Almost got 5 eggs, but one annoying flaw10/2/2021 7:44:46 PM

Pros: Right size, sleek looks, 5.25 bay, no window, light weight.

Cons: Screw holes are very easily stripped, plastic pieces can break with very little effort. Narrow width means it won't support a lot of CPU air coolers. Not a con for me, but buyers should be aware of this. I used a Cooler Master 212 Evo V2 (V2 version is very important since its shorter than V1) and it barely fit.

Overall Review: I decided to build a new computer for work out of the spare parts I had lying around from collecting and from all the "bundle deal" parts I didn't ask for when I build my Zen 3 system last December. This case was perfect for such a build, everything was fine except for a very annoying issue. Three motherboard standoffs were not preinstalled and the extra standoffs provided with the case were not screwing into the motherboard tray correctly. In the end I basically had to strip out two of the three remaining screws to mount the motherboard. This is a very obvious sign of cheap manufacturing when their own provided standoffs wont screw into the holes. Not a deal breaker but definitely annoying. I also checked the maximum CPU air cooler height and it was stated to be 155mm. This seems to be accurate because I used a Cooler Master 212 Evo V2 which is 155mm and it BARELY fit. So make sure you check dimensions of you plan on using any aftermarket CPU coolers.

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Fantastic if you don't need fast graphics9/27/2021 11:12:08 AM

Pros: Cheap and fast.

Cons: Can get a tad hot on the stock cooler if you really push it, but still well within tolerance.

Overall Review: I needed to build a computer for work, coding, DevOps stuff. I did not care about graphics. This fit the bill perfectly. Decent GPU performance for low end stuff and since its an AMD Vega 7 GPU it is natively supported in Linux through the opensource mesa drivers.

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Excellent no frills AIO7/11/2021 3:08:08 AM

Pros: Sleek looking, easy to install, excellent temperatures.

Cons: Tubes are a tad short, but this was actually a pro for me. But if you have a large case this could be an issue. Fans are slightly louder than the Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer II 360 AIO I also have.

Overall Review: I needed a good cheap 360 AIO that had no goofy LED nonsense on it so this fit the bill perfectly. Temps on my 5900x are 34c idle and 69c on load with AutoOC. With PBO enabled it tops out at around 77c-79c.

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Correct part for my Asus X570 Tuf Pro7/7/2021 1:45:06 PM

Pros: Plugged into motherboard, made sure bios was set to discrete TPM, windows recognized it. Good to go.

Overall Review: Don't pay stupid scalper prices for these things. Most modern CPU's have TPM built into them so you don't even really need this in many cases. I just wanted a discrete TPM. Windows 11 system requirements have caused the prices of these things to skyrocket. DON'T pay more than twenty for these. Wait till the smoke clears in a few months and you'll find them all day for cheap.

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Perfect fan for tight spaces1/13/2021 1:10:56 PM

Pros: Small, thin, moves a lot of air, and is quiet.

Cons: On the expensive side

Overall Review: My case would only support mounting my Arctic Cooling liquid freezer II 360 one way. After I mounted it I found that I could not fit an exhaust fan anymore. This fan was just thin enough to fit in the exhaust area.

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Excellent stuff, in top 3 of best traditional pastes12/12/2020 8:50:17 PM

Pros: excellent thermal conductivity. non conductive aluminum safe no cure time good consistency, not too thick or thin. comes with spreader (I didn't use it)

Cons: some have reported longevity is not great, I can't confirm this though expensive for how much you get. does not like to go above 80c, google it.

Overall Review: Bought this for my new Ryzen 5900x system. I used it with an Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer II 360 AIO. My temp are 35c-45c idle and 61c-65c during gaming, Under benchmarks with absolute max CPU stress it hits around 80c. I did not use the spreader, made a thin X pattern as AMD engineers recommended, works fine.

