Love these5/7/2021 10:50:21 AM

Pros: They work great for low power machines

Cons: none really

Overall Review: 4 core 4 hyper-thread run cool on stock intel heatsink/fans I use these for low power PC's - light gaming or office machines

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I know it was used but...5/7/2021 10:46:21 AM

Pros: None

Cons: Smelled Like a cigarette No video on boot but the computer was actually booting to windows with it, sadly no video anywhere, tried DP and HDMI Really acted like someone had changed the bios and used it for mining

Overall Review: Not at all

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Works Great5/7/2021 10:42:48 AM

Pros: No Issues at all .... DOCP Picked it up and ran with it on an Asus B550i and it synced up with the Aura no issues

Cons: None

Overall Review: All of the oloy I have bought and run on a few different boards has done as promised

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It Works but ....2/25/2021 5:11:42 PM

Pros: It's easy to use, windows sees it - 2 4tb drive and 150MB's between drives .... to/from the desktop 180MB's Stable moving 4 iso files for a total of 10TB

Cons: You cannot Software raid in windows with this, No raid0, No raid1 - No Raid at all, you can't even convert the drives to dynamic drives

Overall Review: if you want 5 drives that cannot be combined then it's great if not then you probably don't want this as for me, I will be returning this!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Much appreciate for choosing ORICO as your preference, this is Maite from ORICO Customer Care Team. Thanks for your kindly feedback, truly sorry for all the inconvenience to you. To deal with your problem and serve you well, could you please tell me the problems by email? My email is, We will try our best to solve this problem Sincerely hope if you can give us a chance to fix the problem. For the defective products within warranty, we can send you a replacement. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Best Regards
Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Not for thick plush carpet2/1/2021 5:54:35 PM

Pros: Tons of suction

Cons: Tons of suction on thick plush carpet, it tries to inhale the floor and won't move

Overall Review: Hard floors and low cut carpet will probably be great

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Nice Fast Board2/1/2021 5:51:02 PM

Pros: Came from Maximus XII Z490, This board is faster somewhat Running 10850K on air, DDR4 G Skill 4266 32GB C17 (2x16) , TEAMGROUP T-Force CARDEA II 1TB NVME Runs cool and Fast as hell without any overclock yet other than xmp on the ram boosts to 5.3 on 2 cores and rocks all of them at 4.8 consistent max temps 74c adding a second m.2 turns off a sata port and not the pcie slots

Cons: None yet

Overall Review: This is a very nice upper midrange board with a lot of options

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Great Refurb8/2/2015 10:12:38 AM

Pros: I paired it with a G3258 for a WS/Server in my house and it works great. With Windows 10 it's crazy Fast and does the job well.

Cons: none really

Overall Review: I paid around $110 for both shipped and i would do it again. At that price you could build a nice little HTPC and it would run great.

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Fantastic2/23/2015 1:01:53 PM

Pros: Great Card

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: PLEASE STOP WHINING ABOUT REBATES. We don't care that you cannot follow simple instructions, we want the review of the product and that's all

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Fantastic2/19/2015 1:45:09 AM

Pros: seamless setup, phone, tablet and laptop all connected first time and the sound great

Cons: nothing yet

Overall Review: bought these for air travel and not disappointed

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
just as described11/6/2014 7:56:36 PM

Pros: this think just rocks and it is quiet. we replaced one of those Amish heater thingies and this just kills it in power consumption and heating ability.

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: Just buy it and you too will be sold !!!

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really??9/13/2014 12:07:41 AM

Pros: Great Drive

Cons: None

Overall Review: You people really need to quit bashing a product for your lack of technical knowledge of installing and using it properly, An ssd does not cause a cpu to heat up, video darkness, or firefox to glitch ... that would be your installtion and tweaking ( or non tweaking) of windows. i will assume you are probably overclocking wrong also, and prob bought the cheapest parts you could get ......learn to build and optimize and review a product for what it is, not what you failed at.

