1/3/2021 4:29:05 PM

Overall Review: I recently purchased the 5600X and a new MSI X570 board. My old ram I used with an B350 board was recognized but half of it was hardware reserved. After further research it was a compatability issue. This stuff works and looks great after enabling XMP in bios. Easy and hassle free.

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