Great drive1/18/2020 8:19:28 AM

Pros: Fast. Good design. Plug and play.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought this when I built my latest pc as I bought a case with no option for a disk drive. Also neither mine nor my wife's laptops have them anymore, which is fine so for the random times I needed a drive I decided to spring for one. Right off the bat, I am not sure what all others have tried to hit issues with it. I have tried this drive across 5 machines now (granted they were all win10) with no issues at all, and no need for drivers. Noise level wise it is a tab loud when it boots up initially, however it is no louder than any laptop drive I have ever used. It plays dvds and bd's perfectly fine,and comes with a version of power DVD to allow you to actually play BDs and UHDs on your pc. UHDs are rough to get going though, they are really dependant on your computers hardware if you will ever be able to get them going or not. I have seen some complaints about vibration, but I have not noticed anything abnormal. It comes with rubber feet and sots fine on a desk or ontop of a pc tower. The connection is just a standard USB Micro cable. It does not need a cable with 2 USB ends for most usb ports that are able to provide modern power supply to USB peripherals. While I cannot comment on performance on OSX or Linux right now, overall using it I have been happy with the performance. Ripping audio CDs with EAC has actually been faster than any previous drive I have used (however all previous ones were just standard DVD drives). Would recomend this to anyone looking for a external drive for their laptop or tower drive.

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