Great little add on card for front and back USB 3.04/18/2013 6:27:05 PM

Pros: USB 3.0 in the back of your case and an internal header 19 (20) pin USB 3.0 header for ports on the front of your case. Very affordable solution to upgrade an older 775 socket motherboard to USB 3.0

Cons: People please read the requirements before purchasing. Does require PCI-Express 2.0 motherboard. Not a con, but some people review it as such for some reason.

Overall Review: Pair this with a Biostar 2 x USB 3.0 front case bracket or better yet a Syba MRA55006 5.25 multidrive hotswap with 2 xUSB 3.0(1x3.5" HDD hot swap and 1 x 2.5" hot swap front case bay and turn any old rig into a modern marvel!

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What's not to love!4/18/2013 6:20:02 PM

Pros: USB 3.0 with 19 (20) pin header cable. Hot swap 2.5 and 3.5 bays. What more do you want? Sata 6.0GB speed USB 3.0 Super Speed! Everything you need to turn your case into a real workstation or upgrade a case for computer repair persons.

Cons: The only con I have is that the lever to release the 2.5" bay door looks like a button you should press instead of a latch you should pry. It took a little bit of time to figure this out. It should look like a latch instead of a button because there really is no place to really grab it to open other than using your thumbnail. Instead you are to slide it to the right to open. It isn't worth taking off an egg, because let's face it, this is an awesome value for all you get.

Overall Review: Very easy to mount and lines up with standard holes. Seems well made and hasn't given me any issues whatsoever. A great addition for any case upgrade for a very fair price.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Front USB 3.0 slots for the cheap!4/18/2013 6:12:27 PM

Pros: This is a great item for those looking to upgrade their case to modern USB 3.0 front slots. The price of this is much cheaper than you would think. Uses an onboard 19 or 20 pin connector and not some run out the back USB plug.

Cons: Finding a quality bracket for your case to mount with, but not the problem of the product just a side note.

Overall Review: You may find it somewhat challenging to find a 5.25 to card reader bracket for your case. It should also be noted that the item can be detached from bracket and mounted directly in place of your usb 2.0 connectors currently in your case, provided a fire wire port isn't in between your slots, but who uses firewire anymore, heck just remove that too. That is probably one of the best features of the item is being able to directly mount the cable and ports into your existing USB 2.0 ports.

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Great Choice4/18/2013 6:01:16 PM

Pros: 4 External USB 3.0 ports that work.

Cons: The slots can interfere with the slot separators on some cases.

Overall Review: Really the cheapest choice for adding USB 3.0 to an older computer using a 775 chipset and PCI Express 2.0.

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Best Air Cooler. Period!3/18/2013 11:33:22 AM

Pros: I own 3 of these. They keep every processor I have put them on cool and quiet. (30*c idle, 36* load with MX-2 paste on a I5 3570) (29*c idle 39* load with MX-2 paste on an I7 3820K) and (32*c idle, 45*c load with MX-2 paste on a Q9550) All of my machines tested running prime 95 torture test maxed.

Cons: Price, but at some point each year they are always on sale.

Overall Review: Forget the rest, buy the best! I only use Zalman coolers in all of my builds (20 in the past 3 years). Zalman products never fail, and they are extremely quiet! Never had one not fit either on many motherboards for the custom builds I make and sell.

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Failed to hold operating system2/20/2013 4:21:44 PM

Pros: price, size, 7200rpm

Cons: Would not hold operating system. Sometimes no operating system found, other times hard drive not found, another time 0 bytes, sometimes it would run. Buyer beware. I have purchased 50+ hard drives from New Egg and this is the first dead drive I have received. First and last time buying an HGST. I usually stick with Seagate, Toshiba, or Western Digital. Having to pay shipping to return a dead drive. That should be on the manufacturer or New Egg, not the customer. $12 to RMA in shipping alone.

