Pretty Fast!10/12/2017 3:32:46 PM

Pros: Fast! smooth installation, physically OK but works perfect for work!

Cons: out of 6 ordered 2 came with issues, one had a cracked housing perhaps from shipping but no sign of damage on the box. the second one had a loose SSD/HD connector ( NO disk error ), i had to remove the back panel and reinsert the ssd connector cable, i also notice there was no screws holding the back panel which seemed they forgot or assumed they were done. just your typical "its not my job" kind of guy ( whoever was handling it last )

Overall Review: Pretty good stuff when it works! i mean best for business ( cell phone stores) but they need a little touch up on making sure their products are shipped working 100% and reimburse costumers who had to work extra just to make sure their product is working right, and who will pay me for that cracked housing?? or my work for fixing their mistake on the ssd connection? anyways ill reconsider purchasing again from them

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Fast!6/22/2017 6:17:37 PM

Pros: Yes its fast! performance as it should, installed WIN10 and booted from my Motherboard with no issue ever! Samsung make best software for them also, very easy to use.

Cons: Heat! mines would heat a good bit when in benchmark , i had to order a nice heat-sink from Alpha cool to compensate and it worked. temps rose 75c when stressing it or benchmark but now with the heat-sink temps under 50c when benchmarking

Overall Review: still would buy again, maybe the pro next time run them in raid, but defiantly always get some nice cooling for them! unless your just using the drives normally.

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Trident Z hands down6/22/2017 6:13:02 PM

Pros: Besides the fact i know only buy G-skill for my ram in my enthusiast builds these just look wonderful matched with my Formula IX, i have the XMP 3200mhz ( 32gb total ram ) file enabled of course and my i7700k clocked at 5.0GHz no issues what so ever. my previous ram was also the trident 16GB still running in my 2016 build with no issue! solid stuff!

Cons: Price... but price is always a factor on almost everything high end today. no regrets ;-)

Overall Review: I think G-skill is top notch stuff, i use my aura sync software to control them , at the current moment the software is kind of buggy, work but buggy. but thats asus part. the original software it comes with is identical to Asus software, and that work fine.

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Aweasome Fans!6/13/2017 9:04:17 PM

Pros: I believe they are the best performing and quality fans i had to this date! Im using 4 in push and pull config using a 480 thick alpha-cool rad, and a P5 case. and they are just amazing in performance and effectiveness.

Cons: since i have an open case and have 8 fans total of these bad boys, yes they can get a bit loud on full speed. but the sounds of explosion and battle when gaming you kind of forget about the fan noise. plus you can always adjust your fan curve to control noise. as for me i put them on blast when gaming .

Overall Review: Will be nice if they had some RGB or Something , at least for my setup , i couldn't do thermaltake fans because i hate controllers but these PMW fans are the best for their purpose,

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Clap Clap Good Job Thermaltake!6/13/2017 8:59:49 PM

Pros: I have 2 of these premium cables in use, one in my P5 case using the 1080ti strix and another in my View 31 temp glass case with the 980ti strix , And absolutely no issues! i ddint even bother using the stock Riser cable Themaltake provides with the P5 case and others, i have also the Lian li riser as backup but never used it because this cable does its job with no issues! in my view 31 case i have the riser cable bent and works fine it can handle bends with no issues! looks and feel premium. if your looking for a quality cable then look no further!

Cons: Non, some may say price but i say screw the price it works with no issues, you can say i pay extra for piece of mind, something you cant simply find today, its worth it.

Overall Review: Thermaltake is underestimated, i think they make awesome products that i for once started to look into and they won me over! i never cared for there products in the past looks flimsy and cheap but now its like a whole new company, their focus on the gaming community and enthusiast water cooling! they are doing it right! good stuff and keep up the good work !

