Cant beat it, great mouse11/13/2006 7:47:37 AM

Pros: Very Smooth, i was using a laser mouse and never understood the difference between laser and optical till i got this mouse. Dont know the technical specs for this mouse but i can tell yah that it is a very good mouse for the price.

Cons: Havent come across any Cons yet, other than you have to wiggle the mouse a little bit to get it into the charger, but this in no way should enfluence your decision on buying the mouse. Some people have posted how the mouse is heavy....If you are a wuss than dont get this mouse, you might break a sweat moving it

Overall Review: If you need a good gaming mouse, and dont want to spend $xxx bucks buy this one i bought it for $xx on here with a $xx mail-in rebate. $xx wireless/rechargable/optical mouse cant beat it. look at your local stores you will see that Newegg has them beat.

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