above 9303/6/2014 7:28:22 PM

Pros: good sound for wireless i owned a logitech g930 for 4 years it was grate... but this sound and mic wise blows it away

Cons: tight fit very tight software is kinda weak no batt life indicator lack of sont select control cost abit more than the g930

Overall Review: compared to my g930 i overall like this alot better has the exact same range as my g930 i wish i would gotten this set first but they would of still boken there no adiophile headset but its wireless with a built in mic and are beautiful for gaming if u must have true quality sound i would skip them if wireless is a must tho highly recomended

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very hot3/5/2014 12:11:56 AM

Pros: mines at 685 stock with no tweaks people who say 500 dont know what there doing imo... i have no idea how it dose in games

Cons: hot very hot hit 102c in open air its not the chip or card its the pathedic excuse for a heatsink ... wheres the copper

Overall Review: with mods i got it to stablize at 83c on stock cooler no shroude with some 100cfm fans on it if u dont/cant mod i wouldent buy this for minning this will be going in my wain rig under water that will cool it down fine the heat issue maby big but im only knocking 1 egg for 50 bucks under and damm near msrp if ur guna buy amd i cant see why not and who would buy amd atm if there not mining ... its like setting money on fire ... unless ur a miner ofcourse than its well worth it 93 days and counting tell this is paied for

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thease drive are junk9/11/2010 4:02:05 AM

Pros: cheap

Cons: lasted 1 year

Overall Review: not from newegg so cant blame shipping it was retail not ome

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leaked11/26/2009 7:38:53 PM

Pros: when it worked it did a grate job

Cons: quality it would not have taken alot to make this thing good i took it apart everything is plastic just simple tygon tubes would have been a huge improvment and probly cheaper to make

Overall Review: theres safer w/c items in this price range if your ocing in alot of cases air works very good watercooling on a small scale will provide nothing more than less noise

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Ownership: less than 1 day
it is 24v9/22/2009 3:24:12 PM

Pros: na

Cons: na

Overall Review: it is 24v package is wrong. look at pic of back of fan 24v at 12v it will run at lower speed

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
best for fps games10/17/2007 4:41:02 PM

Pros: good button placement best gaming pad iv ever owned id had this thing for 4 years the wsad keys no longer have and spring in them its about time for a replacement lucky me i see it hear i got it from some retail store the first time for my laptop

Cons: it dosent last for 4 years of heavy gameing

Overall Review: if your a gamer and ur being pwnt get this the guy whos pwning u probly has one

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goof7/13/2007 8:06:55 AM

Pros: same as the ddr500 ones just set for tighter timings ran them at ddr600 for 6 months now

Cons: run hot

Overall Review: put heatsinks on them they will last a very long time i run them at 3.2v still not dead no problems memtest86 passes every time at ddr600

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fast7/13/2007 8:04:20 AM

Pros: very fast oced 2 ddr600

Cons: none

Overall Review: they run hot put heatsinks on them and there fine at ddr600 for about 6 months not a problem

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huge6/20/2007 8:08:44 PM

Pros: its big lots of airflow and room to work.

Cons: none very good for the price

Overall Review: i wanted the black one but it black one with the bigger fan was more i dont need a bigger fan since im water cooling. painted it black front comes off easy but is on there good.

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4/17/2005 10:21:09 PM

Comments: asome ram not evan for the $$$ this stuff outproformed alot of top $ ram 2.5-4-4-8 t1 @ 431 mhz rock solid with some heatsinks id recomend solid copper ones

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4/7/2005 11:18:37 PM

Comments: the mouse rox i read somewhere it has a sqeeling problem ... indeed it dose a its fan is cheap so cheap its not oiled a little wd-40 and it workes evan better than befor :[ it actualy got louder but that sqeel was worse :] overall a asome mouse for the price

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4/7/2005 4:34:02 PM

Comments: this board was the bigest pain iv ever encountered someone at dfi musta passed out at the keyboard whall making the bios it has some really nice ocing things in it thow but the sata problems 2 mutch for me i need my sata shiping was asome got hear in just 2 days i ordered a k89n neo 2 replace this ne aredy shiped i ordered it 6 hrs ago newegg rox :]

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4/4/2005 10:38:49 PM

Comments: this case rocks asome green i had my matalic green paint redy but alast no need the paint job is to asome 2 change :] asome shiping time as whell

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3/31/2005 10:36:19 AM

Comments: iv had 3 pairs of thease 1 of them stolen other broke (my fault snowboard crash :] woohoo ) but thease little things are asome iv been uceing them for 2 years will never buy anying elsie for hedphones and also sony kicks XXX aswhell :] my next pair is comeing from newegg better than some other places 50bucks a pair or 60 for the ones with the cord extender overall verry nice duribal and best sound iv ever herd outa hedphones

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3/24/2005 1:49:15 AM

Comments: overclocked 2.4 ghz. cant beat that for 130 bucks :] asus k8n-e delux 1 gig rosewill ddr400 2-3-3-6 raptor 37gb sata

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3/24/2005 1:43:28 AM

Comments: yea the picture dose no justice. there really shiny,i gave them a 4 cas there was a small gap with the termal tape. other than that thow thay work!!! rosewill ddr400 2-3-3-6 :]

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