Looks good, ok support7/23/2021 9:43:16 PM

Pros: Looks very nice

Cons: Support is fine, but not amazing. Could use a slightly wider base

Overall Review: Decent buy

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AORUS 3070 Ti Master Review7/20/2021 9:32:09 AM

Pros: - Runs incredibly cool, rarely getting above 70C - The best looking graphics card I have ever seen - OC - Silent mode BIOS switch is super useful - LCD screen is both super cool looking and useful for getting temps - An overall capable card for 1440p native gaming, overkill for 1080p. You can get great performance in 4K if you can use DLSS. - Tons of RGB all over the card. - Six video outputs (Three HDMI, three DisplayPort) - Surprisingly doesn't sag too much without a support bracket. - Indicator lights on the power connection are good for troubleshooting power issues, and I haven't had any power problems yet.

Cons: - RGB Fusion 2.0 is the absolute worst RGB software I have used to date. Buggy, unpredictable, and often causes issues with lighting (resetting colors or shutting off completely) - Absolutely. Flipping. Massive. 13mm longer than a 3090 FE. Super heavy. Make sure to get a support bracket. This may be a pro if you have a large case and want to fill it up with something. - Uses 2 8 pin connections as well as a 6 pin. I wish they would have gone all out with a triple 8 pin or just 2 8 pin connections. - You will need at least an 850w PSU. - LHR is implemented on this card, as with all 3070 Ti cards. It isn't too much of an issue for most people, but if you are hoping to do some crypto mining when the card isn't in use to get back some of the cost, you won't be able to with this. - This is more of a nitpick, but the LCD screen defaults to a GIF of an egg 🤣(I believe this is the "Chibi Time" mode) - LCD screen could have a little more customizability. An audio visualizer and a more customizable enthusiast mode would be nice. The current selection is still pretty decent.

Overall Review: This is, overall, a good card. It isn't the best value, but I am a big fan of the look and aesthetically pleasing design. It isn't perfect, but I would definitely buy this over a slightly cheaper, uglier card. Most of it goes down to what you want out of a new graphics card. If you actually care about how things look inside your case and are willing to pay a few hundred more, this is the way to go. One issue that I can see is that this will likely cost more than a lower-end 3080. This card will run 1080p and 1440p well, but if you want to play in native 4k this will not offer super competitive performance levels at high settings. If you play games with DLSS, however, you should have a decent experience in 4K. From what I have experienced, DLSS on this card could get you similar performance levels to a 3080 without DLSS. I upgraded to this from a GTX 1060 3GB and the difference is huge.

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