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Niceeee!1/21/2016 5:13:28 PM

Pros: The kit is no doubt great in concept! and it looks good in my system, plus the Cam software it comes with is awesome not only just for the HUE+ but also for other features including FPS overlay, by far the Overlay application the Cam software has is way better than Rivatuna and what not, much cleaner, simpler, and i enjoy the HUE+ with it.

Cons: The quality isn't what i expected, the LED strips are kind of faded white, and one had a nick on it almost looks like a refurbished kit. i was very close to RMA'ing the kit but since there is none in stock right now i had to deal wit it. 1-2 led's will random flicker or display a random color, not good, the box seemed to have some scratches on it also, i can swear i received a refurb kit.the strips on the other hand stuck ok with some magnet in them, for a small mATX case i should be fine plus i can always change the #M adhesive for better more tougher quility.

Overall Review: The kit still looks awesome in my case, lights it up perfect , with so many customization you will enjoy it. but i hope NZXT or someone else released a better quality set, Corsair perhaps has a good quality kit but no nice Box with LED lights coming out of it especially when my computer is off it glows nicely in the case.

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Awesome bundle!1/19/2016 7:22:08 AM

Pros: Nice games no doubt , guaranteed hours of lifeless game play and an angry wife!

Cons: I lost the doggone ccard! i mean i have no idea where i placed it.....Hot doggy!

Overall Review: Don't loose the card, it can easily slip away when you are not looking so be careful...

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Best PSU's1/13/2016 7:15:16 PM

Pros: Used a Ax1200 before this one and this PSU feels and looks solid i mean, im happy! i also got custom sleeved cable replacements for looks, and hot diggity dog they look good! Never had a failed Corsair PSU and i have build 100's of systems in my business, the low end and high end , trust corsair on this!

Cons: My Motherboard does not have a 2.0 usb header so i can use corsair link ;-( so check your mobo if you want to use corsair link or sacrifice your 3.0 usb header hehehe

Overall Review: Man you know what time it iz! its time to buy this PSU sheeee.....

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Super11/13/2016 7:11:43 PM

Pros: I always used Corsairs brand but in this case these ram sticks are like no other! plus they perfectly macth my Asus Maximus VIII impact , if you are ROG board owner look no further, performance and design just can't get better i mean G-skill got my attention with these ram sticks they are now my favorite period!

Cons: I need more.....just to have them with me everywhere i go...

Overall Review: G-skill did really good on these 1 that is all i have to say!

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Cooming from a 3770k1/13/2016 7:08:57 PM

Pros: im really impressed with this CPU, coming from an ivy bridge owner i love the skylake, overclocked the card easily to 4.7Ghz at 1.35V using adaptive mode (Asus ROG board ), i can go higher buy why? i game and sufr that is about it, so i am happy so far and would highly recommend this chip!

Cons: NONE!

Overall Review: 6700k best cpu for your average enthusiast gamer! plus matching it with a nice Z170 board your good to go!

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Wow!1/13/2016 7:05:26 PM

Pros: Seq reads at 2.3GB and writes 1GB! it booted right away using a maximus VIII impact! no settings needed to do anything, installed windows 10 off a drive, installed intel drivers and firmware and results as fast as a bullet!

Cons: None

Overall Review: many people might like the M.2 design but i think the U.2 connector is better as these M.2 SSD's can transfer unnecessary heat to the motherboard, especially if you have a mATX like the Maximus VIII impact. plus this SSD has a nice heat sink! beefy, SSD temps never exceeded 28c monitoring using HWinfo, plus intel has the most reliable drives and i never had a failed intel drive yet!

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EVGA1/13/2016 6:59:44 PM

Pros: I have always used EVGA cards and was totally satisfied, i overclocked, modified bios, you name it and they still ran perfect, though i always water cooled so keep that in mind, they also have the best warranty ever and best CS.

Cons: as much as i love this card there really isn't no proper waterblock from EK made for this card, the FC780 blocks fits but they are at the end of their life and ek will not be making or selling anymore, so if you are planning on water cooling then avoid this card!

