Durable, responsive, looks cool6/29/2021 7:26:46 PM

Pros: Durable Value Not as loud as I expected Responsive to key presses Beautiful back lighting light weight plug and play usb well made no drivers necessary

Cons: not more customizable

Overall Review: I love the matte black finish. It's not that shiny black but instead it's a nice matte that makes the keyboard look classy. It makes the backlighting look even better too. I love that you don't need drivers to use it. It's simple plus and play. Wonderful, simple to use keyboard that has stunning rgb! For the price, You can't go wrong.

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Comfortable, Beautiful, Unique, and Great Value!5/31/2021 9:10:18 AM

Pros: Comfortable Vibrant colors Unique design Great feedback lightweight

Overall Review: This gaming mouse is a nice low cost option for those of us not wanting to spend upwards if $80 for a gaming mouse that has similar features. It feels comfortable while using. It fits nicely in the hand, not too big or small. The colors light through the honeycomb design so brightly. The mouse is very responsive and there's also options for various dpi modes. The quality of this mouse seems pretty good and the mouse seems very durable. It had sustained a few drops and survived. If you want a quality gaming mouse that has similar features to a high end gaming mouse but less of a price tag and looks amazing, go with this hands down!

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Comfort, Value, Unique Look4/20/2021 8:32:07 PM

Pros: Pros: Comfort, Price, Design, Durability, Quiet

Cons: Cons: Shipping time could be a bit longer depending on location

Overall Review: For an inexpensive gaming mouse, I was pretty surprised at the quality of it. I purchased this as a primary gaming mouse for my son and we both love it. It has a unique design, and is really nice to look at too. It's comfortable for us both - as an adult user and a child user we both find it fits our hands comfortably. It also seems durable as its been dropped by my youngest son and is still in one piece and working perfectly. It moves smoothly while gaming and is very responsive. Its also not one of the quieter gaming mice I've used, which is a bonus. You really can't go wrong with this one if you're looking for an inexpensive gaming mouse without breaking the bank.

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