2nd review...enjoying it!4/14/2009 10:08:22 AM

Pros: Nice looking screen. Plays games effortlessly. Lots of memory (1 gig dedicated). Great wifi! Full comfortable keyboard. Great sound and volume for a laptop! Great Price for these contents!

Cons: Vista can slow things down. Will eventually format with XP Pro. Bloatware. Sometimes slow booting up (but it's a Vista thing). Once on or in games...seems fine. Case does pick up fingerprints.

Overall Review: Plays anything I throw at it...games (many at high settings and old ones run with compatability for specific OS), movies. Everything looks and sounds great! Wifi picks up and holds connections without a problem. Did have to upgrade direct x and find codecs for media player (to play movies and DVD movies) at Cnet. Now everything runs, looks and sounds great! Case is nice looking and seems sturdy. I bought it for gaming and movies and am not dissapointed. Would be really fast if it had XP on it. Need to research doing this...so not to mess it up. Driver backup (app n drivers) included where you make backup. Have to really explore disc (after you make it) to research driver compatability. Video drivers seem to be hidden under Acer, packages or such.

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1st Review4/7/2009 9:08:26 PM

Pros: Memory, memory, memory! 1G dedicated video card, 4G DDR2 Ram, 320 HD (minus OS and bloat space). Nice screen. Already tried Crysis...yes it games! I put the antialiasing setting at x2 to make the game smoother looking (though it already looked good and moved smoothly)...you can play at your own tweeking...have fun! Nice sound! Full keyboard is great and easy to get used to.

Cons: McCafee, and other bloatware. No backup discs (took long to create...but I did)

Overall Review: Just arrived...have it for 7 hours now. At first it sounded like static (like a broken speaker)...I searched for and updated Direct X (does DX 10). Wow!...what a difference...sounds great! Case decent looking (deep blue cover) and feels light considering the size of this notebook. Hey it's what's inside and on the screen that counts! I am going to keep tweeking this baby, try more games and such and report back. I believe I got a DEAL!!! 4 Eggs till further investigation.

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Outstanding!12/5/2008 5:08:18 AM

Pros: Sound! Touch Pad! And mostly Jet Effects: Equalizer (many configurations), BBE, Mach Bass, 3d Surround, Pan and others (if I forgot to mention). Also, the broad range of compatability with many different file types. BATTERY LIFE OF 60 Hours! I own the 4 gig. Black model. this one is the same with more memory.

Cons: Wish screen was larger...but didn't really buy it for movies. Can still see it and even listen to the video and glance to see what's going on. Brought it for my car aux port and battery life...but got much more.

Overall Review: The manual audio configurations make the cheapest car stereo (which would be mine) sound great! Out does my cds in my car stereo. Much easier to control the bass and treble and knock out those unwanted sounds on my car's radio. Thinking of buying another one...in case mine goes bad and they stop making this.

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Service Pack 14/8/2008 10:42:50 PM

Pros: Don't worry about Service Pack 1 being included. It just became a Windows Vista upgrade online and you will be able to use Windows upgrade to install it. I just upgraded. I understand that SP 1 takes care of some driver issues such as printers not being compatable. I haven't been able to hook up my printer after upgrade...but will do so soon. My printer was made for 32 bit and I think SP1 includes some kind of bridge from 32bit platform to 64 bit platform for some hardware drivers. I am not sure if I understand this correctly...if anyone else can...please clarify this. Or you can read SP 1 info at Windows online. Response is great and graphics (games are impressive).

Cons: I rated it a four only because Windows Vista is still being improved. It is working great for me and I am happy service pack 1 is now available.

Overall Review: I have been using Vista 64 bit for about 4 months and it looks and works great on my system (which I built new and high end for this OS. It makes the XP OS on my laptop dull. I use my LCD flat screen for my monitor and I am impressed. I am not disappointed and will not go back to XP on my main PC. Will probably upgrade my laptop with my Vista Home edition OS. Vista is the future and this is the OS that they Microsoft and vedors)will be writing for. Just be sure that your system can handle it (read prior posts). Otherwise upgrade your hardware or use one of the other versions of Vista.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Remarkable1/30/2008 12:56:08 AM

Pros: Cooks great. Food comes out juicy. Browns great. Fast. No mess or smoke.

Cons: None at this time...except for my old oven that sets off the smoke alarm and wouldn't allow me to cook...not a problem anymore.

Overall Review: Cooks from inside out. Can controll food browing by turning and eying how you like it. My first try was to throw in five good sized seasoned chicken drumsticks. The result was sumptious. I am amazed that there was no smoke, splatter or burnt on mess. Yet, my food was golden brown and I was able to crisp to my liking. Only a bit of drippings in the pyrex dish below and some browning on grill. Easy to clean! Get it!

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Stunning!1/2/2008 8:23:23 PM

Pros: Works great. Easy setup. Some good player options in menus. Unlimited TV on my laptop or comp...along with the internet. What more could a techy want.

Cons: 1) Didn't get it sooner. 2)Can't make popcorn.

Overall Review: Take your TV with you...no extra charges ...except for mobile phones. If wireless signal is strong...will stream smooth. If you plug into high speed net, while away from home, no worry about lag. I'm getting pretty impressive results. Go for it!

