Nope, nope, nope.1/30/2014 3:19:09 AM

Pros: They look pretty rad.

Cons: EVERYTHING. Range: pathetic, 10 feet if you're super lucky; also seemed to get horrible interference from anything electronic, much less wireless. With the giant box receiver I really didn't think this was going to be a problem. Think you're going to get around the glaring reception issues with BT? Wrong! You're only going to get audio out of one ear, and in poor quality. Batteries? Like pull them out and change them Batteries? TB ... I am disappoint. They do feel really, really, really, really, really, cheap. Like they are somehow made out of the worst plastic in the universe.

Overall Review: If I given the choice between TB and being stabbed, I'd need a doctor. I am stupefied at how truly pathetic this product is. I'm not one to really go out of my way to write negative reviews, but gooooood-ness, these are wretched. The sad thing is: I must have spent a good 3 hours of my life (that I'll be wishing for on my deathbed) trying to get these train wrecks working. After hearing all these nice things about TB? UGH, I need to go delete some friends off FB now, because they have made themselves known as enemies. I hope you go bankrupt TB, I truly mean that.

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2 Years and still going.1/30/2014 2:59:47 AM

Pros: Hands down the best all around headset I've owned, trust me, I've tried to replace them. That said, I suppose I'll just address some of the negative feedback with my experience: Build quality: They're plastic, but I've /ragequit swiped them off my head and tossed them on many occasions, so wouldn't call them, "flimsy." Maybe light feels cheap to some? I dunno. After all this time and heavy use, the foam is still intact and healthy (both top of the head and ears). Range: The reviewers complaining about range are right(ish). I found that if I had LOS to the receiver the range was for sure 35 (maybe 40?) ft. When I moved my setup to a corner that's farther away from my bedroom door I lost a good amount of that range, but rectified the issue with a USB extension and a tack. I can be in my garage 3 walls over and use them perfectly fine, so maybe the other reviewers are plugging them in the back of their towers against a wall? Again, I got nothing. Audio issues: I have had the occasional issue where everyone tells me my audio is crackling, but pulling the USB receiver and plugging it back in always fixed it. Although for the record we all seem to have that problem off and on in Steam chat. Audio quality: It's cerainly acceptable in my opinion. Bass response is a little weak, and mid can be a little drowned out, but over all it's fine. I'm assuming these sacrifices are to keep cost lower, weight lower, and battery life excellent. Battery life: 2+ years now and I'm still getting the full 6 hours out of them (which amazes me even). I've only ever used the included charging cable for fear of messing up the battery, so maybe that's a factor. Bluetooth: BT has always worked fantastic for me (better than the dongle even). I have the set paired to my cell phone so I can use it while I'm milling around the house. Two different phones now, and all I have to do is click it over to BT and the phone picks it right up. Audio quality over BT seems really good as well. Range is about the same as the dongle, but so long as I leave my cellphone in a central-ish location, I never seem to have any major issues. Drivers: I have no idea, I've never installed any, they've always worked perfectly fine plug and play for me. Comfort: I don't know if I just have a fat or skinny head, but these things fit very nicely. I suppose they may come off if one were to whip ones hair, but other than that, they seem pretty snug. Also, I do spend about 4 to 6 hours gaming every other day or so, and I use them constantly for my phone, and they don't get uncomfortable (granted that's just my opinion). I don't know if some of the reviewers simply lack a good understanding of wireless devices, or I'm just silly lucky, but I haven't personally experienced any of the issues listed in any of the low reviews personally. It may sound wacky, but after buying this headset and setting it up to work with my PC / phone, I have no idea how I lived without it. Great buy (in m

Cons: Honestly I haven't really had any cons. Again, the only thing that's really happened is the occasional complaint that my voice is breaking up on Steam; but I again stress the fact that this happens to everyone in my regular group I play with intermittently, and is fixed by pulling the dongle and plugging it back in. Also worth mentioning: this has never happened to me on Skype, and has yet to happen via BT. I suppose they could use some fancy lights or something? Although with my gloss monitors that could get annoying really fast. So no, no lights. That actually brings to mind my only real gripe: The charge / on indicator being on the bottom of the headset is useless. The few times I've run it down to beeping dead (the point where it starts beeping and being all demanding that you plug it in), I've been totally unaware of the little green light becoming a little red light. If I could talk Logitech into one change, it would be a light on one side or the other so you'd be more prone to notice your battery life when you're up and moving around at least (passing mirrors and assorted shiny things and what-not).