Overall Review: HGST is a subsidiary of Western Digital after they purchased them, but the quality is certainly not the same. I would recommend spending $5-$10 more and get a Seagate, Toshiba, or Western Digital.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
The best of the best!1/20/2013 8:11:15 AM

Pros: Plays everything you can throw at it. It has a very small footprint and takes up very little space. It is easy to set up and when connected to a home network provides more options for online content than any device I have seen. I am able to stream videos MKV, ISO, avi, etc. any format without any lag from any of my 4 computers. Youtube, Netflix, MLB tV, Slingbox, Huluplus, Facebook, and many many more. It has wi-fi or ethernet, 2 USB, HDMI, and optical audio.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: I have sold 20 of these to my customers in the past year. Once someone has this they never go back to watching tv the same again. I use it everyday. Much cheaper than premium cable with a lot more bells, whistles, and games.

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Does recognize Ivy bridge processors12/29/2012 7:07:09 AM

Pros: This is just a response to the poster who said it doesn't accept Ivy Bridge? That is not true, it does, and I've proven it many times recently in builds. I had 0 issues out the boxes with these boards.

Cons: none

Overall Review: The only way he would have the situation is if he had an older board that he had prior to switching CPUs or a batch got thru without the new BIOS flash. All the boards have the new bios that I purchased from Newegg.

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Great bargain12/1/2012 2:13:49 AM

Pros: I bought this on sale at M C for $169, sorry New Egg :(. This is the best bang for your buck. It is fast. I also own a 3820 socket 2011 machine and this is faster for average use. Socket 1155 MB only allow 8x pcie3 in sli or cf. That said the most labor intensive game out there is only using about half of pcie2.

Cons: People who give reviews who don't own product. People who say they have a high tech knowledge, but don't know you get less space on a flash drive or hd when formatted.

Overall Review: For the person saying it is running hot below. You need to reseat your fan or your case does not have proper cooling. I always buy a Zalman cooler for my cpu's and either MX-2 or TX-2 non-conducting thermal paste. My cpu's never go above 50c under prime 95 over 4 hour test. They idle around 28c under heavy load might get to 40c. The only thing I know in life is anyone who says their cpu idles at 16c on air is just a liar, oh and never trust a man wearing suspenders and a belt.

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Use for Heating only11/30/2012 3:02:28 PM

Pros: I bought this baby for heating purposes three years ago and it is still going strong. My electric bill using heat was $500+ / MTH to heat an old house. If I ran oil it was $550 / MTH. I can heat the whole house using two of these units at about $235 / MTH (my higest electric bill in past three years). It has more than paid for itself. My November bill was $140, October was $120, December will be about $180, January will be $225, same in February, and then back down. Best bang for the buck heating.

Cons: When tank fills, you will need to drain water. Some people use the drip pan and come home to wet floors, I for one just keep it plugged until it tells me it is full and then drain. I have never had a wet floor doing this. It is large, heavy, and asthetically bulky and ugly, but I didn't buy it for the looks. If you wan't to save money on heating your home this baby does the trick. I have cheaper electric bills than anyone around me by about $300 / MTH. Who cares if it is ugly? It saves me over a $1000 year in heating costs. It works so good I bought a second.

Overall Review: I keep one upstairs near the stairs (easier to drain) and one downstairs. I have a 2-story 3 bedroom home in nortwest Maryland built in 1923. It is not insulated and this is by far the cheapest method of heating. These things are very efficient. The air conditioning is pretty lame, but the heat is a huge money saver. I have tried all kinds of heat and this thing is genius!

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Cheap and broken11/26/2012 3:15:26 PM

Pros: Looks nice

Cons: Came with one of the clips defective will not lock onto phone on one corner.

Overall Review: I guess you get what you pay for. Spend $20 and get a nice cover.

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Nice case but...2/29/2012 1:37:51 PM

Pros: Is a very well designed case with lots of features, including USB 3.0, open back for CPU cooler. Is very near impossible to add any case fans to this case. 1.If you use a Zalman 9700 or larger SPU cooler will bot be able to use case fans in top of case. 2. not for use with ASROCK motherboard Etreme 3due to heatsink on north bridge, the exhaust fan will not fit.