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2nd update12/26/2007 11:06:11 AM

Pros: Easy to use. Good pictures. Good purchase for my elderly sister. Eggcellent service and curtesy from Neweeg!

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I wrote a first update just for documentation that I didn't receive sd card and charger. When I contacted Newegg they immediately had the bonus items shipped out. Purchasers must remember to check box for free extras in where combo items are.

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Update previous review12/19/2007 9:22:00 PM

Pros: As I stated earlier this camera is easy to setup and takes good shots; according to my elderly sister's report.

Cons: Did not come with SD card and charger.

Overall Review: Earlier, I asked my elderly sister if the sd card and charger was included, she stated yes...but what I learned later was that she confused the installation disc and usb wire for the things I was asking about.

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Very Pleased!12/19/2007 10:44:41 AM

Pros: Easy setup. Good shots! Received free SD card and charger! Fast service and delivery.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Purchased yesterday 12/18/07...already delivered by 10AM on the 19th. Got it for my sister who is in her late 60's (she had jammed up her original camera that came with a printer dock). She was excited that it was easy to set up and use right away. She is pleased with pictures. Was not complicated for her. Excellent replacement camera! I only rated it at good because I was not able to see this camera personally: as of yet. Also, thank you Newegg customer service, as always, for your curtesy.

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Great!11/28/2007 3:29:02 AM

Pros: Easy install...also easy upgrade after installing Vista 64 Ultimate. Great performance without lag in Crysis, Quake Wars, Bioshock, and COD4. Thin!

Cons: none

Overall Review: Installed on a new build with Vista Ultimate 64 bit running on m2n-sli delux, windsor amd 6000 cpu, 4 gigs kingston 4 cas latency, dual 800 ram and 610 Pc power and cooling continuous power psu (has 49 amps on single 12v rail...more than emough power). I believe the psu upgrade is important part of this cards flawless performance. Everything looks great! Am staying with Vista this time!

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Excellent Ram11/27/2007 2:56:10 PM

Pros: Stable, pretty and fast! $30.00 Rebate! Easy install.

Cons: none

Overall Review: 4-4-4-12-2T @ 2.0V. Got two packs...4gigs runs great in Vista 64 Ultimate system with amd 6000 cpu, 8800gt, m2n-sli delux. Go for it!

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Plenty of power!11/27/2007 2:49:52 PM

Pros: Plenty connectors, Quiet operation, continuous power with 49amps on one 12v rail...great stability for my 8800gt, amd 64, windsor 6000 cpu, m2n-sli delux, and 4 gigs ddr800, cas latency 4 kingston ram. No drag in crysis, quake, bioshock... Running all with Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Excellent choice. Won't need more than this if you system specs are similar. I am running smoothly in high end games and graphics and haven't even had to up the voltage. Yer, this is still an option for me. Buy this one!

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Looking Good!11/27/2007 2:35:24 PM

Pros: Eye candy. Games (crysis,quake)...looking very good...espec. with direct x 10. Works well with the new high end 64bit hardware (m2n-sli delux, windsor 6000 amd 64 bit cpu, nvidia 8800gt, 4G of Kingston ddr 800 @ cas latency 4, pc cooling 650 watt continuous power psu with 40 amps on 12v rail.) Dream scene is fantastic. I am going to stick with Vista 64 and do updates as neccessary. I beleive Vista is on it's way.

Cons: Installs sometimes are slow. A little touchy after install untill it is updated.

Overall Review: Was easy to install addtional 2g of ram on top of original 2 gigs after patch. Aero looks great! Also remember to turn Aero on if it's not. And disable transparency (This is done by selecting Aero theme in apperance window). At first mine was off and caused slow operation and poor graphic response.

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Expected better.11/23/2007 8:26:34 PM

Pros: Nice to look at. Works well other than cons.

Cons: Lans don't work. Drivers not installing...leaves unknown devices, unknown pci bridge. Had to install new lan card. No parallel printer connector included. Wish Asus would read this and submit a solution.

Overall Review: The cons make me nervous...wondering if I will have other problems. This board hates lan devices. Even occassioally removes the drivers of my installed network card.

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LOVE IT! TOP NOTCH!9/25/2007 2:18:19 PM

Pros: Sound: Audiophile's dream...lots of tweaks. Excellent sound! Battery: Already charged...VERY Lonnnnng life! Nice screen. Not too big...not too small. Lots of settings! Still lots to explore!

Cons: No AC charging cable included...but you can buy it separately. Guess it keeps cost down.

Overall Review: Just what I wanted...excellent sound and no more running out of charge. Goodbye batteries! Havn't tried movie yet...I know it will be small...but can still see on screen and I am not young! Did my homework (read reviews) and it paid off.

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Great laptop!2/28/2006 7:48:19 AM

Pros: Great! Fast! Great wireless...finds connections and keeps them. Bluetooth, infared..Good battery time. Lots of ports (including Svideo, DVI, firewire, plenty USBs and more). Card slots work great. Lots of memory! Good buy.

Cons: At first wasn't sure about screen. But after a few configurations...I like it. Didn't want a laptop with a screen that mirrors my image back at me. No mirror image here. Probably not a real Con...but a thought.

Overall Review: Can play games on this laptop. Not all, but enough if I want to. Mainly for school, but I like to game sometimes. Have played Tribes. Intel site has game compatability for graphics. Nice and useful product.

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