Overall Review: I won't bother listing them all (and never bothered to leave reviews on them), but I really have tried to replace these on several occasions. Sometimes I get bit by the old, "I want something new," bug, and like everyone else try to replace something that isn't broken. The simplest way I can summarize the outcome is like this: My mother has a really nice plantronics headset now, my father has a pretty sweet sony set, my son has a skull candy set, and my wife insisted on her own H800. Although the one set I tried that no one has was the Turtle Beach PX5. MAN those things are garbage. I mean zero range, interference like mad, they take batteries (really TB? really?), they actually feel cheap especially considering their size, and they were really expensive. Granted someone somewhere probably pines over them like I do my H800, but I don't know what that person did differently. Maybe the didn't have any other electronics in their house? I got nothing.

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Good stuff.12/25/2012 12:06:53 PM

Pros: I didn't have to update bios or anything, was using g620 sandy, popped in an ivy i5, no issues.

Cons: Don't plan on using your pcie 1x slot with a double slot GPU, they put it under the 16x for some silly reason.

Overall Review: For the price it's exactly what it should be.

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Using it right now8/15/2009 10:05:01 PM

Pros: Gaming is actually possible, and the Atom @ 2Ghz is a good performer compared to it's single core 1.6 incarnation. I'll go over some of the game performance (other thoughts) later. This board is truly revolutionary, and I recommend it to anyone for a media machine, or a light weight gaming rig. It's awesome.

Cons: The optional CPU fan (non optional if you run @ 2Ghz) is loud and doesn't feature any speed control. For shame Zotac. The VGA port is poorly anchored, so I feel safer using the HDMI or the DVI instead.

Overall Review: I'm using the universal M350, with 4 GB corsair ram, 320G sata II hd, and an upgraded antenna. I used the Bios to set the FSB to 667 forcing 2Ghz on the processor, and allocated 512 ram to the GPU. This thing is pretty awesome. Killing Floor is perfectly playable @ 30-40 FPS WoW on low settings averages 50 FPS The Witcher was unplayable (surprise) CSS and TF2 were both good, dipping only as low as 35 FPS with a good amount of action going on.

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Flat out Awesome8/15/2009 8:44:28 PM

Pros: For the price, I don't feel there is any better. Over shadowed my kuma I got 2 weeks prior with zero effort.

Cons: Stock cooler is pretty lame

Overall Review: INTEL: make a better stock cooler for the love of (deity of your choice here)!!!

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Good, price too high8/15/2009 8:04:39 PM

Pros: Good card, good performance (other thoughts)

Cons: This card runs hot due to poor thermal planning. I have my case open (the card sits at the top of the case) and it's still hot. The fan is HORRIBLE kinds of loud, I expect more for such an insanely high priced 9600. The cooling in general is just sad. Shame on Galaxy for sucking at the thermal side of this card. It had potential.

Overall Review: Trust me on this, go with the Radeon alternatives in the same price range or lower. They really are better cards than this guy, and quite a few of them don't need 6pin. I used this to upgrade the heck out of an Acer x1700. In hind site I wish I would have used a Radeon for about 1/3 the price @ better specs. I wish I didn't buy just because it said Nvidia. Teaches me huh?

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Worked for what I needed8/15/2009 7:57:52 PM

Pros: It works, and the fans are nice and quiet. Light up X has no memory of what color it should be between boots, but has QUITE the array of colors to choose from... is a pro?