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Linus A Tier PSU12/11/2020 1:22:41 AM

Pros: Excellent power supply. In the same league as Seasonic and other high end brands. It is on the A tier of linus power supply list. 10 year warranty if bought in 2020

Cons: Ugly yellow sticker on side Stiff cables No RGB (This is a pro for me, but maybe your thing)

Overall Review: Over all this is a great no frills PSU. Don't let the off brand name fool you, they used to make evga power supplies.

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So far so good, but runs hot.4/17/2019 8:55:09 PM

Pros: Typical SSD. Small, fast, light as a feather. Only owned for a few days, but working fine so far

Cons: Not sure why, but this drive runs hot. HWMonitor says its running at 43c. By comparison my other Samsung SSD's run 24c-26c and my 2tb mechanical drive is running around 35c. not sure if this is a false reading or the actual temperature. But that is pretty warm for an SSD.

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Works with my Ryzen 1600x and Asrock AB350 Pro12/1/2017 3:24:20 PM

Pros: Cheapest 8gb dual kit they had for sale on Black Friday. Didn't specifically say if it worked with Ryzen CPU's but if worked fine for me and the bios set the correct timings.

Cons: I prefer low profile heatsinks, these would cause CPU cooler clearance issues if I had used four of these. So in the future I will have to buy a thinner CPU fan to accommodate for how high the heatsinks are.

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The kalashnikov of CPU coolers12/1/2017 3:11:20 PM

Pros: The Cooler Master 212 series of CPU coolers are legendary for their price to performance ratio and this one is no exception. I have two, one in my I7-5930k build and one in my Ryzen 5 1600x build and this cooler keeps them around 28c-32c idle and 55c-65c load.

Cons: None really, now that it seems to support AM4 out of the box, not 100% on this but the one I just bought said it did, but I had already ordered the kit from the cooler master store so I used it instead of the backplate and standoffs provided. The thermal paste they include is good but not exceptional, but that is just nit picking.

Overall Review: Some people complaint about installation difficulties. DON'T use the manual, go to youtube and watch the short installation videos provided my cooler master if you can. You will see how easy it really is and you will have your cooler installed in no time.

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AMD is back people!12/1/2017 2:59:42 PM

Pros: - 6 cores / 12 Threads - Fast - Runs cool - Overclockable ( I dont OC) - PRICE! - Did I mention the price?

Cons: - 4.0 Ghz Turbo is limited to 1 core at a time - No cooler included with CPU - Temperature monitors are offset by 20c on some software - Single core performance is a little slower than equivalent intel CPU's

Overall Review: What can I say that hasn't already been said. This CPU is a beast for how much it costs. I haven't bought an AMD CPU in over 10 years but I couldn't resist it for my new budget build and I couldn't be more impressed. Be sure to go to and download and install the chipset drivers for ryzen. This will help squeeze a little more performance out of your new Ryzen CPU.

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Great case for the money, fits the Hyper 212 Evo BARELY!11/29/2017 3:30:21 PM

Pros: - No Window! - Concave sides for cable management. - Rubber sound dampening material - Easy to work with - Tool-less design (SSD you need screws for the brackets) - Quiet

Cons: - Very flimsy, metal feels cheap and thin - I didin't like the exhaust fan controller, the cables just get in the way so I removed it. - Could be a touch wider to accommodate larger heatseanks.

Overall Review: For the money I am really happy with this case, however I would not want to pay for than $50 for it and even that might be a little high considering how cheap the metal feels, but all in all it is a great budget build case. If the case costed $35 or $40 I would have given it 5 stars. Like others have said this case will fit the 212 EVO. At least it did for my ryzen 5 1600x build, but it is very very tight, the side panel only clears the top of the heatsink by millimeters.

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Good, but not great.5/5/2017 5:51:18 PM

Pros: - 32gb - retractable

Cons: - Mediocre transfer speeds - fells flimsy and cheap

Overall Review: For the price I paid ($9.50) its a great drive, but for a few dollars more their are more sturdy drives with faster transfer speeds.

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Fantastic monitor, perfect stop gap before I jump to 4k with adaptive sync technology.2/14/2017 12:45:57 AM

Pros: - Vibrant Color (10-bit 1 billion colors) - 32in - 2k (Lots of screen real estate) - Lots of easy to use options - Plenty of inputs - 92 PPI (Makes text easier to read without scaling) - Quality build, especially the stand and arm!

