solid2/22/2012 3:37:35 PM

Pros: biostar is great used multiple board manufacturers over the years an ive come to the conclusion that biostar asus and gigabyte are the only boards i will buy anymore

Cons: none

Overall Review: board booted right up perfect out of the box able to oc easily to 5.2ghz on my i7 2600k layout is great plenty of features overall biostar did an amazing job on this board minus the whole bios reading wrong was supose to be a a+ but reads as k+ but after a little research guess the k+ are replacing the a+ models same baord they just fixed some minor problems with the a+ model

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moved from gts 250 to gtx 560 nice increase2/22/2012 3:34:31 PM

Pros: fast card bundled with 16 gigs of 1866 ram and a intel core i7 2600k cpu oc at 5.2 ghz and i max out all games full aa af max settings rarely see fps drop below 60 since i have vsync on best part being able to fully utilize the cuda processing under linux enviorments if my cpu wasnt able to process enough data can always throw 5 times the load to my video card :D

Cons: no tri sli but only plan on gettin 1 more of these anyway to later sli when the 600 series release so hoping to get my next one for around 150 if possible considering i just spent 1100 on this new setup

Overall Review: the card is alot smaller then you will expect surprised me also the being able to crack high rated encryptions with the cuda cores in nice under linux would of taken me almost a month to break a wpa2 encryption now its done in a matter of a couple hours

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switched from amd to intel2/22/2012 3:26:10 PM

Pros: this chip is a beast idel at stock is around 40c load never goes higher then 62 but overclocked to 5.2 idel is only 42-44 and load is only 60-65 amazing chip

Cons: stock heatsink isnt worth the cost of production imo they should just stop including them and have the option to just include a aftermarket with it what i ended up doing

Overall Review: not sure if my temps are ok really or not ive been a amd fanboy for 15 years didnt really use intel chips much till now but from what i read this chip is rated to be able to take almost 80c for a while before the thing fries

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alot better then stock at least2/22/2012 3:19:09 PM

Pros: install instructions are just plain horrible you can most likely figure out how to mount it without even looking at the book but then again i never use instructions half the time but overall a great cooler

Cons: not sure if this is a con but i have this on a i7 2600k at stock in my bios it says idel is 50c but when booted into windows it says running at the 37-41c range which sounds about right and i do disable the power settings an cpu throttling

Overall Review: under load at stock this chip peaks at only 62c with this cooler idle is avg around 40 yet even at 5.2ghz i only see a 2 degree change idel 42-44 and load 100% 63-65 which is still great

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overall good2/22/2012 3:07:14 PM

Pros: cheap the more you buy the less you pay

Cons: they dont seem like they quite run at 75 cfm let alone almost 30db either ill be able to test them better once i get my fan controller in but even running on 3 pin power plugs they just dont seem to meet the specs rated at

Overall Review: i would say anywhere around 50-55 cfm with about a 19 db range is appropriate for the fans running on just the included adapters

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overall ok2/22/2012 3:04:14 PM

Pros: tight timings at high speeds about all i can think about

Cons: firs 2 kits i received were defective newegg replaced them fast for me but once i got the 2 new kits back they work great only problem is its not clearly stated on newegg or patriots site that if using more then 2 kits together they reduce their speeds and become unstable at the rated xmp profile which wasnt a huge deal could understand that but the only way i was able to get both kits to run at 1866 was to manualy adjust and test every timing setting possible before i found a stable profile to use

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this cooler actually owns5/8/2010 5:26:02 PM

Pros: raised high enough off the card to miss caps and such fan pushes a lot of air dropped my eco friendly 9800gt which idle ran at almost 50c !!!!!!! thanks to bfg for making that junk stock heat sink btw but this cooler dropped it down to 29c idle and under load didn't peak more then 38c