Cons: Is very near impossible to add any case fans to this case. 1.If you use a Zalman 9700 or larger SPU cooler will bot be able to use case fans in top of case. 2. not for use with ASROCK motherboard Etreme 3 due to heatsink on north bridge, the exhaust fan will not fit.

Overall Review: if you don't plan on overclocking, or have a tall north bridge heatsink on your motherboard, then this is a very nice case. If you have a northbride heatsink and cooling fan close to output panel, or are planning to put fans in the top for extra exhaust then you might look elsewhere. Not very useful of a case if you can't have any exhaust. Great features, poor design.

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Great Motherboard Pure and Simple!6/19/2010 3:27:45 PM

Pros: Everything. Easy overclocking. Go into Bios select the speed 3.6 or 3.8 ghz for your core I7 920 everything is set done! Easiest overclock ever. Computer runs superstable on this board. Tried 2 of the ASUS Rampage III errors galore for more than double the cost of this baby. Great spacing for your GTX 470's in SLI. Better running than a Gigabyte board I transfered from. Not one single problem, heck it even recognized my existing version of windows 7 x64 and didn't even have to reinstall! Awesome!

Cons: Haven't found one yet!

Overall Review: My system, all purchased from Newegg. ASRock X58 Extreme 3 Haf 932 2 ASUS 24X DVD Burners 1 Lite On 22X DVD Burner 5 Hitachi 2TB HDD 1 WD RE4 2TB HDD 2 WD BLACK 1.5 TB HDD 2 x EVGA GTX 470 SCE GPU's in SLI (Crysis over 44FPS maxed everything 1920 x 1080P) 4 port stata card running in the 4x 16x slot. 12 GB OCZ GOLD running at 1600MHZ Zalman 9700 cooler Intel Core I7 at 3.60 ghz 40c Logitech 5.1 surround setup Steelseries Merc Stealth KB 2 x HP 309a Photosmart Premium all in ones D-Link Wireless N DIR-655 (for the other computers) Lian Li 3 HDD bay add-on (awesome) Enermax 1250 W PSU Logitech Wireless Trackball If you can get it I highly recommend FIOS 25Mbps U and D.

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Would like it if it worked RMA on the way!6/8/2010 6:36:10 PM

Pros: Looks awesome and I'm sure when I get one working properly it will be great.

Cons: Couldn't get express 4x slot to work. Would not post after shutdown. Would post if restart selected but not if computer was off. Had difficulty getting most add on cards to work in any PCI-express slots. One minute the sata II raid card works in the PCI Express 16x slot, next thing I know it says all my hard drives are corrupted. I don't know if it is the Bios or what but don't feel like wasting two more days trying to figure it out.

Overall Review: No support from ASUS. Left information several times on website and through the phone. No one ever called me back or even emailed me. Waited for online chat for half an hour and then they disconnected and said try again later. Finally reached someone by phone and they told me to RMA it back to NewEgg, they never even mentioned the new BIOS or anything. Basically they either know there are some serious issues in quality control and/or BIOS or they are just lazy. Got an advanced RMA over the phone with NewEgg and should have the replacement board tomorrow. Will post a new review when I get this one up and running. Still haven't heard back from but it's only been a week. Maybe I should have stuck with my Gigabyte board. I got this for the spacing of my Superclocked 470 GTX in SLI. At least NewEgg is awesome with their customer service! Thanks New Egg!

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
worked for a little bit then died6/5/2010 8:09:25 PM

Pros: Worked for backup drives for a while

Cons: Then it died.

Overall Review: For $129 it needs to work and not die..nothing else to say...will be sending it back to newegg.

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One dead pixel , minus 2 eggs6/3/2010 2:06:58 PM

Pros: Works. Good little cheap monitor.

Cons: Arrived with a dead pixel. Screen is well off center on startup with Gateway 2800x series running Windows 7. Appears fine once the loading part is done. Updated all drivers and software still wouldn't fix the problem. Will only run 1600x900 at max resolution. Bought for a customer and arrived with dead pixel hopefully this won't be a big issue with her. Can't return for only one dead pixel and don't want to eat the shipping cost anyway. I normally use ASUS monitors as they are the best, but price was a concern for this person, I guess you get what you pay for. I tried to tell her otherwise.