Overall Review: Tried returning the card despite it never being used and all packaging is their, the UPC on the plastic backplate was missing because i took it off with the intentions of using the card but then discovered i ordered the wrong waterblock ( hence why there is no water blocks ) and newegg did not accept return! newegg used to be the best and besides the card looking flawless and new they wouldn't accept it. so if you ever RMA do not remove anything or at least preserve it for returns. i got the 980ti strix instead and loving it!

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Works smooth1/11/2014 8:05:49 AM

Pros: Replaced a dying Toshiba HD in a Mac Book Pro, This HD fired up smoothly and pretty fast compared to the previous 5400RPM HD ,

Cons: None so far

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Oh Asus1/11/2014 8:04:18 AM

Pros: The Board works as it should asi use it just for a general build running an i5 ivy.

Cons: The bad part was the Rebate , for the first time Asus Claimed they never received my Bar-code and that is were i said enough of asus. im over positive i send everything in as i been doing this for years and i reviewed my CCTV cameras in the shop to double check. maybe the Rebate section dropped it or something or disappeared in the mail but ASUS is messing up on these Rebates lately . i dont need the money i always end up giving it away to a friend or something but it just ticks you off , i cannot send another bar-code as i already send the main one in, and of course we are provided with one bar-code!

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CCTV12/21/2013 6:59:41 AM

Pros: We use these cards for CCTV PC based DVR systems which i felt that Sapphires brand in particular feels smoother and better picture than others like XFX-one , and i have used Sapphire products for a while and i can say they do a hell of a Job...Good for them

Cons: The only issue i recently faced was the Rebate, after sending in the bar code they declined it saying no bar code received , come to find out the Bar code with the s/n, model, and all that wont work so for you guys out their make sure to send in the bar code with a few numbers at the bottom and not the one with all the product detail information.

Overall Review: Overall the cards have a faster memory in its class.. for those of you using eyemax, or geovision these are good cards

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SLI Surround12/25/2012 7:53:50 PM

Pros: Switched from 2xMatrix HD7970's to these cards and i suddenly became a nvidia fan boy! don't get me wrong my 7970's were really fast but since they didn't have any full Water blocks planned for them i switched and I'm happy with these cards, managed to get 500mhz to the ram and 80mhz to the core so far and stable, I will be doing some clocking later on , i like to play a couple days with these clocks to guarantee 100% stability and i know they can go a little more further, now both are at 1296Mhz core, 3501Mhz memory, i fully water cooled them with the EKWB water blocks and temps never went over 50c on load , idle is 27-30c .

Cons: Now the second card down clocks it self during gaming or benchmarking to 340MHZ! both core and memory clocks will drop, the screen will stutter for a couple seconds then it clocks it self back to normal!! and also there is this weird high frequency noise that it makes , i discovered some of these cards have this issue, check evga forums on this, apparently these cards look like they need a bios/firmware update. Called EVGA support since i didn't get these cards from Newegg ( out of stock ) or i am a Newegg addict, EVGA costumer support was way down to earth! cool guy! understood the problem told him i troubleshooted everything possible from drivers to programs to clean windows install ect.. issues a rma and now awaiting the new card. ( this also solved the problem for others with this problem ), the weir thing though it only does this problem once i boot or reboot my computer, after 10-20min or so it won't have this behavior at all. the first card did not have any of these symptoms period and was acting totally fine. so maybe a handful of these cards have this issue , so what! no company is perfect and mistakes are committed along the way, best time to practice patients! maxed out everything possible running 6000x1080 res surround!

