The Best I Have Found6/13/2012 9:12:57 PM

Pros: I purposely waited for several months to post this as I previously have been so unsatisfied by similar Netgear and Linksys extender/repeaters. This product flat out works with no set up problems, dropouts requiring resetting, marginal sgnal strengths and slow connections. I live in a very large house 5000 sqft with thick walls and floors some with steel reinforcements. My centrally located Linksys E3000 router left me dead in many areas. With this unit, I now have max bars on my iphones/ipads propped on my pillow, as well as 300Mbps connectivity on laptops. It simply works far better than my expectations and way beyond what I would have accepted.

Cons: I have kept waiting for something to go ary as with other brands but nothing has happened.

Overall Review: This is the first review I have ever written anywhere - but such is my satisfaction and relief that I felt compelled to do so. Reading back over this I sound like some kind of paid shill but honestly it is true

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