Overall Review: Don't waste your money on these monitors. I own several Asus monitors never any issues. The first Hanns-G will be my last. Spend the extra money and get an ASUS and be happy. If this were mine I would not be happy.

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2 in SLI even Crysis doesn't stand a chance!5/31/2010 7:44:42 AM

Pros: There is nothing I have found that this setup won't play on highest settings. Real Benchmarks: Crysis maxed everything on 1920 x 1080 = 42 FPS avg. Battlefield Bad Company 2 maxed 32 AA = 98 FPS avg. FN awesome! After several hours of Battlefield BC2 and Crysis temperatures never reached over 92c. Fans stayed at 40% on auto. Don't waste money on 2 x 480 GTX in SLI, 2 of these will do anything and more. For around the same money as a Radeon 5970 you will get better performance, and when dirver issues are fully resolved and new ones developed I feel there will be significant headroom for improvement as if you need

Cons: You will probably want a great cooling case or well spaced motherboard. Upgraded to HAF 932 case from Cosmos 1000 and have never had to adjust fans from auto even though temps hit low 90's c. Not really a con as card is rated for high heat. Some drivers are hit and miss. The first drivers had issues as well as the new beta. Nothing worth taking an egg off, just inconvenient.

Overall Review: When these things get fully worked out they will be truly awesome in SLI. The May 10th drivers still work best. Have not had a single issue using them. All other drivers will create issues. Would recommend an evga classified motherboard or similar board with extra spacing for SLI cooling or watercooling, but will run in spec without with a great cooling case. These will heat your room up a tad, but when running through the jungle on Crysis or BBC2 at these framerates maxed who gives a hoot?! Core I7 920 @ 3.00GHZ 12 GB OCZ 1600MHz RAM HAF 932 2 x eVga GTX 470 SC (SLI) 5 hitachi 2 TB HDD 1 WD 2 TB 64mb cache HDD 2 WD 1 TB HDD 25Mbs Verizon Fios (Awesome) ASUS VW246H LCD Logitech 5.1 surround system Turtle Beach 5.1 surround headphones Steelseries Merc Stealth KB 2 x Plextor 22X DVD Burners Scythe Kazemaster 4 fan controller and display Star Tech 4 port Sata II PCI-E x4 Card Gigabyte EX58 UD4P MB Zalman CNPS9900ALED 120MM CPU cooler All Purchased from NewEgg!!!

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Running 2 in SLI is HOT!!5/22/2010 8:59:43 PM

Pros: A single card runs almost all games maxed with decent framerates. Crysis runs almost great completely maxed all setting on very high 1920 x 1080 with 8x AA. Temps do get warmer than comfortable with a poorly ventilated case. Turning the fan speeds up does fix the problem. The card is rated for high heat however I feel more comfortable with cooler temps. It is actually shorter than the GTX 275 it replaced by about an inch, just slightly longer than a 9800 GTX+ used with it as a dedicated Physx card. It actually was so awesome I bought a second for SLI. This is where the cons come in.

Cons: The first con was getting the SLI to work flawlessly with Crysis none the less, was getting red patterned screens ocasionaly on start up of the game and reduced frame rates on maxed settings. Uninstalled all drivers and reinstalled from NVidea website seems to have fixed the issue. Latest drivers were released May 10th. Second con was heat. On top of each other easily topped 100c in SLI on top card even with fans at 80% after an hour of Crysis. I have a Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 case which I replaced all internal fans with high airflow Scythe fans throughout, unfortuneately this setup will not work without liquid cooling or fans at full 100% which I can tell you is like running an air conditioner on high with the db level. When the Cosmos is loud it means these things are loud because it is the quietest case on the planet. In order to fix this issue I purchased a HAF 932 which has a nice 230mm fan to blow right in on these bad boys.