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WHY????8/6/2014 1:53:28 PM

Pros: Please review the product NOT the friggin Rebates .....

Cons: Nobody cares about your rebate you did not get because you failed to follow instructions

Overall Review: Please just review the product and nothing else, we don't need your life experiences or problems tied in with it.....there is no award for best or worse review therefore the drama needs to stay off the keyboard ....thank you

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Just to clear it up7/21/2014 11:33:06 AM

Pros: No pros for these cards see other

Cons: cards run hot. Will not run crossfire/eyefinity on 3 monitors without active adapters for dp according to color power tech support.

Overall Review: According to AMD the R9 Series cards will run 6 monitors out of the box on a single card ....while it will run 3X1 without the need for adapters. this is not the case with this card or 2 of these cards, It will only run 2 monitors at one time without adapters even with 2 cards in crossfire. This is nothing but a glorified, rebranded tru to the core 7850 with a bad cooling solution and a higher pricetag. I'm not slamming all the 270X cards but this Card just plain blows for current technology and this is the 3rd BAD experience with power Color and also the LAST as I will never buy any of their products again.

0 out of 1 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
Manufacturer Response:
Hello, This is Raymond from PowerColor. We apologize for the issue that you are faced with. If you plan on running 3 or more monitors, you would need to utilize an active adapter. Best Regards, Raymond
nice but....7/17/2014 12:21:28 PM

Pros: it's long enough for what I needed it for

Cons: it is a super tight fit compared to the original Samsung S5 cord. it feels like it's going to either damage the phone going in or rip the whole thing out the bottom when removed

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
expected more6/9/2014 3:53:08 PM

Pros: nice box if you can jump thru some hoops to get it going (see other thoughts). its runs very fast with windows 8.1 but I was not able to get the included Linux Mint to work at all

Cons: the unit I received had problems with the product ID not being Valid or recognized by intel for the bios updates and driver downloads in the bios

Overall Review: while i believe I may have just got a random unit that has issues I cannot get past the fact that this unit was not tested for basic functionality before being boxed, I understand mass production but it would take like 1 minute to make sure it worked properly and would cost maybe $1.00 more added to the retail price, and which i would gladly pay. with that said, the unit works pretty good after you figure out how and where to get all the needed files and updates

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Just to clear it up6/7/2014 8:43:45 AM


Cons: quit raggin on windows8, it runs faster and better than windows7 and you can download "classic shell" google it for the start menu you are used to apps.

Overall Review: 8 sec boot times if you load to an ssd in uefi mode and boot from "windows manager" uefi drive, set your bios to windows 8 and fast boot. People need to take some time and learn things before you post incorrect info and flame a product

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Love these fans5/24/2014 8:44:54 AM

Pros: These work great, move some good air and look cool too

Cons: not 4pin but the asus Z97-Pro handles them without a hitch and keeps em at around 500-550 and I cant hear them in the front of the Carbide Air 540, put one in the back also

Overall Review: Quiet, Moves air and Looks Great.

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Awesome for the price5/24/2014 8:39:47 AM

Pros: First off the Bios is really nice, Thx Asus for finally making the bios look good and be fuctional also. Everything on this board rocks ...the layout is great in the carbide 540 Air case with a Corsair 100i Push\Pull in the top, boots fast with my 4770k and OC'd it to 4.4 just using 5way optimization. the sound is ok but could have been a little better imo if it had some sort of software (ie: sound blaster) , the fan control is great and does not burst the fans to 100% at boot after they are set up, the POP noise from previous gen boards is gone on boot and shutdown now, gaming with the intel nic and Cfos(turbo lan) is good, fps up and MS dropped 5ms compared to the killer nic I had on another board, hot swaps all work after they are set in bios and fast they are.

Cons: really none, this board is well designed.

Overall Review: The avg gamer or enthusiast would be perfectly happy in this board, it runs cool and quiet and should last a good longtime until the next big thing gets here. all that and it looks good too it and never worry about it again just works well.