Cons: - Input lag is not as good as a TN but that's to be excepted with VA and IPS panels. - No adaptive sync technology - Not the best gaming monitor, but more than adequate. See below

Overall Review: I decided to replace my aging 10 year old 28in Hanspree monitor. After a few weeks of research I decided that this was the monitor I wanted, plus the fact It was on sale for $370 was too enticing to pass up. For me this monitor is perfect for my needs. I have a GTX 970 and 4k would be too much for that card to handle. I also wanted a Gsync monitor but those are still expensive and they don't seem to have any in the 32in range. I've played Doom and Fallout 4 on it and I didn't notice any ghosting or problems with input lag, however I am just a casual gamer, so your mileage may very. For gaming its best to put AMA to "High" in settings. I calibrated my monitor with the follow settings... Picture Mode - User Brightness - 88 Contrast - 45 Sharpness - 4 Gamma - 1 Color Temp - User RGB - Red 100, Green 98, Blue 98

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Solid board so far, probably the best budget X99 board out right now.2/13/2017 2:01:15 AM

Pros: - Dual M.2 X4 SSD Slots - Easy intuitive bios - Right amount of expansion slots - Maybe just luck, but dropped my CPU temps compared to my old Asus X99-A by 5-8c. This could be related to other factors though Basically this board had everything I wanted and nothing I didn't

Cons: This is just nitpicking but... - More fan headers, located toward the bottom of the board - Needs another USB 3.0 connector - Ability to change the built in wireless card on the board. This might be possible but I couldn't find anything online.

Overall Review: After having to deal with a devastatingly bad experience with an Asus X99-A (Sent Back for RMA repair 3 times, and replaced once). I decided to give ASRock a shot. I am very happy with this board so far. It has given me zero problems. I can't speak for the overclocking performance on this board since I don't overclock.

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One of the best paste available today.7/21/2016 3:08:09 AM

Pros: This is my second tube. This stuff is definitely one of the better pastes you can buy. Keeps my not overclocked I7-5930K at 31c idle and around 61c in the summer and about 28c idle and 57c in the winter. Google "Thermal Paste Roundup" and you will see this paste is usually in the top 5 of almost every test.

Cons: - It seems like a affordable paste but when you factor in how much you get (1.5 grams) its a little on the expensive side. - It will dry out a little over time. Didn't seem to affect my temps but when I removed it off my CPU and cooler after almost two years it was very dry and flaky. - The last application I used from my two year old first tube was much more difficult to apply due to it drying out a little. Keep that cap on tight. The second tube I received was noticeably easier to work with due to being fresh. - Application can be a tad difficult. see other.

Overall Review: Can be difficult to apply if you use the spread method. I tested the spread method and the grain of rice in the middle method on a few different CPU's and heatsinks, the temps were the same. Maybe if you're doing some extreme overclocking there might be a difference, but in my tests they were exactly the same. Save yourself the headache and just use the grain of rice in the middle method, mash your cooler down and be done. Don't over think it. As others have stated putting the tube in a plastic bag and dunking it in some hot water to warm up the paste does make it easier to apply.

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Excellent laptop in excellent condition7/10/2016 2:17:38 AM

Pros: Fast CPU 8gb of RAM is plenty for a laptop Good resolution Cosmetically almost flawless Dedicated video card (biggest selling point for me)

Cons: No SSD, I upgraded to Windows 10 on the old hard drive, after it was done I installed an SSD and reinstalled windows. Trust me you need to put an SSD into this laptop to really open up its potential.

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Does what its supposed to do.2/22/2016 3:30:21 PM

Pros: It works, not much else to say. DVD-RW drivers are becoming the new floppy drives really. Use mine for audio rips, ISO backups, OS installs, Burning. It handles it all fine.

Cons: Loud, but it seems like all newer drivers are loud. I don't know if it's just me but it seems like drives I have from 2004-2007 are a lot quieter than new drivers. Not ridiculously loud, just noticeable. No Lightscribe.