Cons: the compatibility chart is very misleading this will fit almost any card they make now a days it just takes a little bit of messing with the peg layout on the back to get it to fit but it can fit like 4 diff styles of mounting layouts so if anyone is wondering it will work on a 9800gt gts 250 and a gtx275 not sure about ati cards for their newer layouts haven't used ati since my old 1950 pro lol

Overall Review: umm its like 15$ really u cant get a better cooler for this cheap my old zalman vf700 i think it was cost me like 35$ and did not even cool the card more plus i love how the heat sink covers the whole card put lil mem sinks under it and you are good to oc to your hearts content

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here are benches7/19/2007 2:03:05 PM

Pros: these are for everyone who keeps saying the 8600gts is a equivalent of a 7600 these benches show this card is basicly a dx10 version of a 7900gt

Cons: none

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cant be compared to a 76007/17/2007 11:16:06 PM

Pros: everything

Cons: none

Overall Review: first off everyone keeps saying this card is a 7600 equivalent IT IS NOT this card out performs the 7600 series in almost every benchmarks just google it if your experiencing problems with this card it is most likely your system you need at least 1 gig ram and a 2ghz proc either amd or intel it doesnt matter ive tested a amd 939 skt 3700 cpu with 1 gig of croiser value select ram with a 7600gt and this 8600gts this card out performed it in every benchmark and game sure at higher resolution above 1280x1024 u will notice some performance drop but it still managed to beat my old evga 7600gt card in css, bf2, bf2142, doom3, oblivion, stalker, and even on 3dmark 06 so for everyone that says this is an equivalent to a 7600 your badly mistaken and for those who read the other reveiws dont trust them i have purchased 3 of these cards so far 2 for sli which compete with my friends 8800gtx on 3dmark 06 and a the single card for a customer of mine. if any problems download the latest drivers

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another thumbs up7/16/2007 10:06:30 PM

Pros: ive purchased 3 of these cards so far2 for my sli rig which is amazing it beats out a single 8800gts card for a litle cheaper then the 1 card

Cons: none

Overall Review: bought a 3rd for this p4 478 board i had layn around by asrock it has a pcie 16x slot on it and i fgured with this 400mhz fsb chip i had running it would bottle neck so bad but this chip oc'ed from 1.6 to 2.8 easy and it keeps it from bottle necking no prob this is a great card still plays all my games at my 1280x1024 res maxed no lag

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GEEEZE7/9/2007 4:06:56 AM

Pros: ok first off my 3d06=6194 stock clocks, overclocked i hit 7091 amazing my system is a amd 4400x2 oc'ed to 2.9ghz 4 gigs geil ram an evga mobo suports sli which im running now after seeing how one card performed

Cons: none

Overall Review: ok so for a lill more then 300$ for 2 of these cards i am running sli now after seeing how one of these card performed and im impressed alot my score is competeing with the 8800 series score and i spent half the price as one of those cards. im able to play all games maxed my defaul res is 1280x1024 its just the res i like i can play all games maxed so far with 100+fps in every game i have tried so far even oblivion although these cards do have trouble handleing aa and af when turned on but when i put sli in there it fixed that prob well for the most part i just hope i can play crysis when it hits the stores

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REVIEW BELOW ME7/9/2007 3:54:30 AM

Pros: first off i dont have this card my friend bought it to just be able to replace his old x1650pro that died ya its better yay who cares i have the 8600gts by msi which smokes this card anyway for like 20$ more i got almost 30-50 fps over my friends system right now and he bought the same cpu and ram i have along with board cause its his first build he just wanted to get to know it and if he had the same i had he would understand better i guess idk

Cons: none

Overall Review: for the review below this that said the factory clock was 800 for the mem and he has his tech standing at high hmm maybe u should lower it i dont mean to trash on u dude but even when i was a total nub in computers i even knew that when u have gddr3 ram u double the clock frequency so it is running at the rated 1600 if u over clock some programs dont read it as gddr3 ram only as ddr which most of the times those apps have a option to show it as gddr3 mem instead so u can see what the total calculation is in the end