Overall Review: The cards run fine ...never glitched after reinstalling the drivers. Again you need a very well ventilated case with direct airflow or watercooling to to keep temps down. If you do not have this do not go SLI, one of these enough....but two are HOT!! in more ways than one! :) Coolermaster HAF 932 Core I7 920 @ 3.00GHZ Gigabyte EX58 UD4P MB 12 GB OCZ Gold 12800 1600MHZ 5 Hitachi 2TB HDD 1 WD BLACK 2TB HDD 1 WD Black 1 TB HDD 2 470GTX SLI Zalman 9700 cooler ABS MAjesty 1100W PSU 2 Plextor 22x DVD Burners Logitech 5.1 surround Turtle Beach 5.1 sur Headphones Steelseries Merc Stealth KB Thermaltake A2309 iCage 5.25" bay convert to 3 x 3.5" HDD Module StarTech 4 Port SATA II PCI Express x4 Card Model PEXSATA24E Asus W246H LCD Photosmart c309a All in one All purchased from Newegg!

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Great Memory! No Problems Here.1/10/2010 2:15:49 PM

Pros: Works as advertised. No problem on a Gigabyte board. Wish it was as cheap as when I got my first 6 GB, but hey supply and demand. So good I bought an additional 6GB.

Cons: The price increase from $100 to $150. OUCH!!! Thank doG the money trees I planted bloomed this year.

Overall Review: 12 GB OCZ Gold 1600 (PC3 12800) Core I7 920....seriously why get less? Gigabyte EX58-UD3R 5 Hitachi 2TB 32 MB cache 7200 RPM drives 1 WD 2TB 64MB cache 7200 RPM Drive dual processors (Operating System) Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium EVGA GTX 275 Corsair 850W PSU 2 Plextor 24x DVD/RW Zalman 9700 Cooler Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 4 hot swaps on WD 1 TB HDD ASUS 246H LCD Moniter Omega Striker 7.1 Audio Motorola Surfboard Modem Dlink Wireless N Router Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers Turtle Beach 5.1 Surround headphones Logitech Wireless trackball Logitech G-11 Gaming Keyboard HP Photosmart C5280 HP Photosmart Premium C309A. Vantec Sata II card for my external eSata Drives. 6 Scythe high end fans because they blow! Of course it's overclocked. All purchased from NewEgg....because they FN rock!!!! I don't play......I crush! You should see my other computer...

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Ownership: less than 1 day
NO DTS for some...TRUE.10/13/2009 8:19:08 PM

Pros: Where to begin! This is an awesome little device. It plays anything. It has a really nice menu and updating the firmware was a breeze. It has an optical audio out if you have a LCD with an optical audio in, or a audio/video receiver connector to a theater sound setup. DTS is not supported any other way. So the previous two posters are both correct. It is an easy work around using a little program called mkv2vob. It will convert the audio into AC3 leaving the video untouched. It has 2 USB ports. Will play large mkv files and h264 off a thumb drive.

Cons: Not any other than the DTS issue, but not really an issue with the workarounds.

Overall Review: I suggest formatting your 16gb or 32gb usb thumb drive in NTFS format if not using an external HHD. They are normally FAT32 and unless you reformat them you will not be able to place larger MKV or H264 files on them. And that's the reason we bought this right?

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Great performance - support more than lacking.7/3/2009 4:29:03 PM

Pros: This is a very fast running board. Installed a Q9550 and it installed windows faster than my I7 build. I was impressed. Bios is very simple with few options. SLI capable as I am running 2 9800 GTX+ for boy's gaming rig.

Cons: Well once this was running it seems to be great, however this is where the cons come in. This was not an easy build, not because of the MB but because of ZOTAC support, or the lack there of. Played email tag for two days before I gave up on support and finally figured out the issue reading hours worth of articles from various online sources. The MB did not like my used WD 649 SATA HDD, inevitabley ended up running two in a RAID format in order to install Windows 7 or Vista. It took 24 hours to get an answer for each email (could have spent a week or more figuring this out going through support) as all support is located in Hong Kong. No US phone support. I asked specific setup questions and they asked me a question in return even after I told them my setup and what I was using, and that I just needed him to email me the recommended BIOS setup for the config. After recieving questions in return for my questions I realized "support" was going to take well over a week.

