6/18/2010 5:14:58 AM

Pros: It's RAM. It works.

Cons: A little expensive for 6GB of RAM.

Overall Review: Works great in my new core i7 build.

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6/18/2010 5:13:42 AM

Pros: Blazing fast. Coming from a dual-core 2Ghz Pentium 4, this thing was amazing.

Cons: The instructions weren't terribly helpful to me, this being my first time installing a processor. I had to cross-reference the processor directions, the motherboard directions, and the directions on the Arctic Silver website to figure it out. Pretty expensive, but worth it.

Overall Review: The stock heatsink fan is causing problems with my case fan, which blows air in the opposite direction right in front of it. That's not really Intel's fault though, and there's not much you can do about it.

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6/18/2010 5:10:05 AM

Pros: Works. Has USB 3.0 already (bought before any compatible devices were really available) and esata ports.

Cons: None really. It's a bit expensive, but that's what you get for getting a core-i7 compatible motherboard.

Overall Review: Looks a bit boring in my clear case, if you care about that at all.

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Amazing quality for the price...3/11/2009 3:45:00 PM

Pros: Can't beat the price, except maybe with junk headphones or $5 speakers. Very good sound quality for such a low price. If you want cheap speakers but plan on playing music on your computer, these are the way to go. The microphone/headphone jacks on the volume switch are handy too. The speakers separate from the subwoofer, which makes it easy to untangle and easy to transport.

Cons: Speakers are a bit light and sometimes fall over. Bass adjustment knob is on the subwoofer, which most people will end up putting on the floor. The volume knob doesn't work with headphones plugged in. Stupid design putting the volume knob between the subwoofer and the computer, instead of between the subwoofer and speakers.

Overall Review: Shipping is around $10, so it's best to combine with another order. If the main speakers don't separate enough from the cord so they reach the distance apart you need, you can carefully pull on the two parts of the cord and separate it a bit more. Make sure you take off all the shipping plastic-there must be like 15 different pieces! Mine came in a ridiculously large box.

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Great case1/3/2009 12:44:43 PM

Pros: Great cooling and space for a huge number of drives. Looks pretty awesome too. Gigantic, whether that's a pro or a con depends on where you're trying to put the thing. Tool-less design is fairly good for the drives. Little feet on the bottom help prevent it from tipping but feel a bit flimsy. Pretty soundproof; I have to lean my ear to the plexiglass panel to hear the hard drive.

Cons: One of the LED's on the front fan quit after less than a week. Difficult to figure out how to insert 3 1/2 drive externally. You can't use both screws and the clip on the PCI slot installation. Not only would said clip not hold up my graphics card, it also wouldn't even shut with the card in! I don't have that oversize a card that there should be a problem. REALLY needs a hard drive activity light. At first I thought I just hooked it up wrong, since no documentation came with my motherboard and I just had to look at the way it hooked up in my old case. But there really is none.

Overall Review: I got a rear fan. It seems to be just chance whether one shows up or not. Said fan doesn't have LEDs like some reviewers have said, it just seems like it because the big fans light up the whole case. A bit heavy when fully loaded. Save the box and packing if you plan to be moving it around! 30 pounds ship weight plus all the stuff in the case and the size make it pretty awkward to move. As a plus, the thing stays put due to the weight. Some people have noted the front door feels a bit flimsy, but it seems like you'd have to try to break it to me. Magnets on a door that comes close to what could be a floppy drive seems a bit of an oversight. Seems that the front fan controller is backwards, because it gets louder when I push the dial down. They both work, though.

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Works fine...1/3/2009 12:35:36 PM

Pros: It works. What more can you ask for with a memory card reader? Interchangeable faceplates let it blend in with black or beige/white boxes.

Cons: I was fooled into thinking it fit into a 5-1/4 bay as well. It doesn't! I was still able to get it in, but having 5 5-1/4 bays and only 1 3-1/2 on my case, I would have preferred to put it in a 5-1/4. Sometimes a bit hard to get the card into the slot.

Overall Review: The light labeled "R/W" seems to only tell if there's a card in the slot, not whether it's being accessed. If there's a door on your case, it might not close if there's a card in the reader.

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12/10/2008 3:17:00 PM

Pros: Nice and cheap for the rating. Some nice ones at Best Buy with the same rating are over $100! I bought this because I wanted a new graphics card and my HP-supplied 250W OEM junk couldn't handle the load.

Cons: Only 2 SATA connectors. They're so close together (about 3-4 inches apart on the same cable) you may have trouble connecting them to all your drives. If you do, just get a cheap Molex to SATA adapter.

Overall Review: Great buy to start a new build or if you need to upgrade your existing power supply but don't plan to have gigantic power demands. No instructions, but most people can figure out how to upgrade their power supply; if they can't, they probably shouldn't be doing it.

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12/10/2008 3:11:41 PM

Pros: Great graphics for the price. You usually don't need the very latest graphics card, so buy a couple of models behind and save. PCI Express 2.0 interface. Fairly short, so fits in most cases, even mine, which barely holds a mATX motherboard. It runs fairly cool, even without a fan, keeping the computer nice and quiet.

Cons: The heat sink is big and tall, as one would expect with such a graphics card. Therefore, it covers up another expansion slot, which is a bit problematic in my case due to the low number of slots. Luckily, I don't foresee buying more than the one remaining slot of other expansion cards. The instructions STINK! It basically tells you to open the case, find the video card if there is one, take it out, and put in the new one, in broken English. Luckily, I know enough about this sort of thing that I could figure it out. Make sure you have someone who knows what they're doing or good instructions printed off before you start if you don't have much experience.

Overall Review: Sped up my Vista Home Premium computer tremendously and let me bump up the quality of my game graphics. Boosted my Windows Experience Index to 4.7 from the 3.0 of my integrated graphics. If you want a fairly cheap performance boost for Vista, definitely go for it. If you're upgrading an OEM box, make sure you check your power supply rating; this requires at least a 350W and many such computers have only 250 or 300.

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