Overall Review: Did not let one lemon stop me from degrading these cards, i had nightmare with AMD cards before , i always run Crossfire ppl who do will face lots of issues doing so but that is exactly whats fun about this whole ordeal! it is more of the challenge! to correcting and figuring things out ! that's my fun! i will still reccomend this card! ASUS Maximus V Formula Intel 3770k ivy OC 4.6GHZ 2x Intel 330SD 120GB Corsair 16GB ram vengeance Corsair ax1200 PSU sleeved Fully water cooled with 360rad and 240rad, d5 pump ek and all the good stuff

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Asus Crossfire!11/7/2012 8:23:50 PM

Pros: I ordered two of these great cards, i ran the first one and did some tests and the results are as expected superb did not even clock anything yet! i am ruining 3 21.5" Asus monitors in eye-infinity 5760x1080, in unigen heaven i got one one card using all monitors 46FPS score. now running two cards i got 88FPs nearly the double! my previous Sapphire Ghz edition 7970's had issues and got 66FPS crossfire, 3dmark is off the hook forgot my scores. this also matched my ASUS maximus v Formula motherboard, plus all the nice dragon blood water cooling color and red led's , black and red everything! just makes you drool! if they made asus ram,case to match ill probably get it and make it the ultimate ROG system!

Cons: at first glance of course price! but it is worth it after you see the result and performance, also the size of these cards are freakin huge!! so watch out for case clearance before you purchase , third using the asus maximus v formula there is 3 slots so you have to use slot_1 and slot_2 which the cards are to close together and almost touching, if you try to install the second card in slot_3 the Crossfire cable will not be long enough, but overall im fine with it for now , the best solution to that is water-cooling blocks which im planning on doing! or get the asus maximus v extreme it has much more better room clearance since more pcie slot are available. also get a bigger case then the HAF x 942, it is a nice case but water-cooling 360rad, reservoir tubing and these cards makes the case look small! but still looks nice ;)

Overall Review: if you have the asus maximus v formula or extreme or anyother board that has the Virtu MVP-Lucidlogix and you want to run crossfire or sli, then you have to disable it , Virtu mvp only is supported using one GPU and you don't need it running two cards anyways, took me a while to see why im crashing using basic benchmarking later to figure thsi out, hopefully i benefited some one! system specs:- ASUS Maximus V Formula /ThunderFX 2 x ASUS MATRIX-HD7970's 16GB Corsair vengeance 120GB Intell 330 ssd III 1TB seagate barracuda 1000wat Coolermaster pro silent PSU Triple 21.5" monitor setup Crossfire/Eyefinity setup Coolermaster HAF X 942 Case Complete EK CPU water-cooling/thermal-fusion 360RAD fans and a led's you know the stuff!

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ASUS all the way!11/6/2012 7:02:57 PM

Pros: This Board is the best for average clockers! i ordered the extreme then send it back for thsi one since i don't need 4-5 way sli or tri fire! running xfire right now with two asus rog matrix 7970's and everything matches together and performs perfect as expected! can't wait to begin the overclocking!

Cons: ended up not needing the ThunderFX at all since i use this in my business , I want to make sure i hear my costumers when they com in lol!

Overall Review: ASUS Maximus V Formula Intel i7 3770k ivy Dual ASUS ROG matrix 7970's platinum "Crossfire" EK water cooling CPU,Thermal Fusion, - Graphics coming soon 1000watt cooler master silent pro PSU 16GB Corsair vengeance

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Sweet ivy!11/6/2012 6:56:07 PM

Pros: Replaced my FX-8150 Bulldozer for this and the difference is like the heavens and earth! extremely fast! with water cooling my pc my temps on idle is 28c didn't test loads yet planing to clock it to 4.5GHz which is a piece of cake !

Cons: non

Overall Review: intel cost more no doubt but it is worth every penny!

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Monster!9/23/2012 5:45:21 PM

Pros: I have two of them in Crossfire with three 22" ASUS monitors also from newegg, they just scream!! these are the games i tested so far, BF3: i get 90FPS-120FPS normally it is stable at 100FPS (3 monitors) Darksiders 2: no less than 100FPS average at 120-145FPS crysis 2: 70FPS on extreme with DX11 and high Texture but after the update or patch the game dips in FPS and i believe its the game or patch, with out the patch its always high FPS overall im pleased going from two XFX 6870's , love xfx but looks like we found our selves a new mate.