Cons: No option for 1 video card, cables are bundled in 4s (2, 6pin & 2, 6+2 pin) Had to cut off the other 3 cables *sad face*

Overall Review: I used this to make an Acer x1700 (I picked up used for $200) a little more gaming potent. It worked marvelously. I had to modify the front bezle and basically rip off the CD door, but here it stands, VERY capiable now (in case you were thinking something similar) New specs/ original specs E7400 / E2220 Slim Galaxy Geforce 9600GT / Nvidia G100 FSP booster / DVD drive (lame) 4 gb Acer ram / 4 gb Mushkin ram (had to remove HS)

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Great8/15/2009 7:49:01 PM

Pros: Ram screams with light OC. Good heat sinks.

Cons: Nothing comes to mind.

Overall Review: Another impressive entry from Mushkin.

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it works8/15/2009 7:47:10 PM

Pros: Does exactly what it says it does.

Cons: NOT shiny at all. . .?

Overall Review: Some rubber grommets would be nice, anything to further stabilize and silence the HD.

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good cooler8/15/2009 7:44:57 PM

Pros: The price is very good, and it has a back plate.

Cons: Intel ignores the problem that EVERYONE complains about being their stupid push down pin system on the stock heat sinks. Do they ever read any reviews? ever?

Overall Review: Buy this one if you want a good cheap cooler. I've used 3.

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awesome8/15/2009 7:19:24 PM

Pros: Everything is says it is, great temps, great ram.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Another win for Mushkin

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Nice8/15/2009 7:17:36 PM

Pros: They work as advertised, surprisingly.

Cons: Not very high volume, but whatever.

Overall Review: They work, they work well. I like them.

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Good case all and all8/15/2009 6:30:05 PM

Pros: Good venting, bays are well placed, handle is solid, layout good all in all.

Cons: Usb cables are not long enough to reach the bottom of the Mobo if that is where your headers are, FYI.

Overall Review: I would buy again

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DON'T!8/15/2009 5:54:52 PM

Pros: Box art is neat.

Cons: Power color is one of the worst companies I have EVER bought from. See other.

Overall Review: I bought this card to give my Atom board a little pick me up. It was WORSE than the GMA 945G. My onboard was BETTER! Power color had a defunct looking website with come out dated drivers for this series card, but get used to it, omega and official DON'T WORK ON IT!!!! Do not buy this garbage. I tried a geforce 6200 after the fact and got about 35 fps in WoW (only game I had installed to test it). I would REALLY advise NOT getting anything from Powercolor EVER.

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Meh8/15/2009 5:32:20 PM

Pros: It's a solid net machine base. You can check email, watch some streaming videos, lite gaming (see other thoughts). Stays cooler than expected, even a solid year after I got it. I'm using a 2gb dim of DDR2667

Cons: No power at all, what so ever. Proc fan is noisy after about a month of use, I took it off and cleaned it out, seemed to help quite a bit, but it still gets crazy loud now and then.

Overall Review: It will handle light gaming, basically anything by popcap, or flash games. I ran Counterstrike source with no luck (3-8fps), 1.6 got payable fps, world of warcraft saw about 18-25 FPS most times (only like 8 in stormwind). So it's USABLE for older (like halflife 1 era) games, and wow is playable. If it's all you have, it will work as described.

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Meh performance from a Meh company!8/15/2009 4:05:20 PM

Pros: Scythe fans hooked up to the product are SUPER! Too bad only one of them has any fan control.

Cons: It's just not a very good product for the price. It's cheap, the board it uses is prone to problems. I just wouldn't.

Overall Review: Buy this product from another manufacturer. Price needs to be about 9 dollars for the performance.

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Good buy8/15/2009 12:59:19 PM

Pros: Quiet, good air movement, good quality. I have bought and used 12 of these fans in the past, leading to present. They are my 120 of choice

Cons: It does not, and WILL not, do my laundry.

Overall Review: I like clear fans, and it has no frigging lights.

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Good Cooler8/15/2009 12:48:47 PM

Pros: Select a good speed controlled 120mm fan, it will keep everything very cool and quiet. Great product, and have bought since for 3 builds. Ski ball: always a pro, anywhere, any time.

