Great Laptop - Great Price3/3/2010 10:49:39 PM

Pros: This is for sure the best laptop I've owned... Yes it's not top of the line or the ultimate gaming machine, but it has some great specs for the price. The i3, one of the best dual core processors available right now, works great with everything I've thrown at it - seems to out perform all the T, P, and E series dual cores. Can stream videos online in high def. without a problem even though it doesn't have a superb dedicated graphics card. Why go with a T6600 & DDR2 when you can get this for pretty much the same price?

Cons: No HDMI - this is really the only thing it could have, but I really don't need it so didn't it hurt my rating.

Overall Review: I found this same laptop in a graphite finish, looks alot better than glossy black - and no glossy keyboard! Can't stand glossy keyboards. Also, I put in a 7200RPM HDD and noticed a bit of speed increase right off. Win 7 literally boots in about 9 secs and shutsdown in about 6 secs. LOVE IT! This is my 1st PC with 7 and I'm very happy so far. Gonna upgrade the RAM to 8GB next month too and I'm sure this thing will fly. If you're thinking about getting this laptop you should go for it, I'm glad I did.

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AMAZING MACHINE12/15/2007 7:35:42 AM

Pros: I'm really not sure why anyone would give this laptop a bad review? It perfect for people on the go, just like the packaging says. OS Boot-up time is as fast as my quad-core machine, no joke; count to 8 and your ready to browse windows, linux, whatever you may install, you gotta love SSD drives! It makes absolutly no noise, and manages to stay cooler than any other laptop I've ever used. It's definately not a hardcore gaming machine, although it does play many games that dont require alot of resources with ease, but its perfect for web browsing, word processing, powerpoint, and the many other basic applications. I bought one as a christmas gift and immediatly purchased another for myself. Way to go ASUS!

Cons: The built in touchpad is way to small, so you might want to consider investing in a USB mouse. Screen is great, but its somewhat small, like the add says 7". Just have to plug in an external monitor or projector for a larger size.

Overall Review: Next model hopefully will include a larger SSD, larger touchpad, and moved speakers to expand the screen size.

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