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WOW7/4/2007 12:11:56 AM

Pros: alright i have water cooling on this thing on my evga baord its an sli setup with 2 8600 cards it only cost me like just under 700$ to set this setup up and all i can say is wow i have this clocked at 3.2ghz running stable i can push itto 3.4 but it will lock sometimes and 3.3 it just runs hot ish and not very stable never locks but slugish

Cons: none not a c2d chip but who cares always have been an amd fan and always will i would of liked to say with ati for video but seeing the benchmarks of the x2400 and the x2900 cards i deceided to go with 2 8600gt cards which only cost me 200$ for both so id say i came out above i shoud pry of waited for the x2600 cards to see those benches though :S

Overall Review: this chip is insane for the price i a promo code for 5$ off so i got it even cheaper i ordered all my stuff from newegg the same day and they got me it the next day when i used fed ex i never use ups after my friend worked there and i see how they treat there pakages

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WOW7/4/2007 12:05:22 AM

Pros: alright first off i bought this a long time ago when they first came out newegg since removed it from there site and put it back up recently dont get detured by the brand of this many people say rosewill isnt a great brand but this is great it powers my 3600x2 clocked at 3.2ghz running stable for the past 3 weeks now i have 2 8600gt's in sli on a evga mobo with teh 590sli chipset for 16x 16x speeds and all i can say is wow (read other thoughts ran out of space)

Cons: ...... none get this psu it doesnt have the pcie connectors for the next gen cards like the new ati ones but the nvidia ones dont use those

Overall Review: alright i have this powering my 2 8600gt's in sli and people said the 8600 cards are junk considering i paid 100$ each for my evga 8600 card and it scored 7320 on the 3dmark 06 then when i had sli enabled i hit the 9000's they are no joke i do have these over clocked about 15% not to much didnt want to push them but i never drop below 150fps in my games i even get an average of 72fps on the lost plannet demo they have on steam people may say no way with a 8600 but i do have a wed page where i posted my results and a screen shot ill update my review once the web site is back up so i can hyper link the url. also keep in mine i have every part of my system over clocked the cpu from 1.9 to 3.2 and the cards about 15% im running water cooling to keep everything nice and cold also i have 2 120mm fans pushing air in and out to make sure everything stays cool

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hmm seems fine to me1/29/2007 3:50:33 PM

Pros: alright this is the third one of these i have purchased and have no power issues at all i bought one way back when these were first released and it is still powering 2 7900gt's in sli and 2 500gb western digital sata 3 hard drives with no problem

Cons: well i dont like the silver polish rly leaves prints easy wish they came in black or some other non matalic color

Overall Review: all of these i have purchased have been fine so far ive had one for almost a yr now and no problems at all the other only a few months now but still no ploblems

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great for teh price BUT9/12/2006 3:03:35 PM

Pros: alrigth these cards are great they are just as good as teh regular 6600 and perfore the same

Cons: first off i didnt like how they are vanila sli cards but for the price its alrigth vanila sli only decreases performance a bit but not much

Overall Review: i ordered 2 of these and they sent me 2 totaly different 6600 cards i know they work with sli still but i was expecting 2 identicle cards

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unbeatable in sli8/12/2006 1:48:56 AM

Pros: i originaly only bought 1 from newegg got the other from friend i had these running in sli for a while with 2 gigs of geil high performance ram and a x2 4400 clocked at 2.9 ghz i didnt over clock at all for the cards but when i booted up fear i was hiting 170fps as a low marker and 300 maxed my friends didnt belive me at first it think but then i showed em the screenshots i later on sold one and just went with 1 card for now and i still get 150 easy and 200 max now with just 1 card and in oblivion when i set it to max settings throught the menu i get about 130fps indoors and about 60 to 70 outdoors and in big citys

Cons: none besides price id say 250$ would be resonable

Overall Review: this is a greqat card i have a zalman vf900 cooler never goes above 37c load idels at 29c to 32c i have over clocked since then and i managed to get this to 590 core and 2150 mem with no artifacts but i ahve another quick thing anyone els get these black boxes in cs 1.6 its anoying me it isnt my card cause my friends does it to even when not oc'ed

