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Good Deal for the Money5/14/2010 12:30:16 AM

Pros: Not that anyone cares, or to sound pretentious (which I'm sure I will anyway), but I'm an 'audiophile' and have about $50k worth of tube analog tub equipment in my basement as my primary sound system, so I wasn't expecting much (and didn't need much) quality for PC speakers, but for the money, was pleasantly surprised. Had to upgrade because my old A-L speakers weren't compatible with this brand new PC (w/Win 7 Ult.). Well packed, Sub is about 1/2 the size of the old A-L's, but sounds better. Remote is separate, as opposed the controls which were on the right front speaker of the A-L's. Easy to setup. Am using it with Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium, which is fine for what *I* use it for. (The reader may need/want something more esoteric, if used as their primary sound system). If you're on a tight budget or don't need a million dollar sound system, you can't beat the sound for the price and so far, I haven't had any problems whatsoever (*fingers crossed*!)...

Cons: Rear speaker wires are adequately long, as is the center speaker wire, but the left front and right front wires are about a foot too short. With some clever spacing, I was able to *just* make it fit where I wanted, with less than an inch to spare. Remote is hard-wired, as opposed to modular. Had to reroute the wire to keep it out of the way. Speaker stands are packed in reverse angle to save space. Get a phillips, loosen, flip them around and tighten - minor inconvenience. Sub woofer has NO cover/grill for the driver. It is down-firing, but still should come with at least a cheap grill.

Overall Review: The next upgrade (for Logitech) was the Z-5500, which was $300+ more, but even that set doesn't have a grill for the sub woofer (and that one is front-firing, which would make it a lot easier to damage). I know there are a LOT more expensive PC speakers sets out there, but as I said, these are more than fine for what *I* need for my PC. When I want true sound, I play vinyl on my equipment in the basement. (Yeah, I know - I guess I'm 'old' now!) Trust me - analog beats digital by so many orders of magnitude - and I also have one of the best (and unfortunately, highest priced CDPs, along with the rest of my equipment), when I *have* to play my CDs. I researched this for a week or two and read hundreds of reviews and I've noticed that everybody says Logitech's customer service stinks. I haven't needed them for these speakers (yet!), but I have all kinds of other Logitech peripherals and the one time I did have to use them (to replace a mic), they were fine. (Maybe they got worse?)

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