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I like it5/20/2014 11:25:03 AM

Pros: this thing is just WOW .... as small as it is it gets 100% signal where the built in only gets 60% Signal on my wife's laptop ...just get one and don't look back

Cons: so small I might loose it?

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Free mouse is nice5/15/2014 6:55:27 PM

Pros: Z97 Newness and a free gaming mouse

Cons: 4770k, OC to 800Mhz using OCGenie, thats total output....not an 800mhz upgrade, tried both windows7 and windows8, 8.1 .....turned on windows*/8.1 stuff in bios and told that my MSI 770 video card was not windows 8 approved and it disabled windows 8 enhancements, if thats not enough for you then how about no support for Intel IRST ......I dunno whats going on with this stuff but everything works fine on my z87 board so it has to be this board thats the issue

Overall Review: Been doin this for 25+ yrs and have never seen this. Bios is ver 1.0 so there are some issues that did not get worked out before the fast push to market and no upgrades available at this time. The mouse is really nice imo and I hate to send it back but this will def be an RMA and back to Asus/Gigabyte I go ....Sorry, MSI but i just cant use your boards ....i do use the video cards and will be looking into the Win8 Not supported on my 770 twin Frozer and may be buyin those elsewhere also

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the issues that you are having with this product. You may need to update VGA BIOS to hybrid to support Windows 8 mode. Please contact us with the serial number of your graphics card. If you have any questions, please kindly get in touch with our tech support team directly at 626.271.1004 for assistance during regular business hours from M to F, 6am to 6pm Pacific Time, or you can email us at When contacting us, please kindly include your product info, thank you. Best Regards, MSI Review Team |
UEFI BIOS needs work5/9/2014 7:41:33 PM

Pros: Very Nice Board indeed

Cons: The bios needs a lot of work, Compared to MSI it is just like looking into the 90's again ....if you're going to make an awesome looking board and you know the main competition has a comparable product but their bios looks absolutely amazing and is also user friendly then you should, as the number 1 board maker in the world step up your game and get this fixed ...its costing you money, market share and customers. if you put that same effort into this that you put into packaging it would be win/win. maybe the ASUS marketing team can help you with this problem

Overall Review: -2 eggs for the 90's bios Asus ROG is a Quality Line of Boards, I just cannot get over the fact that that they can put out such an UGLY looking bios when you know they can do better. for the premium price I paid for this or any other ROG board I expect a WOW FACTOR to be in the bios ....the very first thing I see when I fire it up for the first time !!! all the other features are just an added bonus :) J.J Fix this

1 out of 2 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
Just WOW5/9/2014 7:27:56 PM

Pros: this is the KING of Power Supplies, the quality and silence is so great

Cons: none really

Overall Review: Just spend the money and never look back or worry about a meltdown again

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
What can you say5/9/2014 7:25:30 PM

Pros: I cannot buy anything else but G.Skill Ram ....This stuff just works and i have ZERO Problems with it

Cons: not free

Overall Review: I have been drawn to the darkside with lower prices and claims of better quality but it always bites me in the backside and I end up with G.Skill every time so 5 yrs ago I just gave up and don't even look at the others anymore. i use G.Skill memory in everything that uses it and have never had to rma bad ram ....I still have ram from x58 days and its in haswell builds now and still just works flawlessly.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
Awesome for the price5/9/2014 7:19:22 PM

Pros: This board is really nice, I love MSI's Uefi Bios and wish others would conform to this level of quality

Cons: none

Overall Review: I had to return this and the APU I bought because the APU was just running way too hot, I really wish I could have put another APU on this but it was a combo and had to go back. Not MSI's Problem at all

1 out of 3 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
Nice5/9/2014 7:11:00 PM

Pros: Nice, quiet Power Supply that wont break your budget

Cons: nothing

Overall Review: Its just nice to see a budget power supply that is quiet and clean with active PFC and 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified. NICE JOB CORSAIR

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