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great case and great price8/10/2006 10:11:26 PM

Pros: this case can take an 80mm, 92mm, or a 120mm fan in the back same with the front panel as soon as i got this case though i ripped the Krapppy-(they wouldnt let me spell it the rigth way and i couldnt think of another word lol) 80mm on the side off which was loud for an 80mm and drilled holes and made a 120mm fit there just so i could have 3 120mm fans there this case is extremely modable also theres plenty of room and teh metal seems cheap but it is actualy sturdy and since it is steel it droped teh db a few more then my last case did almost cant hear my 120mm fans although they are 10000rpm fans in it but they only push 59 cfms so there not made to be loud but they do a great job

Cons: none realy besides i had to use ups they stink i ordered 2 cases in the same order and normaly with fed ex i get both at the same time i got 1 ont eh day they were expected to both be here and the other the next day :(

Overall Review: buy this if you need a cheap case that is easlily modded also it comes with a 450 wat psu so thats a plus also

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great case8/10/2006 10:05:00 PM

Pros: wow this case with the core fan is awsome although i imediatly replaced all the stock fans with thermaltake thunderblad 120mm's keeps every thing at 30c or below never hits above 35c on load thats after about 3 hours of css or wow

Cons: none realy i was just concerned about the clearence of the core fans to the motherboard because my cpu and ram slot placement on my board are a litle further to the right side of the board then most boards but exelent fit it just sits above my ram and has about 1" of clearence

Overall Review: i bought this case with the psu in it i didnt need the psu so i just have it lying around i didnt see the one that didnt ahve the psu for about 5$ less

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addon to my last post7/20/2006 1:44:31 AM

Pros: everything

Cons: none

Overall Review: this is an addon to my last post i have finaly got the lowdown on what dx10 will be dx10 will not be able to be suported on these cards or in fact any of the cards made before this dx10 reguires the new gpu's of the cards to be totaly revamped and from what ive been reading about this these or any cards at present times will be able to run dx10 but if you have the money and want to shine or brag to your friends buy it but still i recomend just waiting the what like 3 months for some of the new hardware and at the latest the next 12 months expected for delays but shouldnt take that long

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something is very wrong here7/20/2006 1:36:24 AM

Pros: i dont personely own this card my friend does the thing is i have a bfg 7900gt oc at 670/2050 and my friend hasnt oc yet but he gets only about 4600 in 3dmark06 with my card i get 5320 oc'ed and un oc'ed i still hit 4980 he sent his card in twice already thinking something is wrong and has got the same benchmarks every time the only place this card beats my 7900 is in source while im hitting 200fps fully maxed and everything enabled he hits 264fps teh card does well though beats my 7900 in almost every game by about 30 to 40fps but when the benchmarks comeout i just dont know whats going on

Cons: noe just runs very hot even with my vf900 from zalman on it was still ideling at 57 and load at 69 and for the price for only 30 to 40 fps in all the latest games i would recomend spending the 260$ for the 7900 instead of the 570$ for this card exspecially since nvidia is working on the new series and dx10 is commin out i would recomend to anyone who reads this to put off on any upgrades until we get to see what is going on with the new hardware (conroe,am2,dx10,vista) these are all expected to be released in the next year and if you want to save a few grand just wait for the new stuff to come out instead of waisting money

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O wow7/18/2006 10:57:06 PM

Pros: wow this is the fastes chip i have owned so far i upgraded from my old 3700+ which i had oc'ed to 2.9ghz stable with stock cooling as soon as i put this chip in and tested a game i noticed a huge increase in frames and in loading times i could easyly boot bf2 up without having any lag for the first few minutes like i did with my old 3700+ after using this chip for a week to alow my artic silver 5 paste to kick in the temps droped dramaticly it went from 37c idel and 43c load to 32c idel and 39c load after seeing the temp i decided to oc it and i managed to hit 3.2ghz stable with stock cooling and the temps are as if they were with regular paste and no oc'ing