Overall Review: Great MB once it is up and running. You have to manually set the RAM speed in order to recognize 1066. BIOS is lacking options (Good or Bad depending on the installer). AeroCool S9 Pro Black Zotac 780i Supreme MB Intel Q9550 CPU 8 GB Patriot Viper RAM (1066) 2 EVGA 9800 GTX+ in SLI 2 WD 640 GB HDD in RAID ASUS 22" HDMI 2MS LCD 2 Sony Optiarc DVD/RW Zalman 9700 Scythe 140MM fan up front (made a case mod to install) Corsair TX 750W PS Rosewill RNX-N300 Wireless N card Logitech MX518 gaming mouse Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard Windows Vista 64 (free upgrade to 7...thanks NewEgg :)

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
will not work!!!!!!!!!!!!6/20/2009 4:57:03 AM

Pros: Don't know

Cons: 1. Will not work with Windows 7 2. Will not work as an add on if you purchased Fallout 3 through steam. 3. Installs Windows Games Live and only gives me options of purchasing XBOX 360 Versions...!

Overall Review: I paid $20 for a useless piece of software that absolutely does zilch. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME IF YOU OWN Steam or WINDOPWS 7! THIS WILL NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great Headset6/15/2009 4:39:12 PM

Pros: Great Quality Sound. Adjustable volume knobs for front, surround, center, and sub-woofer. It's like having 5.1 surround speakers on your head. Comfortable and well built. Quality construction. Easily attached to my HT Omega Striker 7.1 Audio card with no issues.

Cons: Not really a con for this product but for 5.1 headsets in general. People can truly only hear in stereo, especially with speakers this close to the ear. 5.1 headsets are over rated.

Overall Review: These are quality though, if you are going to get a wired headset, this is the one to get. Completely satisfied.

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Great Burner6/4/2009 3:44:55 PM

Pros: Great DVD Burner! Using Taiyo Yuden Watershields 16X burns at Max! I have used SNY Optarc and have had issues. Especially running max. Plextor Delivers the goods! Works well with other software, whereas other burners had conflicts. Reputation precedes the product and lives up to the hype. Worth double the cheap drives. Which it

Cons: Has some issues with Windows 7 64 RC, but doesn't everything. Has Issues with Windows Vista 64 bit. Firmware beyond 1.03 will not install in 7 or vista 64. FYI No big deal. Itunes may lock you out of drive, but with the amount of software I run, really much better than ony other drive on the market.

Overall Review: Cosmos 1000 4 1TB WD HDs 2 WD 640 RAID Corsair 750W PS E8500 Overclocked to 3.8GHZ Gigabyte ED45C-UD3R Zalman 9700 2x Plextor 22x DVD Burners GTX 9800GTX+ 8 GB Patriot Viper 1066 Windows 7 64bit Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit

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Looks better in real life!1/18/2009 4:59:06 PM

Pros: What can I say, it's one thing to see the pictures, it's another thing to own it. It is everything you see and more. When it arrived I felt like I had bought a new car! This thing is awesome and that is an understatement! This is the best case available, period.

Cons: It's

Overall Review: This is the quietest housing ever created. E8500 GA-EP45C-UD3R MB 8 GB Patriot Viper 1066/PC 8500 DDR2 RAM 2 22X Sony NEC Optiarc Sata 3 WD 640GB HD (2 in Raid) 2 Seagate 500 GB HD EVGA 9800 GTX+ Corsair 650W PS Rosewill RNX N300 802.11N Zalman CNPS9500 AT Heat sink fan Logitech 5.1 speaker system Microsoft Wireless Xbox Receiever D-LInk DIR-655 Wireless N Router Motorola Surfboard SB5101 HP Photosmart C5280 22" ASUS HDMI LCD VH222

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