Cons: Man i almost gave up at first, couldn't seem to get the crossfire to work, install,uninstall, update,download remove,insert, you must have patience otherwise you will give up, solution that worked wiped out my OS with one card only, windows updates, and all the goodies,then installed the second GPU crossfire and everything went smooth after that, ohh i did increase the power setting in ccc to %20 which gave them more power to run, they look like they are power hungry!

Overall Review: WIN7 Ultimate 64bit ASUS Sabertooth 990FX AMD FX-8150 8-Core CPU 3.6Ghz 16GB corsair vengeance RAM 120GB SSD 1 TB Seagate HD 7200RPM Cooler master V8 CPU fan Cooler master Storm Series Trooper everything is running of of air, i care less for the noise once your gamming i hear nothing but the game. nothing is clocked it is fast enough the way it is maybe in the near future. Purchased one on newegg, and the second got luck for $440 on another website by some user all new!

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$60 Bucks Thats it!3/11/2012 6:33:37 PM

Pros: Man This case is Perfect! Perfect for the Price, Looks, material and everything , I Build 5 minim systems using this case, and the HAF922 When i see Coolmaster I see Quality and durability, I use there CPU Fans and heat sinks , PSU, FANS Always!

Cons: Freakin Nothing!

Overall Review: Buy Coolmaster you can't Go Wrong!

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Love asus!3/11/2012 6:29:53 PM

Pros: I purchased 6 of these monitors, the size is perfect for gaming, i have 3 on an eyefinity setup with XFX 6870 cards crossfire, Purchased 2 for a friend and one more just to have it in my shop maybe ill do something with it, no doubt Bigger is better but this is a perfect size for a 3 monitor setup, Low power consumption the ASCR is awesome just turn it off when gaming though!

Cons: 1 Screen had a different shade from the others, not a big deal that's why i ordered another, played with settings all day, checked connections so decided just to order another one, i could RMA it but im to lazy to go threw all that, it still can be used as a single monitor for a pc no one will notice and still has a nice picture, but i am very Precise on my stuff .

Overall Review: Look ASUS has a Great reputation! I Purchase there Products all the time, i Have Asus P67 mobo, 990Fx mobo, Many low profile Graphics on different systems, Cd/DVD Burners Screens if you buy Asus your buying some serious stuff! Peace.. RMA's and defects happen to all companies that's normal for me im very pleased!

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XFX !The name Rocks!3/11/2012 6:22:05 PM

Pros: i Purchased 2 for Crossfire and have a eyefinfinity setup with 3 21.5" asus monitors, and gaming is awesome, i use it for work and when times are slow i Game. well after learning more about Graphics now i want some thing better but im good with these for now, BF3 on high settings getting 30-45 FPS Crysis 2 on Very High settings getting 40-50 FPS now when playing on a single monitor im maxed out on any game so far! but playing on 6036x1080 i lower it down on some games but still playable and enjoyable

Cons: Fans can get noticeable when playing but the sounds of the game make them Unnoticeable , also cards are both clocked at 940MHz memory 1100MHz had an issue with the second card it didn't want to kick in stayed idle at 100MHz noticed this is an issue with other cards as well on some Boards but problem fixed seems it was a fix from playing around with Bios and reading forum solutions, by the way this is not a card problem the card Performs wonderful this is a setting issue or a small fix here and there.

Overall Review: Love to get a higher card i guess we human being are never satisfied with what we have we always want more ....

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7/20/2011 2:06:10 PM

Pros: I have bean using G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series on many other systems for a while and believe me when i say stability + performance and also good price!!

Cons: NONE!

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7/20/2011 2:04:46 PM

Pros: This Board has what you need and more! just unbelievable! I combined it with the Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz works as if they were meant to be!!

Cons: NONE!!!!!

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