dead after a month5/30/2013 9:55:13 PM

Pros: it was average while it lasted

Cons: the laptop wouldn't boot after a month of very light use.

Overall Review: I bought it as a gift for my parents who live in another country because i was going to spend time with them for vacation. The day I came back home from the vacation, i got a call from my parents saying the laptop wouldn't start. It just shows blank screen. Not sure what they are going to do with it now that I am half around the globe. They don't have spare laptop so they probably need to buy another one. Good job Dell. Not buying from you ever again

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7/2/2004 4:28:19 AM

Comments: Great case. Was very easy to install parts. Provide enough cables and slots. I really like the front usb ports since I am using wireless mouse with power cable attached on it. It is very heavy and is not good for lan game parties, though.

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7/2/2004 4:25:23 AM

Comments: Great keyboard and mouse. But before you buy this keyboard, you should know that this keyboard doesn't help you prevent wrist injury. Everything is same as standard keyboard. You may end up using the mouse with power cable all the time because it eats up the battery veyr quickly.

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7/2/2004 4:19:58 AM

Comments: I had to make images of cds that this drive couldn't read on the other computer. Other than that, it is great combo drive.

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