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Died in 15 minutes8/15/2015 2:43:11 PM

Pros: Small, seemed well built

Cons: I bought this specifically for the USB port in my car. It was large enough to fit entire Mp3 collection and it was small enough where I didn't have to worry about accidentally breaking off the drive in my cars USB port. I started the transfer of 41gb worth of music and it gave me a read only error 15 minutes in and then just died.

Overall Review: I probably just got a lemon, I've used Team products before and never had a problem, they're a good company. But there are drives that are similarly priced that are USB 3.0 so I am going to try a different brand.

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Awesome Modem6/28/2015 11:03:50 AM

Pros: What is there to say, its a modem and it works. 8 bonded download channels that this one gives you is a plus. The 6121 only gives you 4 bonded channels which should be ok for most situations but I found this one gave me more consistent max speed with my 50Mbit connection.

Cons: Obnoxiously bright LED's! I have this thing in my bed room and I have to put a cover over the front of it at night to block the light coming off this thing.

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Works as described.5/27/2015 10:35:10 AM

Pros: Pretty basic tech. Plug into hard drive, plug into USB, done! It worked great and gave impressive transfer speeds.

Cons: None that I could fine

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Update11/19/2014 8:42:23 PM

Pros: I feel kind of dumb for leaving a bad review and putting my tech level as high when I didn't even think to look for a firmware update. Got in touch with TRENDnet tech support and the latest firmware update fixed my problem. All good now.

Cons: None now, only flaw is the 10/100, but for my 50mpbs internet connection its a non issue.

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Works as described9/21/2013 10:09:35 PM

Pros: What's there to say. It's a just a wrist strap, it works. Perfect for the occasional PC builder but if you plan on needing one for everyday use I would recommend you step up and get the easier to use Velcro version newegg sells.

Cons: The plastic clip teeth aren't as nice as velcro.

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Impressive Little Fan5/18/2013 4:43:26 PM

Pros: 1) 140mm but mounts into a 120mm slot. 2) 15mm compared to the usual 25mm thickness 3) Ball Bearing so it doesn't have that clicking noise you sometimes get with sleeve and hydro bearing fans when mounted horizontally. 4) 4-pin PWM connector. 5) Seems to meet specifications, it blows an impressive amount of air for how thin it is. 5) Cables are sleeved 6) Ideal fan for tight spaces.

Cons: 1) Can be a little noisy at full speed, but far from loud. 2) Can only be mounted in a 120mm slot. 3) I little overpriced for what they are IMO.

Overall Review: Like i stated above, keep in mind that while this is a 140mm fan it mounts into a 120mm slot. So check your case before you buy. Overall I will buy these fans again, I have mine as an exhaust fan in my HAF XM case, it gives me a little extra room to work with cause I got some big ram sticks. These are ideal for small case and tight situations.

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Everything screams class4/6/2013 7:36:11 PM

Pros: This is by far the nicest case I have ever worked with. Things I really like about this case 1) Right side panel bevels out to make room for cable management. 2) Can support up to 3 200mm fans. 3) Neat little spot behind motherboard tray for an SSD drive 4) Nicely painted black interior 5) Power supply area has a sliding metal piece that hides your wires 6) Ability to turn off red LED on front fan for those who think case lights are cheesy

Cons: Only Cons I can think of are 1) Some parts are plastic and feel a little cheap. 2) Clear side panel cost extra (not issue for me)

Overall Review: Couple of things to note, Read the little sticker on front, you must remove the two hot swap bays in front BEFORE you remove your front cover, otherwise you will break them. A lot of people have complained about the case being damaged during shipping, I noticed a few things had shifted during my delivery but the case came with no damage or scratches so I am happy. Also this case is a mid tower but it is a HUGE mid tower, check the measurements before you buy, I did and it fits under my desk but I only have literally 3mm of clearance from the top of my case to the bottom of my keyboard tray. I have to pull the tray out just to get to the power button to turn it on.

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