Great Tablet3/21/2012 9:10:00 AM

Pros: -Beautiful display -Snappy dual core -Incredibly sturdy -Great battery and quick to charge Bought from best buy as newegg was out of stock. Amazing tablet. For the price, you cannot get anything better. Feels extremity sturdy, very quality product. WiFi has caused no issues and is blazing fast (see other thoughts). Screen is beautiful aside from the minor bleeding . Battery charges fast and lasts around 7-8 hours easily depending on usage (even while watching video, which is amazing). Very responsive and smooth screen. For the price, easily the best Android tablet on the market.

Cons: -Slight bleeding on side of screen The only con I can find and I've had it for months, although it seems to be a very common one (not only on this tablet mind you). Nothing major at all, just a small gripe. Simply amazing tablet.

Overall Review: The odds of having WiFi problems due to hardware malfunction are fairly low. Working in tech support for several years and based on what I have seen from this tablet, I would put money on the WiFi 'issues' others are having with this tablet are mostly on the users side. My WiFi worked out of the box and was blazing fast after being set up on a secure basic home network.

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Great gaming notebook11/26/2011 6:14:16 AM

Pros: -i5 2.3+ghz processor w/ turbo -Beautiful screen with native HD resolution -Mid/High end graphics card -Great speakers (Bang & Olufsen ICEpower) -640 gig HD -USB 3.0 For the price, this laptop is amazing. Graphics run great, can use relatively good settings on most new games in 1920x1080 resolution, and max settings with slightly lower resolution for the rest. Graphics a bit quirky at first, though after manually setting when to use the discrete graphics it works flawlessly (although usually switches on by itself fine). Processor is a beast, great multitasking without lag/stutter. Speakers in this are amazing for a laptop, really high quality with depth and good volume to them, I've only had a handful of things times where something sounded distorted, (granted speakers were at max volume) and I am constantly watching movies/gaming/listening to music on this, just amazing speakers. Looks sleek.

Cons: -Keyboard layout (would prefer different dynamic around the num pad area, although it works alright) -Some glitches with software (although I believe these to be isolated, therefore not necessarily a con) -5,400 RPM HD -Bloatware (although it is minimal, and to be expected) The keyboard can be a bit of a pain, with respect to the num pad dynamics, however the rest of the keyboard (everything left of num pad/arrow keys) is laid out nicely. Very minimal flex. My software issues appear isolated, so not much of a con. HD is only 5,400 RPM although this saves power and is really not as slow as others might make it out to be.

Overall Review: Definitely worth it for the price. Amazing processor and graphics card, great for gaming and school work. Plays newer games with modest settings at its native resolution, max settings at lower res. Battery life is decent, on power save mode I get a tad less than 6 hours of programming with some wifi/web browsing mixed in. Keyboard is not as bad as others make it out to be. Also, many of the issues others seem to be having with this laptop are software related, and every one of them (from what I gather) have been or can be fixed with driver updates (in some cases it seems they have uninstalled drivers completely and wonder why some features like function key and the top buttons don't work, go figure). A fresh install of Windows and a quick search on some forums for the proper/needed drivers is recommended, none the less (to get rid of the bloadware, which takes 20minutes tops to do manually). Great all around laptop for gaming and entertainment.

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Nice screen protector11/15/2011 9:05:26 AM

Pros: Good quality, extremely cheap screen protector. Keeps scratches off the screen and coverage is over all the right areas. Does not peel off with normal usage. Very good at NOT attracting fingerprints, and even when there is a bit of smudge every once and a while, it wipes off with ease. Does NOT inhibit screen ( in terms of brightness, display quality, ect. ) Excellent price for the product; Highly recommended.

Cons: Tedious installation (though all screen protectors are like this)

Overall Review: Installation is a pain, as with any screen protector. Suggest using credit card lightly to push bubbles out, and use clear tape wrapped around finger to poke and remove any dust that remains under screen protector when installing; Also clean hands and install in environment with little air flow/dust. Extremely happy with purchase, very cheap and highly effective. No fingerprints to constantly wipe off, screen is just as responsive as without the protector, and it does NOTHING to dull out or dim the screen itself.

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Possibly defective device.11/15/2011 8:56:37 AM

Pros: Extremely cheap for data cable, wall adapter, and card adapter. Fits into phones port nicely with little wiggle room.

Cons: Product works on occasion. Will work after not having been plugged in recently, however it is a hit or miss on whether it will actually charge or not. Have tried on 2 different phones (one rooted/modded, other completely stock and brand new), and on both it is hit or miss. Tried unplugging/plugging back in to no avail. I believe restarting phone allows it to work again however. Also, when plugging the cord in, the screen goes berserk (i.e. random button presses, presses wrong buttons when I try to do something) which lasts while it is plugged in, and only when the screen is unlocked. When I use this, I can only use it for charging (data transfer seems to work flawlessly, interestingly enough). Cheap quality as well, noted by slightly off-center placement of USB connector in both car charger and wall adapter; Then again, for the price, I wouldn't complain (if device worked 100% of the time, and as it should)

Overall Review: Tested on multiple phones (stock and rooted) and same outcome. I've concluded the problem to be the cord, as I tried with a different cord and the adapters seemed to work flawlessly. Good price, rated 2 stars for price and the fact that it works on occasion.

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Great case for the price11/15/2011 8:47:37 AM

Pros: Cheap, effective case for the G2X. Adds a layer of protection that allows it to take a beating. I have dropped mine from several feet high with no adverse reactions. Looks decent, although I have to admit I like the phone case itself better. Great buy if you need a sturdy case to keep the phone protected, especially considering the price.

Cons: Not exactly the highest quality case, although you should know this when buying from the fact that it is dirt cheap and made of TPU. By quality I am simply talking overall feel/look, both the functionality and aesthetics of the case itself are high grade for the price.

Overall Review: Again, for the price, its a great case for protecting your phone from nicks/scratches. All the ports have cutouts, it fits nicely around the phone with no wiggle-room. Volume rocker does not have a cutout, leaving it better protected although you will have to push a bit harder to press the buttons in, nothing major.

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