Cons: none just the price i almost got the 4000+ instead because it was only 200mhz slower and i probly could of oced it but i had the litle extra so i went with the 4400+

Overall Review: if you plan on getting this make sure your board suports it i had an ecs board before my new board and the ecs didnt suport dual core my current system is a asrock sli32 board which i have sli enabled with 2 7900gt from bfg people keep saying sli doesnt work for the board but it does i also have this 4400+ along with 2 gigs (4x 512meg) sticks of geil value ram and 4 160 gig segate baracuda sata drives running in raid 0

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VERY NICE7/14/2006 1:31:06 AM

Pros: i originaly bought 1 stick of this ram for just using with testing computers out as they come my way because i rebuild and fix computers for others alot. Ever since i tested this ram i was bored one day and ran a mem strain test to see how it would stand up against my croiser ram which i spent xx$ on each stick and i had 4 sticks this stick almost beat the croiser ram on every test by almost double ever since then i have picked up almost 10 of these sticks of ram for testing and for my main system

Cons: none

Overall Review: this ram also boosted my performance in games alot my games would auto detect on medium with 2 gigs (4x-512meg) of croiser ram and when i switched it out with this geil ram (4x-512meg) sticks it auto detected all my games on maximum settings counter strike source auto detects with all settings high aa, af, v-sync, color correction, and hrd enabled and it also boosted my fps i have a bfg 7900gt and i use to get 150fps on the stress test and about 190 in game n ow im hitting 180fps in the test and almost 230+ in game. Also i have my card oc'ed from 475/1320 to 590/2340 i use a zalman vf900 cooler and it idels at 37 and load is 44 i am thinking on seeing if i can flash my gt to a gtx but idk it has been runnign at these speeds for almost 2 months now with no artifacts in any game if anyone has any info on that leave a post and ill check it out

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finished the benchmarks7/4/2006 4:48:19 PM

Pros: i just got the test results in last night now that i finaly got my 3d mark 06 working i overclocked this card to an amazing 630 core and 1972 mem i used a zalman vf900 the cooler g-man had in his reveiw and wow it works like a champ

Cons: none i would just like it more if it would be $250 or at least include a game evga does but hey it has a lifetime warrenty and 24/7 tech suport so thats good

Overall Review: g-man and i go way back from kindergarden and when he told me about this beast i was a litle scepticle but after he shown me his SLI setup with these and running fear at 145 fps maxed i was almost certain i was going to buy it i also picked up the same cooler and i overlcocked mine a litle further then his which he didnt recomend but i like it it idels at 55 though his idels at 37 but i got a 6249 on 3dmark06 he got 4000 sumtin but when he got sli it hit above my score by almost 500 points more great buy and awsome oc'er as long as you know what your doing and have great cooling

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wow7/1/2006 1:47:42 AM

Pros: so far i can max out every game and get 70+ in all of them fear i hit 166fps with this card oc to core 540 and mem 1650 in bf2 i hit 90fps steady and in source without v-sync enabled otherwise it caps it at 60 i hit 170+ and also for oblivion i get steady 60 while in doors and while runnign outside i never drop below 45fps

Cons: none so far just that the stock cooler is Shiat i replaced it with a zalman vf700 which can be bought at newegg for 30$ great deal droped my card to 37 idel and 42 load

Overall Review: if you plan on getting 2 of these cards for sli which i ordered another for and wow it is freaking awsome but for sli the vf700 cooler wont work i had to buy 2 of the vf900 which have heastpipes and are smaller but in my opinion cooled my card down by about only 5 celcius but i ordered artic silv 5 for them should be here in a few days and idk if this is good but in 3dmark06 i scored 4134 i havent benched alot of cards so im unsure if that is anygood just post a reply if you have more experience

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