Quality I expected9/9/2019 11:54:08 AM

Pros: Well packaged. Well documented. Full Feature set. Vast BIOS configurability. Good looking (subjective). EZ-Overclock function was laughably simple. In-depth manual overclocking options garnered some lower voltages / lower temps. Wifi is fast when connected to AX2600 router. Intel NIC is ridiculously fast -- tested data transfer and was quite impressed. Great M2 heat sinks integrated into the cool board design. Convenient on board buttons, headers and jumpers.

Cons: Active chipset cooling -- not a fan of these fans as they tend to go out over time. This is something I've heard is less of an issue on the X570 chipset given it only spins up when temps rise. Regardless, in 20 years of system building I have yet to see a chipset fan outlast the board. Board didn't post at first -- typical when running very high performance memory. To resolve, I pulled out all memory sticks but one, cleared the bios in the back and fired it up without issue. Dialed in the correct timings and voltages for my memory and then plugged the other sticks back in without a hitch. As I mentioned before, this is pretty typical even with vendor validated memory. I could see this being a con for people who don't have experience and think it's a DOA board (post code wasn't listed in the motherboard manual for C5). When using nothing but NVME M2 drives, the bios config isn't as straight forward for loading a UEFI dependent OS. Motherboard drivers on CD/DVD? It's 2019 -- USB key, please! Extra credit for having all storage drivers ready for a windows 10 install.

Overall Review: Have been using ASUS since the P2B. Had a few shaky experiences with them in the past few years where other boards appeared to offer superior experiences. Despite this, I chose to run with ASUS for my first AMD build since the Athlon 64 days. My confidence is completely restored. The out of box experience was fantastic -- really exceptional quality and straight forward options. The board appears to be really well engineered, and I had absolutely no problems. I would like ASUS to improve the manual in three areas: - Memory configuration / First post. - - - Someone with experience will do what I did. But someone new to building a PC might have a poor experience which may have been avoided with a little additional documentation. This would clearly lose ASUS a customer for life which is never good. - NVME configuration when M2 drives are exclusively used. - - - I found myself bumbling around the BIOS until I sorted it out. - Motherboard drivers offered on USB - - - Increase your price 5 dollars and include a USB drive in addition to the CD. For those of us who have abandoned DVD drives, it really is a turn off to have to go to your website on a separate system and prepare a flash drive with storage drivers to install windows.

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Great case for the money9/9/2019 11:08:05 AM

Overall Review: Simple to build in. Simple to wire well. Well thought out for system integrators. Good looking (subjective).

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Good memory9/9/2019 11:06:12 AM

Pros: Runs at specified speed and timings.

Cons: Doesn't make coffee.

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