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Bad Codes6/18/2014 3:35:40 PM

Pros: It's free

Cons: I was shipped TWO bad codes in a row. First time, they shipped me a new one right away, now they're making me wait 3-7 business days for anther department to take care of, whatever that means. Really starting to think it's not worth all the trouble.

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Does exactly what it claims to8/8/2013 7:58:14 AM

Pros: Accurate surround positioning, better than many sound cards I've tried. Easy installation and friendly UI.

Cons: Not hardware accelerated.

Overall Review: To my surprise, Razer surround is a significant improvement over CMSS 3d, the surround sound headphone output for the Titanium HD. I have no issues determining where sounds come from, and the ability to calibrate the directions is very useful.

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Very good processor7/24/2011 9:44:12 PM

Pros: This thing overclocks like nothing else! Even on stock cooling, I've managed a 4.3 GHz overclock while staying within acceptable temperature ranges. This processor will RIP through anything you throw at it.

Cons: Doesn't have hyperthreading. If you plan on running applications which would have a significant performance boost due to this feature, you might be better off with a 2600k. The stock cooling is terrible, as usual, and the only reason that I was able to clock it so high on stock cooling was because this processor is so amazing.

Overall Review: If you don't plan on overclocking this CPU, save some money and get the 2500 (without the k at the end).

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Very powerful graphics card!7/24/2011 9:39:32 PM

Pros: Extremely well cooled for a stock cooling solution, and VERY overclockable. I've got mine running at 920/1840/2100 at 1.05 volts as a 24/7 overclock. It never goes above 60.

Cons: Like any other high power GPU, it takes a bit to power. Make sure you have a good enough powersupply to keep this monster going, plus a bit of breathing room if you plan to overclock / expand.

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Good mic at a good price7/19/2011 1:14:54 PM

Pros: This is a good, clear mic at a cheap price.

Cons: None that I can think of

Overall Review: Bought this to take over for an integrated monitor mic - it makes all the difference!

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Good board12/10/2008 5:28:24 PM

Pros: Good board, intuitive bios. Easily OCed my E8400 to 3.5 on air cooling by just changing FSB and the multiplier. Just built my first computer using it, and I haven't had any trouble with it.

Cons: None that I can see, but I don't mess around with it very much.

Overall Review: Good board for it's price.

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Excellent Headphones5/24/2008 11:07:58 PM

Pros: Love the sound quality on these. Coming from useing the integrated sound card on my laptop, this is a MASSIVE improvement. I would never have believed the difference that headphones could make, but there you have it. The microphone is quite good also, very clear and easy to understand. After comparing the sound quality to my previous headphones,I was simply amazed.

Cons: Default volume is a bit low, and the bass could be better, but after tweaking a few settings on my computer, they are fine.

Overall Review: If you want a good pair of headphones, get these.

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