Cons: It's a little pricey, but only a little for it's performance. I didn't have any of the issues with the back plate or fan screws/mounting. Then again I've been building for 12 years, maybe I'm just not snotty about having to baby things a little? Either way, I've heard and read on here that it's a con, so there you have it.

Overall Review: I checked all 3 systems just for you guys: the new egg community. Used to cool: X2 6400+ black ed. Idle @ 42C load @ 49C X4 9650 Phenom Idle@ 45C load @ 53C LGA775 E2220 Idle @ 34C load @41C All installed with arctic ceramique. I use a lower profile 120 fan for the top. It keeps it's height within reason (like 4 - 4 1/2 inches I'd guess).

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AVOID THIS11/20/2008 11:20:43 AM

Pros: I never used it, not for one second!

Cons: I bought the silly heat sink this belongs to, and intended to use this one for a blow hole. Really glad I didn't. Stay away from Scythes offerings in the cooling market.

Overall Review: The Scythe Boom box thingy is awesome! MAN I love ski-ball!

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G-A-R-B-A-G-E!!!!!!!11/20/2008 11:18:52 AM

Pros: It spins around and around ... sorta ...

Cons: This thing is CHEAP!, Like really really really cheap. Do yourself a favor, avoid it. Use stock, or just blow really really hard on your CPU while in use. It's not on the quiet side, and it doesn't cool well (you know, it's intended purpose?)

Overall Review: REALLY CHEAP! I can't believe this thing. MAN I love ski-ball!!

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STOP CRYING!11/20/2008 11:09:11 AM

Pros: It's a quad core, and it's multiplier is unlocked. Good overclocking, especially for beginners, it's pretty solid. The stock cooler has heat pipes and actually cools quite well.

Cons: It's not going to do you ANY good for gaming. You HAVE TO REMEMBER that most games don't even utilize dual core, much less quad core. This thing acts like a 2.3 GHz single core on most games. Just bear that in mind before you start crying about it bottle necking your 8800gt. Price is a LITTLE steep for what you're getting, but all in all a good buy.

Overall Review: I'm definitely not a huge fan of AMD, this went into a computer for a client of mine. However, I recognize the fact that we need AMD around bad. Otherwise who would keep Intel honest?

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Boom boom for you!11/20/2008 11:01:22 AM

Pros: They actually work! Being a sucker for LAN, I bought these hoping that I would be able to leave my speakers at home. It's really not bad at all. Volume is loud and clear, don't expect AMAZING, but they work pretty good for what they are.

Cons: Strange hum, and I KNOW it's not my audio. The cable that sticks out of the expansion slot is a little tacky, it really should have been made retractable.

Overall Review: They work, if you LAN and don't always use a headset (who does that with some LAN games, seriously? I'm not wearing those things to play some WCIII) these are for you. Trust me, you'll save a whole trip to your car. Sounds nice huh? MAN I love ski-ball!

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Does this warrant a review?11/20/2008 10:56:09 AM

Pros: It's a cathode, and it glows blue. The on off switch is well ... built? It glows blue, and really, REALLY well.

Cons: I got nothing, the Velcro mounting system is really cheesy though. Would it have pained them to throw in some mounting stickies?

Overall Review: It's cheap, and it's a blue light, and it lights up ... and it's cheap.

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I loves it...11/20/2008 10:53:42 AM

Pros: CAR SOUNDS!! This thing is a big part of that circle of life Elton John wrote that song about. The paint has freaking metallic flake in it, and I'm sure you could wax it if you felt compelled to. Rock solid case, this one screams quality.

Cons: Same internals as EVERY other In-Win case, but that's not entirely a bad thing, I just really wish they would wise up and improve venting a little. Please In-Win? The car noise sounds a little distorted at the end, it doesn't fade out, it more crackles off in the distance.

Overall Review: FREAKING NEAT!! MAN I love ski-ball!

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