6/3/2013 11:14:27 AM

Pros: For the price that I paid I think the hardware is pretty good. I replace the HDD with an SSD. Be aware, that as this is in the Ultrabook style, normal 2.5" hard drives won't fit, you need the slimmer 7mm. I really like the keyboard and touch pad. The touch pad is built into the palmrest, so there are no cracks for junk to build up in. Dell has drivers on their website for Win7 64-bit, so I was able to remove Windows 8 and get Win7 going without any issues. One thing to note, I think the 2-finger scrolling doesn't work as well in Win7, but it is worth it to not have the bloat from Win 8. The aesthetics are definitely a 5. The computer looks pretty sleek. It has not gotten hot for me.

Cons: Lose 1/2 egg for the port covers and 1/2 for the LCD. The port covers are a joke and I leave a USB receiver for a mouse plugged in so the one cover is always sticking out. I'm sure they are either going to break off, or it might just cut them off. I think they should have gone with a more basic design, but they don't really affect anything. The LCD has a pressure point in the lower left corner that ripples out like you were poking it with your finger when you pull on the lid to close it. I don't forse this becoming an issue, but it is just annoying. No keyboard backlight and there isn't an option to buy a different keyboard that has one right now.

Overall Review: Dell has sold a number of different version of the 13z. This specific model is the Inspiron 5323 if you are looking on their website for support/drivers.

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Awesome4/30/2012 9:22:12 PM

Pros: I have bought 2 of these hard drives and they are amazing. Way faster than a regular hard drive. A significant boost was noticed after using a new laptop for 2 weeks and then replacing the hard drive with one of these SSDs. Way faster boot times and faster application loading. Well worth the money. And over time you don't have the performance slow down in a notebook from the wear and tear on the hard drive from all the times you drop it.

Cons: Not much. The days of having to keep a copy of every DVD I watch have passed. With netflix, hulu and redbox, it just isn't worth the hassle of trying to keep 1TB of video around, so 128GB has been plenty for me on both my desktop and my laptop.

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Good motherboard, problems with onboard graphics3/21/2012 6:16:53 AM

Pros: The motherboard has worked very well for me.

Cons: My video card had not arrived yet when I was first assembling my machine so I was using the onboard graphics of the motherboard. Everything was working fine with the built-in Win 7 64-bit driver. Then I installed the updated video driver from Intel's website and the system blue-screened. After uninstalling it I attempted to install the video driver from Windows update and the system blue-screened. I tried several other versions of the driver, but was unable to get it to work, so I just reinstalled Windows and made sure to uncheck the video driver from Windows Updates. This was in early February 2012. I would Imagine a newer driver would fix the issue. While searching I did find some other reports of issues, but not concrete fix. I would only recommend this board if you were going to add in a graphics card, but then why would you order this more expensive board when there are other Intel boards that are cheaper.

Overall Review: My other specs were 8 GB (4GBx2) Crucial Ballstix Ram, PC3-10600 7-7-7-24. I don't know if possibly someone that my configuration caused a problem with the driver or what.

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Awesome Case3/21/2012 6:01:08 AM

Pros: This is a really solid case that I would highly recommend to anyone. The 2 large fans that come with the case are extremely quiet.

Cons: None

Overall Review: The power supply mount is at the bottom, which I think is more common these days, and I had to purchase an extension for the cpu power cable to be able to route it the way I wanted.

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